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Like if you post about these.

• A Modern Faerie Tale.
(Kaye\Roiben, Val\Ravus, Luis\Corny)

• Beautiful Creatures.
(Liv\John, Macon\Lila, Ridley\Link, Lena\Ethan)

• Divergent.
(Marlene\Uriah, Shauna\Zeke)

• Doll Bones.

• Hunger Games.
(Katniss\Peeta, Annie\Finnick, Gale\Johanna, Effie\Haymitch)

• Magisterium.

• Red, Blue, Green.
(Gwen\Gideon, Leslie\Raphael)

• Red Riding Hood.

• The Awakening Series.
(Helen\Lucas, Hector\Andy, Orion\Cassandra, Noel\Castor)

• The Bane Chronicles.
(Raphael\Ragnor, Catarina\Ragnor)

• The Books of the Beginning.
(Kate\Rafe, Michael\Wilamena, Hugo\Magda)

• The Coldest Girl in Coldtown.
(Tana\Gavriel, Lucien\Elizabeth, Valentina\Jameson)

• The Dark Artifices.
(Emma\Julian, Kieran\Mark)

• The Host.

• The Infernal Devices.
(Cecily\Gabriel, Henry\Charlotte, Will\Tessa, Gideon\Sophie)

• The Land of Stories.
(Bree\Conner, Red\Froggy, Jack\Goldilocks)

• The Mortal Instruments.
(Magnus\Alec, Simon\Isabelle, Helen\Aline, Jocelyn\Luke)

• Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy.
(Jon\Marisol, George\Julie)

• The Selection.
(Maxon\America, Ean\Hale, Eadlyn\Eikko)

• The Vampire Diaries.
(Damon\Elena, Alaric\Meredith, Bonnie\Xander)

• The Worldwalker Trilogy.
(Lily\Rowan, Lilian\Rowan, Caleb\Elias)

Teen Wolf 4x02: 117

Open on Baby!Derek freaking out in the locker room.

Flash forward to just the original 3 taking care of Derek.

Lydia’s gonna stay w/ Derek and take care of him & Stiles isn’t ok with that. He isn’t gonna leave her!

Lydia isn’t scared of anything!

Lydia & Kira are in Lydia’s car. That’s supposed to be Allison! & for a second there I thought it was.

Lydia’s a good friend. I want a friend like Lydia.

Lydia’s finding the dead bodies. AGAIN.

Stiles knows the answer to the teacher’s question.

Stiles’ wink!

Stiles is SO gonna grow up to be a cop!

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