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tonys 2017 | best performance by an actress in a featured role in a musical nominees


Young Avengers (2013)

I am proud of myself

I walked past my favourite Guylian sea shell chocolates for half price. I also walked past malteasers box half price. But they are big boxes and I can’t keep binge eating on them as I was previously. Seriously disgusting how much chocolate I can consume when I’m in binge mode.

I did however get a block of hazelnut Cadbury as it was also half price. I am planning on having a few rows tonight after my dinner. I will also share the rest with my partner tomorrow night.

Small changes. I can’t cut out chocolate entirely. I know that. That makes me binge more. I will slowly reduce the amount over the coming weeks until I’m only having it once a week. I also have a few of my healthy snickers bites left. I will have to make more of them because they curb my sugar cravings.

The Gypsy Problem

Okay Broadway Babies, tell me what you think about this. 

In the beginning of Gypsy HISTORICALLY Mama Rose SHOULD be 26ish years old.

By “Rose’s Turn” she should be approximately 38. 


I think we need a solid young Jen Colella, Kate Shindle, Rachel Tucker, Stephy J Block Gypsy Revival. 

I cast Emily Skinner as Rose, and Taylor Louderman as Louise. Funding starts now. 


Laura Tobin: Meteorologist. Physics & Meteorology Graduate, Reading University. Joined Met Office in 2003. 

Sally Nugent: Journalist. BA in Communication Arts and French, University of Huddersfield. 

Carol Kirkwood: Weather presenter. BA in Commerce, Napier College, Edinburgh. 

Kate Williams: Author, historian and TV presenter. BA and DPhil, Oxford. MAs from Queen Mary University, London and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Steph McGovern: Business journalist. Winner of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. Won “Young Engineer for Britain” award. Studied Science Communications and Policy, University College London. 


Time Clash, Chapter 4

“Who are all these women?” Ruby found herself wondering out loud, looking back at the old photographs. Some seemed to date back into the 60s.

“His companions,” Kate smiled at her, “Assistants. They all travelled with the Doctor. It’s what he does. He chooses someone and shows them the universe.”

When her eyes landed on the photo of the pretty brunette again, Ruby suddenly found her view blocked by Kate’s arm as she reached out and took the photo off the board. She was about to open her mouth and ask about it, but something on Kate’s face held her back.

“I probably shouldn’t tell you any of this. The Doctor hates it when he’s not the first to tell a story,” she explained and hesitated for a moment. Ruby got the distinct impression that there was something she really, really wanted to tell her regardless.

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give me kate/vic. give me vic apologizing in the hospital and kate forgiving her and love blossoming. give me alt!vic standing up for kate bc of her pal max’s good influence. give me ‘save arcadia bay’ vic feeling guilty about chloe bc she was so close to nathan and seeing kate being so kind at the funeral and wanting to be with someone like that. give me every kind of vic realizing kate could redeem her. give me every kind of kate realizing vic will always protect her and lend her confidence when kate can’t find her own.  give me kate/vic in a coffee shop or stuck in an elevator or surviving the storm or going to the drive in. give me kate modeling for vic and vic helping kate with writer’s block. give me vic showing off her goody-two shoes gal to her frozen parents and kate warming up even them. give me pianist vic playing duets with violinist kate. give me nerdy vic introducing kate to anime. give me jewish vic showing kate chanukah and experiencing her first christmas by kate’s side. give me bodyswap shenanigans or childhood friends. give me mutual support and love and trust. give me marshchase.

things layne morgan neglected to mention in her apology:

  • anyone by name. it’s just a general apology to the void, i guess. not to me, any of the other people she insulted, bob morley, etc
  • the words “racism” or “ableism”
  • that she benefits from white privilege and she sees the world through the lens of whiteness, as do i, and that affects every interaction and thought she has. “What I wanted to do is just make a post and, in the most official way I can, apologize for those things that were said and any ignorance that I had then and maybe even still have now.” >> “maybe even still have now” should read “DEFINITELY still have now.” your racism doesn’t end just because you realize you’re racist. all. white. people. are. racist.

and listen. you can make as many posts as you want about how ~nobody’s perfect~ and we all make mistakes out of ignorance, which is true. but listen, layney: there’s a difference between just being ignorant and literally calling people who disagree with you “inferior” and saying that you “find yourself above them.”

what you did went beyond ignorance. you spent months defending yourself and your fave show despite being told by MANY people that you were wrong. you made it seem like i was the only one or one of the only ones that disagreed with you, and told me that *i* was the racist one for that. you made me feel like i was going insane, and i don’t mean that jokingly. you constantly made me doubt my own perceptions. you deleted posts, had your secret blog, said of me “she lives in a world pretty much made up of whatever she twists reality to believe,” and framed yourself as the victim.

you acted childishly. what you did was playground bullying and name-calling. anyone who disagreed with you was just seeking their “five minutes of fame.” all of this while you painted yourself as completely innocent. and unsurprisingly, that’s what you’re still doing! you’ve simplified everything down to “i should’ve listened better” and that “we’re all human” and saying that it happened “years ago” even though you still only try to talk over everyone and do your “educationing.”

here’s what i’m trying to say with all this: layne, you have a superiority complex. you think you’re better and smarter than everyone, that you’ve got it all figured out. even when you’re trying to apologize, it just comes off as trying to make yourself seem better because you don’t actually admit to the things you did wrong or apologize to anybody. your apology isn’t an apology, it’s a statement for your buddies so you can say “see? look how perfect i am.” you admit you might’ve done some bad things, but hey, it was a long time ago, you’re better now. 

you’re obsessed with yourself, layne. you’re a coward and you’re just trying to save face for a tv show.

grow up.