kate had a baby


An Eddie Redmayne one shot.

“I look I’m hiding a basketball under my dress!” I exclaimed, looking at myself in the mirror. Eddie and I were headed to the Oscars, and I had a gorgeous white, linen Kate Spade dress on, but my baby bump had become blatantly obvious, making me a little self conscious.

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My baby cousin just started to walk and I was able to witness her first steps in Austin as I sit in my room in New York, so I’m a little emotional and I want to write a tiny fic about what I just saw because oh my god babies are cute. Enjoy!

Lily should be walking by now. Why isn’t she walking yet? Is there something wrong with their daughter’s legs? Have her muscles atrophied? Are her bones brittle? Is her spine just not right?

Kate knows that it’s ridiculous to worry about things like this just yet. Lily is only just over a year old and the doctors told her and Castle that it could be another six months before she took her first steps—or it could be six minutes.

“Each child moves at his or her own pace,” Dr. Shepherd had told her. “Give it some time. If she’s not walking by the time she hits the twenty month mark, then we’ll go from there. Until then, there’s nothing to worry about.”

But Kate couldn’t help but worry. Maybe it was a new mother thing, but she had been a bundle of nerves ever since her daughter was born after 18 hours of grueling labor. She was always worrying that she was doing something wrong or saying something that might affect her daughter’s 12-month old little brain. Lily was already speaking in complete sentences, however nonsensical they were. She loved stories and stuffed animals and her big sister “Lexa”. And Mommy and Daddy.

Castle claimed that she loved her mommy more than she loved her daddy. Kate knew it must be the other way around.

“Think about it,” he always said as they lay together on their bed in the middle of the night, Lily sleeping in between them, the tiny stuffed elephant that her grandfather had gotten her wrapped in her chubby baby arms. “Who does she call for in the middle of the night?” Because, among other things that perpetually worried Kate, their daughter didn’t cry. She whimpered and screamed sometimes, but never really produced tears unless something was really the matter. She had learned to call for her parents when she needed something and ‘Mommy’ was typically the name she called out when she wanted to be taken out of her crib.

“Because she knows Mommy is weak and will be there in a heartbeat,” Kate argued. “But Daddy is the one that makes her giggle and gives her piggyback rides and feeds her chocolate when he thinks Mommy isn’t looking.” She lifted her eyebrow at him and he pretended to not know what she was even talking about.

Kate looked down at their daughter, who dark brown hair growing in every direction on her tiny head, and one thumb planted firmly in her mouth. She ran her fingers softly down the little spine and Lily curled towards her, seeking Kate’s warmth. Kate smiled, feeling her heart swell with more love than she would have thought she was capable of at one point, and pressed her lips to the girl’s hairline.

“I love you,” she whispered, tickling the baby’s ear so that she snuffled in her sleep and pressed her face further into her mother’s chest.

In those moments, Kate stopped worrying and just enjoyed the time she had with her baby girl. Her father had teased her all through her pregnancy that her daughter would be just like her when she was a little girl. Her terrible two’s had come early and had carried all the way to age four—to her parents’ delight—and she’d been the kind of rough and tumble child that you didn’t want to mess with on the playground.

She’d also been a seemingly easy target for anybody who didn’t know her yet. Katie Beckett was a small kid and had to practically parkour her way onto most high surfaces (which typically gave her mother a heart attack when she saw her standing on a counter twice her height just to reach the cookie jar on top of the fridge—but those Fudge Stripes were just so delicious) and was often called horrible names on the playground (as in things like “shortstack” and “Minnie”; horrible in the sense that they were so not creative). Even as a baby, Kate’s temper was terrible and she was often found sitting on some tall kid’s back, shoving his face into the dirt.

She was terrified that Lily would be like that. Even more so that she would inherit Kate’s ‘Wild Child’ phase. She prayed that Alexis would at least be a good influence on her baby sister.

So far, so good, Kate thinks as she watches Lily crawl across the home office, which had been fenced in for playtime, and roar at her stuffed tiger (a gag gift from Ryan and Espo, meant only to tease Castle and Beckett, but also one of Lily’s favorite toys). Kate smiles as she continues to look over her files for work. One of the best things about being Captain of her own precinct is that she is allowed to work from home whenever she pleases and spend the day with her favorite little lady.

In the middle of winter, the loft is incredibly warm, so Lily gets to lounge around in her diaper (which is her favorite outfit, for some reason) and practice standing—which she does a lot, though she still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of keeping her balance for longer than five seconds.

Kate watches her out of the corner of her eye, making sure that the girl doesn’t go for the bookshelves again (they’d moved every single book to the higher shelves after the last incident) and revels in the comfort of being home with her. Castle is out in the kitchen, whipping up something delicious for dinner, and the loft is, for the most part, completely silent.

“Mama!” Lily exclaims and Beckett looks over at her, seeing the baby stand, surrounded by absolutely nothing, and feels her heartrate pick up. Is this it? Is it about to happen? Is Lily going to—

The baby drops and so does Beckett’s heart. She sighs and gives her baby a grin as she giggles and crawls away. Kate shakes her head and turns back to her work, but her thoughts are suddenly elsewhere.

