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Drunk Asks feat. @maffypop

Hey everyone!! It’s that time again! But we’re adding some spice this time cause we got the beautiful and handsome Kate ( @maffypop ) here to answer some of your asks, too!

kate: hi guys! i go by they/them pronouns and i like to draw (i did ella’s avatar!!!) i also like dogs, and SNAKES

So this is how it goes:

- Send us any kind of ask!

- We will both reply in one way or the other.

- If you don’t want the spam, go ahead and block ‘#drunk asks’!! Rather than unfollow me maybe.

Common things ppl ask about:

- Confess things

- Send me puns

- Random memes

- Stuff about my preferences

- My favorite (x)

- About my life in general

- Witch related

- Programming related

- Any random fandom

- Tell me about ur day

- Tell me a random story

- Send me a writing prompt

- Send me weird/nsfw things

- Anything!!

Gal Pals @ prom sharing a Friendship Dance


Kate McKinnon talking about her son, who is a cat


                                        the almost kiss and 
                                                    the almost “i love you”


This was badly made but heck it’s 1am and I’m living!!!1!!1!Based off of @kate-the-rabbit‘s short fic

Y’all should also check out their other fics cause they’re real cool :’D