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anonymous asked:

I'd really love to hear some of your suggestions for seriously off the wall, obscure books. I read (like, a freakish amount), and most of the suggestions I've seen when scrolling through the blog are one's I've already read. I do like to reread, but I also want something new. Suggestions?

We’re going to recommend you read (Don’t You) Forget About Me by Kate Karyus Quinn. This book totally flew under the radar and Kate’s signature writing style is so bizarre and weird, this is such a unique, and refreshing read!

Here’s what it’s about: Gardnerville seems like a paradise. But every four years, a strange madness compels the town’s teenagers to commit terrible crimes. Four years ago, Skylar’s sister, Piper, led her classmates on a midnight death march into a watery grave. Now Piper is gone. And to get her back, Skylar must find a way to end Gardnerville’s murderous cycle.

If anyone else has any recs to add in here, reblog and add your own! Or you can always submit your recommendations here and we’ll post the best submissions on our Tumblr!

Everyone falls eventually. You think it’ll hurt. But it’s falling with no bottom. You just keep going and going forever, just falling deeper and deeper. And once you stop being scared, it’s kind of fun.
—  Kate Karyus Quinn, (Don’t You) Forget About Me

School counselors should
have offices with doors
and walls.
Not cubicles
made of flimsy gray fabric.

School counselors should
be better prepared
for appointments
not running off to
find files
and leaving students
to overhear.

School counselors should
think of who might
be listening
when one of those students
is a boy
talking about
his father leaving
and mother working two jobs
and his dream
to be the first
to go to college.

School counselors should
see someone peering
over their inadequate divide
and recognizing
the football hero
of the school
on the verge of tears.

School counselors should
know that this is how
girls fall in love
with boys
they never ever
considered before.




Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn