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Emma have you seen the post with those two giant looking dudes with a sign that says "If you feel safe on campus we'll walk with you"? Because all I can think about is Stiles doing that, and ok ok he KNOWS he looks scrawny on first glance but excuse you he has a BLACKBELT (au obvs) and so he wears really tight shirts to show off what muscles he has, tries to look intimidating, he starts getting a few people to come to him, mostly girls, a couple of much smaller, maybe more feminine looking 1/?

lgbtq guys and so far Stiles has only had to actually fight someone once wich is pretty good for a three-month period (it happened in the first month and apparently word got around that Stiles knows his shit, he hasn’t been bothered since) and then one day out of the blue this guy who’s bigger than he is and hairy and totally looks like a werewolf shyly comes up to him and asks if Stiles would walk him home and Stiles is just ??? 

Because this guy could EASILY intimidate people about seven thousand times better than Stiles could but he can tell that the guy is sincere and Stiles doesn’t discriminate, ok? That’s kinda the entire base for this thing, so the guy, Derek, becomes one of his regulars, and Stiles starts noticing that Derek is mostly ok… until they get to this one particular part of the neighborhood, around this one specific house, when he suddenly gets tense and quiet and huddles closer to Stiles and for about a month Stiles is just left sorta wondering about it until one day when this blonde woman comes outside to “greet” Derek, and Stiles recognizes her as Kate Argent, one of the professors at the local college. 

And it takes exactly ONE time of seeing how they interact- Kate taunting and barely containing her laughter, Derek practically shaking with fear- for Stiles to GET it, thus sets on the journey of getting Kate fired and imprisoned for what she did to Derek and when it’s all over Derek decides to join Stiles in the mission to help people get home safely and volunteers to start walking people around campus too, and he and Stiles still walk home together, but now it’s as boyfriends.

Alright, nonnie, this started off adorable and awesome and I thought it was going to be grumpy Derek Hale getting mad Stiles is taking over his territory or shy!Derek not knowing how to talk to Stiles and asking him to walk him home, only to admit months later he never really needed him to.


You had to throw the Kate Argent card in there and I went from this

to this

real quick.

Kate Argent can rot in hell. In hell. And not the cool part of hell where you get to hang out with the devil in one of his many hot tubs but in the part of hell where you have to shovel coal for no other reason than YOU SUCK. 

I can’t deny, however, protective!Stiles is my jam especially when it comes to Derek and I’d love a fic of this.

You brought smiles, you brought tears. You’re all rounder, nonnie, an all rounder.

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Firstly loving your SK stories, typos and all! I was hoping you could give me some good RK authors/stories, I know you write them too but they aren't your main ship. I've grown a bit bored of the SK stuff, it all seems to be the same rehashed stories or just pornos (excluding yours and a few others). I don't know where to start though and I saw you did a kastle rec list which was great, any suggestions? I don't want a 500 word porno, I want angst, drama, humour and all that good stuff!!

Hello Lovely!

I’m so glad you’re loving my SK stories. I have a blast writing them and I always try to write something unique into everything I do. I have plans for a chapter RK piece, but I have to finish a couple of things, before I can commit that that one. :)

Okay on to the rec list:

Start here: 

SuperFriends/Hokum/KichieFiction her: Tumblr or her AO3

She writes some of the best Kichie stuff. She’s got some great multiple chapter pieces and some wonderful stand alones as well. 

The Dark Side of Sun series: A re-telling of the end of the Season 3. The first part of the series is complete and the second part is in progress. This has a complex storyline and a lot of heart in it.
Summary: ”They say love can make or break you and Amaru is about to make sure it breaks Richie. Having regained her true form she takes a dying Kate hostage as leverage for what she really wants: to make a slave out of Richard Gecko. Richie’s not about to let Kate go without a fight, even if that means paying the ultimate price to save the girl he loves.”

Cupids Chokehold series: AU series with a Kichie established relationship and Seth trapped with his crazy wife Vanessa. I LOVE this series I laugh until I cry every time. It is spectacular!!
Summary: Vanessa is crazy and it’s highly entertaining when Kate drinks too much. 

Killing Time on Valentines: Five one shots pieces and they are great.
Summary: As Kate and Richie are the epitome of “meant to be”; here a few Valentine’s Day related one shots featuring; Awkward Richie, Angry Vanessa, Over Protective Seth, Sexy Kate and Exasperated Uncle Eddie. Enjoy!

Plus @kichiefiction is just lovely soul. Check out her Tumblr for content

Two of her recs are:
Her Makeup Stains by Dearxalchemist
Three years of culebra slaying has passed before Seth leaves her. Kate embarks on her own personal crusade to continue the good fight. She takes matters in to her own hands and does whatever it takes to get the job. She’s borderline reckless and plays the role of bait to lure out the monsters. Kate embarks on a night of dancing. The music is pulsing around her, blocking out the world as she closes her eyes and tilts her head back. This is her church now and the fellowship is an old face she never expected to see again.

