kate hates her life

Season 5: RC/KB tell each other about losing their virginity. Doesn’t have to be smutty. ;) prompted by @her-pegship.

“How old were you?” 

She’s balanced on that precarious cliff between dreams and reality, sweat still drying on her overheated skin. He’s worn her out, made her body writhe and jerk with pleasure, her voice moan and chant his name and, now, when they should both be sleeping in preparation for her return to the 12th Precinct after serving out her suspension, he wants to talk.

Sure, she could scowl at him, refuse to answer and insist that they both get some rest, but she doesn’t. As curious as she is amused, Kate cracks open one eye, glancing at her boyfriend and that self-satisfied smile of his. “What?” 

The shiver that rolls across her flesh has nothing to do with the cold air that begins to filter through the vent above her bed and everything to do with the two fingers that slide along the path of her abdomen, skirting around her belly button and then dipping just a bit lower. It’s meant to be a tease, one designed to get her attention with the promise that the sureness of his touch holds.

She hates that her bottom lip has already found its way between her teeth, that her body is responding to something so simple, but she also loves that it’s this satisfying and this easy. 

It has been anything but with anyone else that she’s ever allowed into her bed. 

“I was wondering,” Rick speaks up again, spreading his entire hand across her torso, back up across her abs until he pauses just below her breasts. “How old you were when you lost your virginity.” 

Kate opens her eyes again at that, her heart tripping in its steady rhythm at the sheepish look he’s giving her. With his hair tousled from her fingers and his lips still swollen from her kisses, he looks like that teenage boy that her mother always warned her about; the one with the roguish good looks and endless charm who wanted to get into her pants and not much more. 

In fact, it had been exactly that sort of boy that had convinced her to give it up. A boy with shaggy hair, a beat-up leather jacket, his own motorcycle, and a desire to be the next Kurt Cobain - without the depression and heroin addiction. 

And, true to form, he hadn’t wanted much more than sex in the end.

Castle, she knew, wanted everything she was willing to give, which was why she didn’t mind the way he would prompt her with questions to pull out a story from her life before he was taking up so much of it. 

He just wanted to know her, all of her, even the parts that she tried her best to keep locked away. 

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Maximum Victory Continuation

Alright, here’s the second part of the Maximum Victory first kiss prompt! I know it took me forever and a day to get this new update done, but I hope you guys like this! The side characters are really some of my favorites and I hope I did them justice.

Also! If any of you have ideas for a title, send them my way? I’m terrible with titles and I’m just at a loss as to what to call this.

Anyhow, lemme know what you guys think!

- Cal

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