kate auste

she walks towards him saying "my mom used to say this"…"she used to say this about the man *she* loved. He was a monster, Jack." and now she is standing right in front of him…and she's breathing so hot against his skin, and his breathing is suddenly getting harder. "and I never could understand how my mother could love a man like that. How anyone could love someone as horrible as him." "I always told myself I would never be like her. Never let *him* or anyone like him make my life hell. I could never accept what my mother accepted."…and she's so fucking close to him right now, she's basically breathing him in…and of course Jack doesn't know what to do with himself because just being in the same room as her usually drives him insane, this is KILLING him. it's taking everything in him not to grab her and kiss her senseless. "No one should love a monster like him, right Jack?" Jack nods, or tries to nod, his head doing a weird bobbing thing, as he tries to maintain his composure. "That's right, no one can love a monster..."

a small snippet from a new fic I’m writing :D