Trespass Sweetly Urged by Gaya
About first times and mornings after

Other Kichie pieces:

Monsters by gaslight_skellington
Summary: “Seth showing up unannounced she could imagine, and handle – her relationship with that Gecko had never been quite as complicated as her relationship with this Gecko but truthfully, she didn’t think she wanted to see them again; her life was normal and dull, but it was finally hers and she was content with it. The Geckos showing up two years after she’d left them could never mean anything good.
“Hello Kate.”
She shivered at the sound of his voice and the intensity in his eyes and then scowled at herself for allowing him to see how he affected her. She decided anger was better than angst and glared at him, going on the defensive immediately.
“What are you doing here? Please tell me this is just a coincidence and then leave.”
“You don’t think for a second this is a coincidence, Kate. And I’m not leaving without you.”

Bits of Three by  theredhoodie 
“The innermost thoughts of Kate Fuller during her interactions with one Richie Gecko.”
 - That one is short but I always liked it.

Tumblr links

@thebeastunderyourbed… Kichie tagged things: here

@nuritxu - Great content there as well: Tumblr

And there are others. Please feel free to reblog and add on. I wish I knew everyone in this ship a little better. I’ve been buried in my own writing lately. This should give you a good start though. 

Just remember I’m a multishipper for this fandom and I’m not trying to start drama. If you aren’t a fan of Richie and Kate, just move on by. :)
Be supportive and be kind.

Love to my Loves!!

“I will feel completed if the Cambridges visit Sweden in the future. AND if they bring along George and Charlotte, I will probably faint on the ground. OMG please make my dream a reality! I really really want to see Kate interacting with the Swedish Princesses. Can you imagine all the beautiful dresses and gowns? AHHH!!” - Submitted by Anonymous


I’m halfway through the first round of my thesis novel edits. There are some things I skipped over because they involve some pretty aggressive changes. Gotta remember my main focus is on character development for this draft. Wrote a fun little interaction between Kate and Caio earlier. I need like ten more of those. And about a hundred more pages. *gurgles*

But I also started thinking of the expanded version of Winter Sonata earlier, since all of my Lucky Us thinking is pretty much done (THE WRITING GRIND NEVER STOPS). Playing around with the idea of at least a couple people figuring out Marinette is Ladybug, because…

Ladybug: *sitting in front of the collapsed building with a blanket wrapped around her*
Alya: *walks up behind her, crouches down* Marinette?
Ladybug: *desolate stare*
Alya: *hugs her* Let’s get you home, okay?
Ladybug: *not quite present in the moment* Okay.

And probably her parents, too. Your injured daughter can only disappear from her bedroom so many times before you realize she’s using her superpowers to roam Paris like a ghost. *shrug*

“  YOU KNOW, this is a bit risky.   “ laughter bubbles in the widow’s throat as she sits atop the archer on the couch, grinning wickedly. another night of eating takeout together was successful. now it seemed that the night would end with natasha taking the position she took back at the training mats which resulted in their newfound relationship. “   you’re not expecting any visitors today, are you ? because i’m not moving   &   this is a compromising position.  “

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Here are some Kate Marsh pride icons I made! This is the first set and I’m about to upload the second. I’ll have it linked to this post when I’m done! Credit isn’t necessary but appreciated!

TERFS AND REGS: DO NOT USE/INTERACT. Kate is too good for your shitty views. 

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                    do you like electrifying women?   women that can bring you to your knees with a simple TOUCH?   what about women that are beautiful & deadly & used to court men to their deaths?   women that look like sweethearts but will rip your throat out in an instant?   a woman that looks like a cinnamon roll,   is a sinnamon roll,   & could actually kill you?   sounds to me like you’re looking for ekaterina ‘ kate ‘ of the twilight saga.   so why don’t you give this a LIKE or REBLOG if you’re interested in being seduced by interacting with kate !


Allie Novak cheesy pick-up lines- 2/?

2- In which Allie tries to play Titanic in the showers.

Kate Fuller ain’t perfect, kiddies

The first time we meet Kate she is barely holding her family together. In fact, Kate is so convinced her father killed her mother that she calls up her insurance company and impersonates a secretary to get confidential information about her mothers accident from their insurance records. She then decides that she’s going to sneak off with her boyfriend and abandon her family on a road trip. When she meets Richie, she asks for a cigarette because it was her way of rebelling. She even says she’s not a smoker but she’s pissed at Jacob because she believes he’s lying to her. So she does what any teenage girl would do and smokes with the random guy chatting her up who clearly has a thing for her. 

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