oceans between us // a caskett playlist

1.oceans/seafret 2.the dumbing down of love/frou frou 3.salted wound/sia 4.oceans/coldplay 5.give me something/seafret 6.thoughts/adna 7.the absence of your company/kim richey 8.hush/dotan 9.dark/luke sital-singh/ 10.repeating/james vincent mcmorrow 11.are we there yet/ingrid michaelson 12.iris/goo goo dolls 13.where i find you/dustin tebbutt

(gorgeous cover art made by behindgreeneyess​)

Question: Do you have any spoilers for Castle you can share with us about some of the changes we can expect to see this season? —Mariana
Ausiello: Molly Quinn’s newly shorn mane is one step in a much larger, more adult makeover for Alexis in Season 7. (Read: Someone may start having a little sex in the city.)
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Beckett’s character is named for both Katharine Hepburn and the playwright Samuel Beckett. “Hepburn to me represents the pinnacle of the strong, smart woman in films,” Marlowe says. “And ‘Beckett’ was a nod to the playwright, a favorite of mine. His gallows humor and often bleak, tragicomic outlook seemed worth a reference in a dramedy about murder.”  - Andrew Marlowe explaining the genesis of Katherine Houghton Beckett