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fuck i hate it when you have an otp and you know that they don’t end up together, but you keep rewatching in the hope that this time it’ll end up different - that this time they’ll be together…but it ends all the same.

The Covenant!

Ladies and Gentlemen! I recently watched a movie called The Covenant, made in 2006

And then I was like

Not even kidding, everyone with everyone. But since it’s a pretty old movie there weren’t many fanfictions or video for it. I HAVE READ PRACTICALLY EVERY FAFIC FOR THIS MOVIE! I’m not even kidding.

So, I need everyone on Tumblr to watch The Covenant so there’s fabulous fanfiction for everyone! 

Let’s get this started. SEBASTIAN STAN!


Because everyone knows demon-eyes are hot

And magic!

And boys!

Damn ;)

And some great lines!

And you can literally ship everyone with everyone

So why don’t you drop into this fandom?

Write some fanfics, make some videos, and have fun!

Also here’s a couple of Fan!Video to get you started once you’ve watched the movie :D



And if you don’t like the movie, please reblog anyway so other people can see it :)


how to spot a fake geek boy
  • says batman and punisher are basically the same
  • thinks harley and ivy are just friends
  • aggressively rejects the notion a comic book character could be bisexual
  • thinks robin is a useless character
  • thinks joker is great and all the other batman villains are lame
  • defends sexist/homophobic/racist things in comics by saying “they’re just comic book characters lmao chill out”
  • thinks superman is lame
  • thinks batwoman is hot but is grossed out by midnighter because he’s a gay man 

my young avengers fancast!!!!

arden cho as kate bishop/hawkeye

dayo okeniyi as eli bradley/patriot

emeraude toubia as america chavez

gregg sulkin as nathaniel richards/iron lad

khylin rhambo as david alleyne/prodigy

ian nelson as tommy shepherd (speed) & billy kaplan (wiccan)

lucas till as teddy altman/hulkling

bailey de young as cassie lang/stature

taron egertonas noh-varr

michael j willett as kid loki



  1. Alexander Skarsgård in Ermenegildo Zegna Couture
  2. Keri Russell in Rag & Bone and David Webb jewelry and Matthew Rhys
  3. Yolanda Hadid and Anwar Hadid
  4. Future in custom H&M
  5. Thandie Newton in Monse
  6. Olivia Cooke and Lucas Hedges in Burberry
  7. Rila Fukushima in Louis Vuitton and Repossi jewelry
  8. Wiz Khalifa in Thom Browne
  9. Stacy Martin in Miu Miu
  10. Kate Hudson in Stella McCartney