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OMG that interview with Nathan,he's a bless. And that makes me wondering if you could write a castle fic about it? Like Castle makes snuggies for everyone in the Castle household? Or like he makes one for Beckett the first year they work together, and Beckett just can't believe he makes it himself ?

Hi Anon! I hope you like this! :)

Snuggie Love

A post-2x18 ish ficlet

“For you.”

She blinks, staring at him with a blank face, the gift in his outstretched arms ignored for the time being. He makes no move to take the bundle back, though, instead shifting his grip to make it easier to hold onto – just in case they’re here a while.

“What are you talking about?” Beckett asks finally, her brow wrinkling in confusion. “What is this?”

“A gift?” he says, his eyes opening wider. “An object given willingly to someone else without expected repayment; often in celebration of a notable event in the recipient’s life?”

She rolls her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest. “Thanks, Merriam Webster. I know what a gift is. What I don’t know is why you’re giving one to me.”

Another sarcastic response almost rolls of his tongue, but he curbs it, licking his lips and going for honesty instead. “Because you’ve been through a lot recently, and I thought having something comfortable and warm might help make things a little easier as you look for a new place.”

Beckett softens a hair, her eyes darting to the fleece in his hands. “That's… actually kind of sweet, Castle.”

“I know,” he says, allowing his smile to widen when she purses her lips in an attempt to hide hers. “But seriously, I know when your apartment exploded, you lost a lot of the little things like throw pillows and blankets. The comforting stuff. So here’s a piece to start off your replacement collection.”

At long last, she takes the bundle from his hands, trailing soft fingers over the vintage, colorful elephant pattern.

“I made it,” he adds proudly, bouncing on the balls of his feet. Beckett freezes, her eyes lifting to meet his.

“You… made this.”

His head bobs. “Uh huh. It’s really easy once you get the hang of it. I made one for Alexis and one for my mother – though she never uses it – a few years ago, and I made one for myself last winter.”

Beckett nods, looking almost thoughtful for some reason. His fingers itch to reach for her, to brush his thumb over her lower lip before she can pull it between her teeth.

“What?” Rick asks, tilting his head. “Is it the pattern? Because I debated, but I remembered seeing that painting in your old place, and then there are the elephants on your desk, and–”

“No,” she interrupts, flattening her palm against the fleece, protective. “No, the pattern is beautiful, Castle. It’s just… I didn’t know you even knew how to sew.”

“I taught myself after Mother refused to make me an ET Halloween costume. She said I was too old.”

Beckett’s lips purse, her eyes sparkling with something he’s come to recognize as her own eagerness to hear his stories, to know what makes him tick. “How old were you?”

“Thirty-two,” he answers, delighting in the bark of laughter that spills from her mouth. “It was Halloween, Beckett. There was a theme Alexis and I were working with.”

“Sure it was,” she laughs again, shaking her head. After a moment, the mockery falls from her face, leaving a gentle, soft smile on her cheeks.

“Thank you. I can’t believe you made me a blanket.”

Just like that, his anxiety over the gift is siphoned away; she likes it.

“Oh, it’s not a blanket,” he says, watching her eyes narrow in suspicion at the correction. Maybe he should’ve allowed her to discover it on her own, but oh well; the cat’s out of the bag now.

“It’s not?” Beckett asks slowly, studying the fabric in her hands like she’s afraid he’s given her something that might explode. “What is it then?”

“Well it is a blanket, kind of. But that’s not all it is.”

She exhales, dropping her head. “Do I want to know?”

“It’s a Snuggie, Beckett,” he announces, nudging the bundle until it unfurls, the bottom hem nearly touching the floor. “Here, look. These are the sleeves, and I put Velcro on the back so you can close it and it keeps all of you warm. Nobody wants a hospital gown version. And oh! Best part,” he says, manipulating the fleece until she can see the front, “is the pocket. That’s my personal addition to the design. That way you can store your phone, or snacks, or just keep your hands warm while you watch TV.”

“You made me a Snuggie,” she repeats after a long pause. “You made me an actual Snuggie like they sell on late night TV infomercials.”

“Yes? They seem silly, I know, but they’re so comfortable. Once you’re wearing it, you’ll forget that you ever felt ridiculous!”

To his astonishment, instead of shutting him down with a sharp barb, she just laughs. “Somehow I doubt that, but thank you. This really was nice of you. And ET costume or not, I’m still surprised you know how to make something like a Snuggie.”

Rick smiles again, preening a bit harder. “I have many, many talents, Beckett. And I’d be happy to show them all to you, just say the word. Any time, day or night.”

‘Mhmm, I’m sure you would,“ she murmurs, folding the fleece with unexpected care. Once she’s done, she cradles the gift to her chest, regarding him with soft eyes. “See you tomorrow, Castle.”

“See you tomorrow,” he echoes, watching her hoist her bag onto her shoulder and slip away from her desk, never loosening her hold on the fleece.

He can’t be sure, but he’s sure he sees her press her face – and a sweet, shy smile – against the fabric before the elevator doors close.

A/N: I hope you liked this! For anyone curious, this is the interview with Nathan the prompter mentioned. 


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