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No Such Thing As Bulletproof

Pairing/Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: fluff, kidnapping, swearing, angst, violence, blood
Summary: You’re captured by Hydra Agents who want revenge on your boyfriend, Captain America. The actions of one agent would make you do something you will never forget.
Word Count: 2k+
A/N: This is for Kate’s Cards Against Humanity Challenge with the card, “My first kill”! HAPPY 1 YEAR AND 2k KATE!!! YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH!!!!

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Chris liked dirty talk sometimes, which would be okay if he didn’t do it constantly. He was panting onto your neck, his heavy breath hot and constant. He nipped at it every so often, usually accompanied by a low grumble. “Gonna fuck you so good,” he mumbled, “you like that? Like thinking of me fucking you so hard you scream and…and cum? Hmm? You like the thought of my cock inside of you? My big cock? You like that, huh?” You rolled your eyes, grabbing onto his ass and pulling him closer to you. “No Chris, I like to think of bears in tutus while we have sex.” 

He raised an eyebrow in question, mumbling a, “huh?” You sighed “Yes, Chris, I like thinking of you. Now can you please just move?” And he would move. But he wouldn’t stop talking. “Oh? Getting sassy, I see.”

For Kate’s Cards Against Humanity ( @emilyevanston