kate hudon

Matt and Kate have their own wine!

Kurt Russell (Kate’s Step Dad) gave an interview on the radio, and he was talking about Kate and Matt’s wine:

Kurt: ‘The most exciting news of all- they make, just for them & their friends, a *spectacular* rose called Hudson Bellamy.’

Kurt: I’m telling you, if you ever find a bottle of Hudson Bellamy, get it.' That wine I’m talking about right now, is a World top 100 California top 4

He also discussed his time at the Muse gig! 

When asked which band he was seeing, he was very modest saying he was just 'going to see his daughter’s boyfriend’s band:

Kurt: yeah at Staples! They sold out staples 3 nights in a row!

Kurt: Yes, it was incredible! D: I went on Thursday & it was fuckin great!

Interviewer: uh what’s his name, the singer, what’s his name?

Kurt: Matt! Matt Bellamy! & his band Muse! I’m really excited about it. I’ve never had the opportunity to see them live & now I’ll get to see them live & I’ve just been told by like jillions of ppl that it’s like *great*