kate irl

i cant believe billy’s favourite movie is the sound of music

im listening to the sound of music soundtrack just so i can think about billy kaplan dramatically singing to it all

let me propose this:

-toddler billy being entranced by so long, farewell but he cant really handle all the words yet all so he settles with singing goodbYEEEEE to anyone leaving the house for the next three months

-child billy fully going for the hills are alive, standing up on the sofa to belt it despite his family’s protests

-teenage billy driving teddy crazy by knowing all of the words to how do you solve a problem like maria. it would be so cute except hes been singing it for four days straight now please billy stop

-billy kaplan the night before his seventeenth birthday singing I AM SIXTEEN GOING ON SEVENTEEN to anyone who will listen

-billy singing my favourite things and doesn’t bother to stop his magic from responding. wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings go soaring past the window. snowflakes start to fall from the ceiling and they stay on his nose and eyelashes. teddy is suddenly wearing a white dress with a blue satin sash.

-kate and billy trying to sing all the parts of do re mi between them

-billy tentatively proposing that their first dance at their wedding be to edelweiss. teddy considering it because that’s his favourite song from the soundtrack, and it makes him think of his mum

-adult billy singing i have confidence to his child while taking her with him about the house, making her giggle as he does his chores by magic and makes faces at his baby girl

-teddy offering to make the family tea. do you want it with jam and bread? opportunity glints in billys eyes. TEA, TEA WITH JAM, JAM AND BREAD he sings, and their 7 year old comes through to the kitchen to join in, and teddy can only laugh exasperatedly

One of my irls who’s kind of a low-key comic can just told me he thinks there are too many people in the batfam and that he thinks it should just be; Alfred, Bruce, Jason, Tim (or ‘that third robin’ as he called him), and Damian
I’m just sitting here like, do you want to fucking go mate?

Announcing Banks: A Tumblr IRL

With her debut album, Goddess, on the horizon, hernameisbanks has teamed up with katemoross to bring out the best in her stark aesthetic and deep lyrics. RSVP here and you can scroll through her Tumblr, IRL. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Openhouse Gallery
201 Mulberry St
New York City


Entry is limited to gallery capacity and will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please arrive early and stay in line.

If you can’t make it to New York, no bigs. Just go here and see what Banks and Kate created together. Hope to see you at the next one.


Meeting the cast of SNL 10/22/16

This is a late post but I made amazing friends this night who I still keep in touch with. This was my first time queueing for the cast of SNL so I didn’t really know what to do and ended up with super blurry pics (I have some of Aidy but they’re really really blurry). Nonetheless, I don’t regret anything because I still got a pic with Sasheer who was soooo nice and saw Kate irl for the first time :’)

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