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Heartland is my home. I don’t drop in and buy a gift at the souvenir shop like you do in India and Morocco. I’ve chosen it. This is my life. Why do you feel that you have the right to judge it? 


Countdown to Season 11

 10.05 - Something to Prove

You asked me before if I’m happy. Let me be very clear: Yes, I’m happy

listen up people!

okay so it’s still a work-in-progress, but i’ve set up another tumblr so that i can post a lil bit of my photography for those of you who are interested.

it would be real awesome if you could just take a split second out of your day to check it out

there’s literally only two or three shots up there right now, but that’s because i only just started my ‘daily frame’ project the other day. 

so yeah, just a moment out of your day would be wonderful, and maybe y'all could stretch to a reblog! i will pay you all back in kind :))

have a wonderful day everybody!