kate argent & derek hale

There are two absolute truths I believe when it comes to Teen Wolf
  • 1: Derek Hale is a sexual abuse/rape survivor from Kate and Jennifer and deserved a better storyline
  • 2: Stiles Stilinski is bisexual af
My Immortal

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Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairings: Derek x Reader

Warnings: Angst, unrequited love

A/N: I was listening to ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence and came up with this.

Part Two

You sat in the darkness of your room, your eyes swollen shut from crying. There was nothing left, not with him, your best friend. You were there for him through everything, the good and the bad, always by his side no matter the choice he made.

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*me watching the teen wolf trailer*
  • me: Lydia yes boo
  • me: okay Liam. He's pretty cool
  • me: eh I guess Parrish is okay
  • me: Melissa and Argent ;))
  • me: okay some bad guys alright *shrugs*
  • me: Ethan and Jackson *smirks* *cries bc Aiden*
  • me: lol is Allison next? *sobs quietly*
  • me: Kate?? Maybe ??
  • me: *sits and watches all 1:51 seconds*
  • me: okay,, but, like where,,.,.. is... ISSAC FUCKING LAHEY.

Title: Study Secession

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Warnings: pure smut, oral, spanking, kink, sexual intercourse, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), pure filth.

Authors Note: this took forever, but well worth it.

You were meeting Scott at his house since you had several siblings and your house was always rather loud. After getting out of your car, you gathered your books into your arms and straightened out your rather short black skirt and your v-neck shirt that hugged your bust, complimenting every curve. You’d always been interested in Scott, even before he was popular and a werewolf… but Allison Argent came along and suddenly, you weren’t that important anymore.

But with Allison interested in Isaac Lahey and no longer dating Scott, you were hoping it was your turn. After straightening up, you started walking to the front door, stepping onto the porch to be greeted with the front door opening right away. “Y/N!” Scott smiled, beckoning you in the house. “Come on in!” You smiled sheepishly, nodding as you could feel yourself getting nervous and gripping your books tighter, praying that Scott wasn’t listening to your heartbeat.

Sitting on his couch, you smiled at Scott. “Let’s start with Algebra, shall we?” Scott nodded, digging his own books out. As you opened your book, the pencil you held in your hand hit the book and landed out of your grasp and onto the floor.

“Shoot.” You cursed, setting your book aside and standing up from the couch awkwardly, bending down to reach it from underneath the coffee table. As you bent down, you could feel your skirt rising up a little, showing off your black lacey thong that barely hid anything, smirking when you felt Scott’s eyes on you. “Come on,” you faked annoyance, deciding to tease Scott further and get down on your hands and knees. You could’ve reached it right away just standing up and bending down, but you were really aching to get a piece of the famous Scott McCall. “Ah-ha!” You grinned, gripping the pencil and shaking your bum a little before slowly getting up off the floor.

Sitting on the couch, you smiled innocently at Scott. “Shall we begin?” His face was beat red, flushed with embarrassment, but his eyes told another story. Lust filled. They were dark, his brown eyes almost black. You knew you were playing with the bull and you were more than ready for the horns… well, rather the claws. Scott just nodded, sitting next to you as you began to explain an algebraic expression to him.

“And X equals Y,” you finished, smiling proudly as you explained the last problem on the second page, one more left.

“Thanks,” Scott said quietly, taking the set of notes from your hand as you began to explain the next set. As you were explaining, a hand landed on your right thigh, sliding upwards towards your upper thigh.

“What are you doing?” You asked, surprised and flushed. You hadn’t expected Scott to be so straightforward. You could feel yourself getting aroused as Scott rubbed circles on your thigh, smirking.

“You knew what your were doing earlier, Y/N.” Scott purred, biting your earlobe lightly. “You were a naughty girl, Kitten.”

You swallowed. “S-Scott?”

Scott’s smirk widened at your racing heartbeat. “Oh, c'mon sweetheart, you know you want it.” His fingers brushed your clothed core, igniting a fire you hadn’t realized you had.

“Scott!” You moaned, hips grinding out to try and create friction against his hand.

“Kitten,” Scott warned taking his hand away. “I want you to strip.” He demanded.

You nodded, standing from the couch and slowly taking your shirt off, your breasts jiggling as you did. Scott gulps at the sight of you. You smirk, deciding to tease him even more. Your hands caress your curves, slipping down the curves of your body and slowly stripping your skirt from you. You stand in front of Scott, wearing nothing but your black lacey thong and matching bra. “Scott…” you moaned, biting your lip. As you were slipping your hand down into your panties, eyes closed, you suddenly find yourself shoved against the nearest wall and your hands held above your head, Scott glaring down at you.

