kate block

aaron tveit made a post on instagram in support of the salvation army and a bunch of people commented like “aaron i’m sure you just don’t know but the SA is really homophobic, i know you wouldn’t support them if you knew that” and everybody was wonderfully kind and calm, and then aaron commented like “i had no idea, i’m sorry, of course i don’t support that and i apologize” and everybody handled the situation perfectly….. but now a bunch of stans are commenting like “you have nothing to be sorry for!!!!!! everybody needs to stop being so mean and just calm down and stop with the name-calling!!!!!! aaron you’re perfect and good for you for supporting charity!!!!!!” and my eyes are rolling back in my head so far i can see my brain cells dying

i finally watched ghost.busters and like wtf was everyone on about??? i heard nothing but terrible rumors from everyone i know who saw it and like W H A T that was the funniest (while still being scary because FUCK those mannequins and that first ghost lady scared the shit out of me) movie ive ever seen how tf did the ah boys not like it jack especially?!

The Gypsy Problem

Okay Broadway Babies, tell me what you think about this. 

In the beginning of Gypsy HISTORICALLY Mama Rose SHOULD be 26ish years old.

By “Rose’s Turn” she should be approximately 38. 


I think we need a solid young Jen Colella, Kate Shindle, Rachel Tucker, Stephy J Block Gypsy Revival. 

I cast Emily Skinner as Rose, and Taylor Louderman as Louise. Funding starts now. 

  • Chloe: Max
  • Chloe: Max
  • Chloe: Max
  • Max: No
  • Chloe: Max
  • Max: I'm in class Chloe
  • Chloe: ...
  • Chloe: Max
  • Max: Fine
  • Chloe: Knock knock
  • Max: Who's there?
  • Chloe: Mary
  • Max: Mary who?
  • Chloe: Marry me, duh!
  • Max: .....
  • Chloe: Max
  • Chloe: Max
  • Chloe: Kate, Max blocked my number tell her to marry me.

tbh i hope kate blocks any of you who decide to message her on fb because this is such an invasion of privacy. like, you guys know how much she likes her privacy and yet here you are posting links to her fb on a public site??? like, go hunt down her profile if you want but don’t share it. that’s so disrespectful.

give me kate/vic. give me vic apologizing in the hospital and kate forgiving her and love blossoming. give me alt!vic standing up for kate bc of her pal max’s good influence. give me ‘save arcadia bay’ vic feeling guilty about chloe bc she was so close to nathan and seeing kate being so kind at the funeral and wanting to be with someone like that. give me every kind of vic realizing kate could redeem her. give me every kind of kate realizing vic will always protect her and lend her confidence when kate can’t find her own.  give me kate/vic in a coffee shop or stuck in an elevator or surviving the storm or going to the drive in. give me kate modeling for vic and vic helping kate with writer’s block. give me vic showing off her goody-two shoes gal to her frozen parents and kate warming up even them. give me pianist vic playing duets with violinist kate. give me nerdy vic introducing kate to anime. give me jewish vic showing kate chanukah and experiencing her first christmas by kate’s side. give me bodyswap shenanigans or childhood friends. give me mutual support and love and trust. give me marshchase.