kate is trying so hard to get it right

Who is more fun on a night out: Kate Moss or Marilyn Manson?

Oh Kate Moss. Good lord. Manson’s all right, but he tries too hard. He’ll be getting out, like, weird drugs and shit, being deliberately mad to try and weird you out. It’s like, “Fucking hell, mate, I’ve been to Moss Side at four o’ clock in the morning trying to get a bit of weed, you’re not gonna freak me out …. Brian.” But Kate is a force of nature. I’ve never seen somebody smoke so many cigarettes. It’s fucking truly staggering.

—  Noel Gallagher in Shortlist magazine.

[On which one of her peers empowers her the most] Jennifer Lawrence, who is outspoken, beautiful, and comfortable with herself. I love her. There are a lot of brave, awesome girls in this business right now.

[On Kate Hudson] “I feel so honored to now call this incredibly talented and strong woman a friend.”

“I’m such a fan of Idina Menzel! I think she’s made a wonderful career in this business. I love her so much, and any role she’s played, I’d love to be able to follow in her footsteps.”

“I really love Rachel Bilson’s style, because she always seems to get it right without trying too hard. I loved her as Summer on The O.C., and it’s been fun to watch her develop such a great career and establish herself as a real fashion icon. Her effortless and comfortable style is how I love to dress on a typical day.”

[on Kristin Chenoweth] “She’s one of the most professional, talented, and amazing women I’ve met in my life.”

[Her Idols in showbiz] “I love Barbra Streisand. Everyone knows that about me. I think that she is incredible. I also love so many people…Meryl Streep. Right now I’m so in love with Michelle Williams. She’s such a role model for me, especially coming from being part of a teen television show. She was on Dawson’s Creek for so many years and then she made such an incredible transition to now being an Oscar-nominated actress and such a fantastic performer. She’s definitely someone that I look up to.”

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Ficlet combined from two anon prompts.

The first prompt is: c&b have to tell their kid(s) that they are going to get another sibling, and the second prompt is: Castle and Beckett’s little boy is scared/sad ‘cause he thinks that because of his new sibling his parents are not going to love him anymore, probably visit in his parent’s room in the middle of the night or something!

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anonymous asked:

What if Warren was drugged like Kate in Episode 4? He said he only had half a beer, just like Kate said she only had one sip of red wine, right. And Kate didn't pass out immediately, she wandered around the party in a daze. Warren looked pretty dazed and I'm sure if he wasn't more restrained he'd of been trying to Mack on Max, like Kate macked on a bunch of guys. That was Nathan's revenge on warren for beating him up. So what if that blood was warrens at the junk yard. Trying to warn Max+Chloe?

I think you’re right. In Geekremix’s play through they mentioned that too, that Warren might have been drugged. Even if he never drinks it’s hard to imagine him getting drunk off of half a beer. Nathan and/or Jefferson could have just wanted to get him out of the way so they could get to Max and Chloe easier since Warren is technically their bodyguard considering he was able to beat up Nathan. But I don’t think it was Nathan who drugged him tho because I don’t really think Nathan was at the party at all. 

And as for the message in the junkyard I think it’s from Nathan. I think that in between getting beat up by Warren and the end of the episode he tried to confront his father or Jefferson about what’s going on or maybe about Victoria being the next target since they’re friends. And by doing that he got in trouble and is now out of the picture, NOT DEAD but not directly involved anymore. He might of had a change of heart, hear Jefferson’s plan about taking out Max and Chloe and went to the junkyard to leave the message to warn them.