While she’d been pregnant, she had recurring cases of vertigo that prevented her from moving off the couch, where she lay for hours at a time, bored out of her mind, as her husband rubbed her feet or soothed her with his voice as he read chapters from his latest books. Sometimes her father would come over and let her rest her head in his lap, like she used to when she was a little girl, and tell her stories about when her mother was pregnant with her.

“Your Nonna and Aunt Theresa were always at our apartment in those days,” he would tell her. “Nonna would make her tea and rub her tummy and make so much food that your mother would barely be able to move. Aunt Theresa would talk about being pregnant with your cousins. This was, of course, before Sofia was born. She’d have Tony and Carla with her. They played so quietly on the living room floor; not at all like they are now.” She laughed. “Your mother had vertigo, too,” he told her.


“Oh yes,” he chuckled. “And it irritated her to no end. She had a heavy caseload in those days. She would make me hold her case files above her head as she laid down on the couch, so she could read.” He laughed. “So stubborn, your mother. Must be a family trait.”


“It’s true,” he chuckled. “You were over a week late and then you took nearly twenty hours to finally show up after that. Your poor mother.” He shook his head. “But the second you were here, she loved you. She held you in her arms and kissed her little head and promised that she would always love you and she…” he trailed off and Kate could see the tears in his eyes as she looked up. She felt her own throat clog with them.

“I wish she was here,” Kate whispered against his knee.

“So do I, Katie,” he sighed, running his fingers through her hair. “So do I.”

Looking over at her daughter, Kate wonders what her mother would think of her granddaughter. She would love Lily, no doubt about that. She would probably spoil the little one rotten, much like Martha is attempting to do with gifts of new clothes and toys every time she comes to visit. She would probably be sitting there with her, talking with her, giggling, hugging, kissing her chubby cheeks and encouraging her to keep standing. Kate can still remember all the times that she had fallen into her mother’s arms as a toddler, walking on shaky legs. She can practically feel Johanna’s embrace, feel the ghost of her kiss on her tummy, where she would blow raspberries until little Katie was screaming with laughter, red in the face.

Tears flood her eyes now and she pushes herself away from the desk, wiping them away as she stands. Now is as good a time as any for a break.

She takes a step toward her daughter and pauses when she sees Lily’s big blue eyes peering up at her from over the edge of the desk. Kate smiles as she steps around, holding her arms out, intent on catching Lily when she inevitably falls.

Instead, the baby lifts one chubby foot and places it in front of her, stopping Kate dead in her tracks, eyes wide, mouth gaping. Lily beams at her, placing her hands out as she takes another step. Then another. Then another. After about five steps, she’s nearly at her mother’s feet when she falls right on her diaper-padded butt.

Lily blinks for a second, looking around herself in confusion as her mother continues to gape at her. Then she giggles and pushes herself back up, reaching out for Kate when she takes another step.

“Castle,” Kate husks, finally remembering that her husband is home. She clears her throat as Lily takes another step. “Castle!” she says, more loudly. “Castle, come here!” She doesn’t take her eyes off of her daughter, walking backwards to encourage her to keep walking. Lily thinks it’s a game and continues to chase after her mother, gradually picking up speed.

“What’s wrong?” Castle says as he arrives at the doorway. He’s wearing a ‘Kiss the Chef’ apron and there’s a frog-shaped oven-mitt on his left hand, but Kate resists teasing him in favor of leading Lily around the corner of the desk, so that Castle can witness the monumental moment.

He gasps and practically leaps over the fence, reaching for his phone at the same time (and miraculously doesn’t snap his neck in the process), flipping open the camera to capture a video as Lily follows her mother, giggling and stumbling on new legs.

“Mama!” she squeals, waving her arms a little. When Kate is sure that Castle got enough, she finally scoops her daughter up in her arms and blows a raspberry on her belly, making Lily shriek.

“Good job, Silly Lily!” she coos. “You did so good, baby.” She hugs the tot to her shoulder and rocks slightly, smiling as her daughter relaxes into her embrace, her own arms wrapping around Kate’s neck. Kate rubs her back and presses a kiss to her mess of hair as she carries their daughter over to Castle, who hugs both of his girls against his side and raises the camera above their heads.

“February 4th,” he says, looking into the lens, “2018; Lily Johanna Beckett Castle takes her first steps.” He nudges his daughter, who turns her head toward him. “Say hi to the camera, Lil.”

Lily looks in the direction he’s pointing and sees herself, a smile immediately coming to her face. She smiles wide, showing off a row of tiny, chiclet teeth and waves wildly at the device. “Hiiiiiiiiiiii!” she squeals and then giggles when both Mommy and Daddy press kisses to her cheeks.

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omg can you share some of the young Kate stories please?

According to Amanda Bearse. 

- Young Kate was still in college when she joined the Big Gay Sketch Show. She was still studying and and doing a television show. She’s a hard working baby.
- Amanda hired Kate because she had never seen someone sit in a chair in such a hysterical way and she knew that she was genuinely funny. 
- Kate is very shy and reserved, but she loves talking to her fans because she’s grateful to them. 
- She once almost walked into traffic because she saw a dog??? (If I understood correctly)
- Amanda saw the new Ghostbusters film 3 times because she was so proud of her. 

