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The Hunger Games: WTNV (and some TAH) Cast Edition

The Bloodbath

  • Eliza sets an explosive off, killing Lauren.
  • Disparition and Meg work together to drown Maureen.

Day 1

  • Paget strangles Mara after engaging in a fist fight.
  • Jasika, Mark, Dessa, and Wil track down and kill Hal.

Night 1

No deaths occurred.

Day 2

  • Cecil poisons Marc’s drink. He drinks it and dies.

Night 2

No deaths occurred.

Day 3

  • Kate, Satellite High, and Meg track down and kill Symphony.

Night 3

  • Kevin, Jasika, and Eliza get into a fight. Kevin triumphantly kills them both.
  • Wil stabs Dessa in the back with a trident.

Day 4

No deaths occurred.

Night 4

  • Cecil silently snaps Jackson’s neck.
  • Wil poisons Meg’s drink, but mistakes it for his own and dies.

Day 5

  • Cecil bashes Kate’s head in with a mace.
  • Paul dies of dysentery.

Night 5

  • Fink strangles Meg after engaging in a fist fight.

Day 6

  • Jeffrey severely injures Satellite High and leaves him to die.

Night 6

  • Fink sets an explosive off, killing Kevin, and Simone.
  • Jeffrey and Cecil work together to drown Mark.

The Feast

  • Paget kills Disparition as he tries to run.
  • Cecil falls into a frozen lake and drowns.

Day 7

No deaths occurred.

Night 7

No deaths occurred.

Day 8

  • Paget severely injures Fink, but puts him out of his misery.

Night 8

  • Paget dies trying to escape the arena.

Day 9

  • Jeffrey sets an explosive off, killing Dylan.

The winner is Jeffrey Cranor from District 3!


I’ve been a little slow on the uptake, as this was nearly a week ago now, but I got some pretty nice pictures of the Welcome to Night Vale cast when they were in London. So we have Cecil Baldwin as Cecil Palmer, Joesph Fink as Intern Joesph, Meg Bashwiner as the sponsor & Lady of the Proverbs, Kate Jones as Michelle Nguyen of Dark Owl Records and Desiree Burch as Former Mayor Pamela Winchell. It’s such a good live show, I hope they come back to London with a new story soon!

You see this comic up there with the Bravest Warriors logo and Impossibear (aka the best character ever who is not James T. Kirk or Tequila from Hard Boiled) wielding his mighty gas powered stick and the words “Impossibear Special”? Well, that’s the Bravest Warriors: Impossibear Special and I’ve written a story for it. It’s in this month’s volume of Previews and will be released in June. You should ask your comic shop owner to get a copy for you.

(Other creators include Kevin Panetta, Nikki Mannino, Jeremy Sorese, Kate Leth, Paulina Ganucheau and Jess Fink, who are all pretty great, so if you don’t like me, you can like them.)

NerdCon Neo-Futurists ONE NIGHT ONLY

hey #NerdCon come see the all-Night Vale cast of the NY Neo-Futurists perform Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind saturday at 8:30p (main auditorium)

It’ll be me, Cecil Baldwin, Meg Bashwiner, Desiree Burch, Kevin R. Free, Dylan Marron, and Kate Jones (w tech help from Joseph Fink).

This will probably be your only chance to see this cast of Neos/Night Vale. 8:30pm Saturday. 30 Play in 60 Minutes. Then we drink and celebrate an awesome con!