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Teacher Gilinsky– Part XXII

Teacher Gilinsky– Part XXII

Song of the chapter: Dance Without You by Skylar Grey

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School was– well, awkward. As the days go by my bump becomes more noticeable. I’ve started wearing baggy sweaters and loose teeshirts, with camisoles underneath so it isn’t that noticeable, but that won’t help for long. My boobs have grown at least 2 sizes, and still continue to grow. Jack loves it, of course. Sadly, my wardrobe didn’t fly with the school. Strictly skirts or khaki pants, the ugly polo tee shirt. Thank god I have a few sweatshirts with the schools logo on them.

As time goes by, the romance disappears between Jack and I. I feel bad, all I ever want to do is eat and sleep. He’s been a good sport though, he’s very understanding. Although I’ve walked in on him masturbating countless times at this point, it’s time for me to do something for him.

I slipped on the thigh high stockings and connected them to the garter belt, pulling my school skirt over them. I hemmed the old skirt so it was skim just bast my butt. I cut up one of my old school tee shirts so my newfound cleavage would pop out, and tied at my waistline. I curled my hair and put them into a pony tail. I contoured my face and chest, outlining my cleavage and collarbones with bronzer. The natural looking fake eyelashes looking good with my wings eyeliner and my natural smoky eye.

Luckily, Jack had to stay after school for a PTA conference, which runs until about 4:30. Right now, it is 4:10. Jasmine is spending time with my dad today, which is nice. I like to see them bonding. I finished adding the final touches to my outfit, when Jack walked in the door.

“Hi baby, I’m home early. The conference was cut short because some parent needed to talk to the principal. Are you hungr—“ He cut himself off when he saw me sitting on his desk in his office, one leg crossed over the other, the white stockings covering my smooth pale legs and into my dark green stilettos, the schools colors.

Holy fucking shit.” He dropped his bag on the ground and just stood there, jaw dropped.

“Are you just gonna stand there, or are you gonna bend me over your desk?” I practically moaned, trying to be sexy. My dark red lipstick adding to my confidence loads.

“Baby, what’re you doing—“ He asked but I cut him off.

“Shh, no time for questions. Come here.” I whispered. He walked towards me slowly, the sleeves of his button up rolled up to just below his elbows, the veins in his wrist shown. His jaw was clenched tightly, his breathing heavy as his chest heaved with each breath.

I pulled him between my legs by his tie, my hands traveling under his button up, feeling his abs.

“I’ve been a very bad girl,” I whispered in his ear, pulling him down to my height by his tie.

“I think I need to be punished.” I whined, my lips just grazing his ear.

My fingers fiddled with the button of his slacks, the only sound in the house is the zipper slowly being pulled down. His slacks were strained at his package, he’s already painfully hard.

“I’ve had blue balls for a month. Are you sure you want to do this? Because once I start, I can’t stop. I won’t stop.” He gritted. I nodded once, His lips immediately crushing against mine. His hands rubbed the tops of my things, feeling the straps connecting the stockings to the belt. He helped me off and flipped me around, carefully bending me over the desk. The skirt was pulled off my legs, carefully stepping out of it. His hands kneaded my ass, unhooking the stockings from the belt too.

“You look so… sexy baby.” His voice was raspy, as if he had just woken up from a deep, deep sleep. His hands just rubbed me, through my underwear, my butt, my back, my neck. He slowly peeled the white thong off of me, the whole bottom soaking wet with my arousal. He stood on his knees, his fingers opening me. He held me open with his thumbs, his tongue immediately devouring me. I gripped on the edge of the wooden desk, my red notebook sat on his office chair. He had been reading it. My face turned red, his index finger entering me, thumb rubbing my clit.

His tongue joined his finger as he devoured me, literally. I bit on my lip and tried to hold in my moans, Jack noticing and stopping.

“Let it out baby, tell Daddy how he’s making you feel.” He moaned, using his whole face to make me tremble.

“Tell me.” He barked. I flinched at his rigid tone and rebelled against him.

“Fucking slut.” He barked once again, jumping to his feet, and slapping my butt.

“When I’m talking to you, you listen to me.” He grits. I nodded once and faced away from him.

“Now, turn around so I can see my beautiful girlfriend’s face.” He smiled against my back. I flipped around, facing him, us basically in the missionary position.

His hands rubbed my thighs, opening them and standing in-between them. He pulled his shirt off, his body a lot more toned than I remember it.

“Have you been working out?” I whispered, running my hands down his chest, his v-line a lot more sculpted.

“Yeah, I felt like I kept bugging you when I was, you know– turned on, so I started working out.“

“You look so good, baby.” I smiled, his biceps practically bulging. “And you weren’t bugging me. You could never bug me. I’m sorry that I haven’t been, well– sexual lately. I just kind of feel gross and fat. I’ve got more stretch marks than ever, I’m gaining weight like crazy, and I just feel like you don’t see me sexually anymore.” I trailed off.

“Baby, right now, your body is changing. Our baby is inside of you, you are nurturing and growing our baby. You have never been more beautiful, more sexy than you are now. Your body is so beautiful. You’re curvy. You’re most definitely not fat. Baby, feel how hard I am,” He paused. I reached down and felt his length, it practically was rock hard.

“I have never been more turned on in my life. There is nothing sexier than the woman carrying my baby.” He said, pressing a kiss to my lips. I kicked his pants off his hips, his feet doing the rest, his boxers following. He rubbed his tip between my folds, before slowly entering me. I clenched around him, as he stretched me out. It has been awhile since we’ve actually had sex, the stretch that I have been longing for, so greatly anticipated.

“I’m gonna tell you now, I’m not gonna last long.” He groaned as he held my hips, his chest lightly glistened with sex. I nodded and adjusted my hips upward, my legs hooking around his hips. We were chest to chest, my shirt thrown on the floor long before. My bra was currently being unhooked and thrown across the room, our bodies now completely bare.

“You’re so tight.” He groaned, his hand clasped tightly around my neck, as if he was choking me. I moaned loudly, the vibrations going onto his hand.

“Are you close?” I asked him, his thrusts becoming sloppy and slow.

“Yes.” He groaned. I pushed him off of me, just enough so he would pull out, before dropping to my knees in front of him. I grabbed his cock, which was now throbbing, convulsing, and red. I kissed his tip, Jack’s hands pulling my hair out of the pony tail and tangling it between my fingers. I took him into my mouth, carefully taking him deeper each second, inch by inch, until my lips brushed his stubbly pubic bone.

“Fuck, baby, fuck.” He choked out, my lips going up and down his throbbing length.

“I’m coming.” He whimpered, his tip resting on my tongue as he shot his load into my mouth.

“You never cease to amaze me.” He smiled, wiping his come off my cheekbone with his thumb and putting it in my mouth. My tongue swirled around it, cleaning the remains off.

“Good girl.” He whispered. I stood up and headed for the door, his arm caught me.

“What’re you doing?” I whispered.

“Gotta make sure my princess is satisfied.” He smirked before getting on his knees.


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