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46 for the drabble challenge, please?

46. “I was a joke, baby. I swear.”

“I was a joke, baby. I swear,” Stiles said, then cringed, “It was a joke Derek, you know I wouldn’t call you baby in a serious way, I know you think that’s creepy.”

“It wasn’t funny,” Derek said, still walking ahead of Stiles. 

In Derek’s defense it hadn’t been a funny joke, but in Stiles defense he didn’t know the reason that Derek didn’t like to be called baby.

“I won’t do it again, I swear,” Stiles said, jogging to catch up to him but not touching him.

“She used to call me that,” Derek said quietly, stopping but not looking at him. 

And then Stiles understood, Kate had called him baby. “Derek, dude, I won’t ever say it again.”

Derek looked at him, his eyes meeting Stiles and he nodded, “Thank you.”

“Can I, can I touch you?” Stiles asked, careful to not move to touch him until Derek nodded. 

He wrapped his arms around Derek’s neck and hugged him tightly. “Thanks,” Derek said into Stiles’ neck, “Thanks for understanding.”

“I’m sorry I even said it,” Stiles said, kissing Derek on the cheek and adding, “I’ll only call you Derek from now on.”

“You can also call me Mr. Hale,” Derek said with a little smirk.

“What about DerBear?”

“Don’t try me,” Derek said with a laugh as they started to walk again, her arm around Stiles’ shoulder. 

Stiles never called him baby again. 

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The trip to his father-in-law’s upstate cabin had been a last minute decision, fueled by Jim’s not-so-subtle invitation and a difficult case for Kate that had her wanting to escape for a day. A September weekend getaway to where the world seemed to stand still, movement marked only by the bristle of leaves on trees and ripple of water across the late, the peaceful family affection that lingered between them all in quiet moments spent here.

A relief, he finds, allowing them to forget the stresses of the city and get lost in the oblivion of freedom, of love.

It breathes new life into it all, a breath of fresh air that has a soft smile curling at his lips, a calmness within his chest that moments such as these birth. That intensifies when his gaze flicks to the kitchen window, catches on the back patio where fallen leaves dot the wooden deck and his wife and daughter enjoy the warmth the warmth of this fall season, of each other’s loving company.

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no but.. imagine the hospital staff having to kick a shitton of people out because like… /everybody/ has shown up to see Morgan. 

Emily heard and flew in from London (she was on a plane before they even found him), Alex heard and her and James jumped on a plane to get there asap, ashley was a little late because she had an assignment but she runs in, Kate trails in with baby in arms and Meg too, Cruz stops by followed by jordan todd… Plus the whole current team (including tara). Then Morgan’s family shows up too, two sisters and mom and aunt and cousins. 

Derek Morgan has a very large caring family and it scares the hospital staff. 

(a few hours later Elle comes in, deliberately avoiding the crowd)

listen idk bout u but i have known i’m gay since i was thirteen. everyday u hear me say “im so gay!!” and ppl are like we get it!!! ur gay!! but honestly,, i didnt kno. i didnt know how Gay i was until Ghostbusters. until That Scene. the Slow Mo scene. i felt my Gay Levels rising. Jillian Holtzmann upgraded me. i have reached my full Gay Potential.

Rumored Names:

I’m basically going to report every rumor I’ve heard since Kate’s been pregnant. There’s no saying whether any of these will be the first name, middle name, or in the name at all. I’m predicting three names, as with George and I will be shocked if none of these are in there. 

Diana- Obvious choice, in honor of Princess Diana. Most in the fandom think this is more likely as a middle name because Diana was such an iconic figure there’s a lot of baggage (good and bad) associated with it. 

Elizabeth- To honor the Queen, but is also a family name for Kate. 

Alice- A classic royal name from the Victorian era, this could honor a variety of Alices in the royal family’s history, including Prince Philip’s mother and Queen Elizabeth’s aunt. 

Charlotte- Could be seen as the female form of Charles and is Pippa’s middle name as well as a historic royal name. This one has been getting a lot of buzz.

Grace-Allegedly Kate was talking about wanting her kids to have the same first initial, and many have noted similarities in Kate’s fashion sense and that of the late Princess Grace of Monaco, though like Diana, this name has a lot of baggage and comes from a different monarchy. 

Alexandra- One of the Queen’s middle names and an old royal family name.

Mary- One of the most common names for Princesses throughout British history, another of the Queen’s middle names, and also Will and Kate are known to be huge Downton Abbey fans. 

Catherine- Sometimes the safest bet if you don’t want to offend anyone is to name the kid after the parent. 

Louise- A classic royal name and the female version of Louis, one of William’s (and also George’s) middle names. 

Penelope- This one is a long shot but a friend of mine who goes to St. Andrews said a professor there who had taught Kate told her entire class the baby, if it was a girl, would be named Penelope and that they should bet money on it. 

Philippa- The name of Kate’s sister but could also be seen as a tribute to Prince Philip who is getting on in years and perhaps doesn’t get honored in baby names as much as he’d like.