kate i tried

um hi so i’m (just under) 50 away from 2k and it’d be ya know kinda cool if i could get there sometime (soon)… and yeap that’s my story (thanks for listening reading) (*awkwardly shuffles off stage ur screen*) 


I thought I couldn’t be more attracted to Kate, but then I was watching the alternate scenes and she started ad-libbing a run of biologically accurate information on voles. (Technically there are two vole species that occur in New York, but they wouldn’t be in an urban setting, no, and I’m not sure I’ve heard ‘super-multiplier’ itself in an ecological context, but it’s definitely applicable and appropriate.)

Maybe she was able to pull this out of her head, maybe she knew this line was coming and did some quick research beforehand, either way, there’s video of her speaking my scientific language and I love it.


7x04 AU: Castle and Beckett bring cupcakes to Lily’s classroom as a thank you for their help with a case. Not only they charmed her teacher, Mrs. Ruiz, who received a medal for her collaboration, but also, Castle found a nemesis in Jason, one of his daughter’s classmates. Beckett convinced him to make peace with the kid. So he and Jason made a truce, or at least that’s what she thought.