“Only Daddy gets to touch your princess parts,” he growls, eyes flashing red. You were slightly taken back. You were only a tease, you hadn’t expected Scott to react like this… especially that Daddy kink. As you keep eye contact with Scott, his eyes glance down at your breasts and then your lips and you find yourself keening for a kiss.

“Daddy…” you moan, licking your bottom lip. That was the last straw, all self control Scott had was out the window. Crushing his lips to yours, Scott gives a bruising kiss to your lips, licking and nipping. Scott nips your lower lip, begging for entrance.

“Baby girl,” he growled. You giggled as one of Scott’s hand gripped your rear end and you find Scott’s tongue in your mouth, wrestling yours for dominance. Of course, Scott wins. After all, you were the vulnerable one here. You whimper as Scott let’s go of your hands, taking his and pushing down the cups of your bra underneath your rather large breasts, pinching and pulling your nipples, smirking as he pulls way from the kiss to see the nipples peaked. Scott goes behind your back, undoing the clasp of your bra, watching as you slid it off, your own hands going to your breasts and playing with them.

“Do you want me, Daddy?” You asked, innocently. But you were everything but. “Do you want to fuck me so hard I can’t walk tomorrow? Do you want your baby girl to scream for you? Want me to cum until I can’t take it anymore? Want me cumming all over your pretty cock?” You moaned, glancing down at his prominent erection hah was straining against the zipper of his jeans. You glanced back at him. “Fuck. Me. Daddy.”

You squeaked as your picked up off the floor, ass slapped and thrown onto the couch. Scott leans down, ripping your thong off and instantly going for the prize. “Your so wet, baby girl.” Scott whimpers, his fingers caressing your wetness. “Do you want Daddy?” You nodded, whimpering as his pointer finger swirled your clit. “Where do you want me? Use your words, baby girl.”

You whimpered as his rubbing got harder and you felt your back arch. “I want you there.”

“Where?” Scott smirked, rubbing faster and harder against your clit.

“I want you eating my pussy, Daddy! I want your fingers and mouth on my pretty pussy and eating me!” You exclaimed, whimpering and moaning. Squealing as Scott instantly dives in and starts to nip, lick, and suck everywhere, leaving you into a whimpering mess.

“M-More!” You moaned, hips lifting off the couch and grinding into Scott’s face. “D-Daddy!”

Scott groaned against your pussy, sticking two fingers into your pussy, using a come hitter motion, hitting your spot. You were seeing stars with Scott’s fingers and tongue, moaning and whimpering, the verge of screaming. “C-c-close!” You could barely form the words, back arched completely off the couch.

Scott pulled back, smirking at you as you were completely lost in the oblivion of pleasure. “Cum, baby girl, cum for daddy!” Scott encouraged, hitting your spot in just the right way, you cum screaming.


As you come back down from your high, Scott is already lined up at your core, ready to fuck. “Fuck me, Daddy.” Scott shoves in hard and you cry out in pleasure and pain. He puts his head in the crook of your neck, not bothering to wait for you to adjust. He moans at the feeling of your tight, warm cunt all around his nine inch and rather thick cock.

“Daddy’s gonna fuck you real good,” he teases, gripping your hips and setting a punishing pace, the sounds of your moans and slaps of skin-hitting-skin echoing throughout the living room. You were really praying that Melissa wouldn’t come home early.

“Oh, Daddy. Daddy! Fuck me harder, Daddy! Fuck me harder!” He pounds into you harder, deeper, faster. You scream as you reach your thigh-shaking, earth-shattering, mind-boggling orgasm. Scott’s thrusts begin to become uneven and sloppy, groaning into your neck as he reaches his climax, gripping your breasts tightly as he sucks a spot on your collarbone. You feel him groan as your hips buck underneath him, over sensitive.

Lifting his head, Scott pulls out gently, watching as his cum drips from your pussy. Leaning down, Scott instantly licks your pussy, cleaning it. “Mmmmm, Daddy.” You moan, running a hand through his hair and tugging. Scott’s tongue slowly comes to a stop and he get up and picks you up, setting you on his lap as he sits on the couch.

“Good girl.” He praises, kissing you on the head. “Should’ve done this sooner.” The both of you look at each other and giggle, curling up on the couch before his mom came home.