FemSlash February All your favs are now queer.

This is my second FemSlash February post you can see the first one here http://sergiorex.tumblr.com/post/138666476770/fantastic-lesbians-and-where-to-find-them and future ones here. I will now talk about why some of my favorite characters and maybe your should at least be bi. These are in no particular order except the order that it came to my head. My feelings on these characters are 100% right and any challenge against them is made in vain against the goddess of all things romantic. Without further ado enjoy the gifts I bestow on you my mortal children, may your day be gay as hell.

Kate Bishop: I know a contingent of people get mad about Kate being teased by America about her sexuality and even after reading everything I don’t really personally feel the way they do. I think a bi Kate Bishop needs to be real because America and Kate Bishop are an insanely amazing ship among other things. First off there is just an amazing dynamic between all the power and none of power in many ways. Yet in a very similar way Kate and America both gave up all their power. Kate gave away her money because it was coming from a bad place. America gave up her seat as a princess and her world to protect the multiverse. Even outside of my shipping heart I just feel the biness in her maybe because I connect her to my girlfriend but it’s gotta happen. 

Bayonetta: If Bayonetta and Jeanne were a thing that totally contextualizes Bayonetta 2 to this amazing lesbian love story. Not that the story of a woman going to save her best friend isn’t equally amazing but I think it makes this super sweet story plus it would put one of the highest profile female characters in gaming as one of their few LGBT characters. I mean I read it as gay anyway but I just want it to be canon.

Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman doesn’t need to want to ride Steve Trevor’s D to want to explore the world. She could be curious about the world of man and have him as an excuse. If Steve could become a better person despite knowing he never had a chance with Diana that would make him far more interesting anyway so two characters win. Wonder Woman being straight on an island of all woman, raised from day one on the island of woman, made from clay by a woman from a woman goddess. No way in the universe of possibility would she like men. I am willing to give bi but I mean even that is this insanely unrealistic prospect that indicates the male audience and homophobic nature of publishing.

Raven: The hero from Teen Titans is someone I see beyond simple binary sexuality. Pretty much any non human character in general I don’t see being stuck with the idea of liking one gender exclusively when they shouldn’t even have the same binary concepts of gender made popular by Victorian England. Heteronormative stuff for divine characters is just eh. Raven needs to rock some love.

Shantae: I mean I don’t think they ever actually address her sexuality but I mean #GayShantaeForLife if you know what I’m talking about. Look let’s just be real all the right Shantae ships are with girls anyway so why even bother denying it. I would adore if this was canon in ½ genie hero but I doubt they say something one way or another.

Squirrel Girl: Doreen Green should be pansexual because that would just be amazing to add onto her amazingly cheerful personality. Just like she see’s the best in everyone as people I like to think she could see the best of potential romantic partners regardless of gender.

Pizzazz: The IDW version of Pizzazz would make the coolest lesbian ever. We haven’t seen her really show romantic interest in anyone but I would adore to see a love triangle between Pizzazz, Jerrica and  Rio or something like that. Also read IDW’s Jem and the Holograms comic please.

Naoto: On top of being nonbinary or a trans man I would love to see this Persona 4 hero express attractions across the gender spectrum. I think Naoto should be a canon Pansexual or maybe even just asexual. I don’t see Naoto locked down on any one idea constantly exploring herself seems to be totally in her nature.

Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan being bi would be massive world shattering stuff. Likely not something Marvel would ever be willing to do with potential push back not only from the *not at all homophobic* marvel staff but from readers as well. This is a book given to kids and for some reason people think kids shouldn’t know gay people exist? Anyway it would be amazing and I’d love to see it but I mean I get why it wouldn’t happen I guess.  

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy: I can go like this with anyone who’s queer orientations is not explicitly stated inside their series. The fact is if it isn’t clearly stated in black and white it doesn’t matter what a person says on twitter it may as well have not happened to the the company. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are in love and it’s wonderful. However, this half dipped, sure they are poly and bi we’ll see them go on dates with men but for sure they are doing some stuff on the side. If we have time to see Harley hook up with a hunk we have time to see Harley and Ivy say “We’re in love but just open.”

Everyone Else: I take everyone, I get my gay hands on everything now no more straights exist, goodbye straights. The straights were a lie the whole time, don’t let the Illuminati win. So yah even you, and since you’ve been converted by my post might as well share it and like it. Then follow my blog for new posts every day. 


so I am just curious, Kate says (she has not spoken in an hour, not that this is unusual, hawkeyes believe in the companionable silence of the First Caffeine of the Day)

is it always like this.  bullshit and bruises

–bullet holes– (Clint’s leg really hurts)

and magic, and bullshit,

—that was bullshit twice—

just in general a life for which there is never and will never be enough fucking coffee the morning after?

pretty much, Clint says

… well right on then.  we are out of coffee.

—bullet hole, Clint says.  stairs.  (Clint is not in the mood for stairs.  stairs are not much fun with four good legs, they’re just plain fuckery with two good, one dodgy and one with a bullet hole.) Simone?

Simooooooone. <3