kate a

So BTS just did an interview within which Namjoon referred to them being sad about ‘not having a boyfriend or girlfriend’. He may well have been referring to people in general but the interviewer followed up by saying ‘You mentioned about wanting boyfriends or girlfriends’ and there was absolutely no reaction from them or anything. I know it seems insignificant but I just want to talk about this for a second.

With me, and I know a lot of other LGBTQ+ people too, there’s always this thought in the back of your mind when you make new friends or even when you get into certain artists. If they’re not outwardly supportive or active in LGBT issues there’s this constant worry that one day they’ll say something or do something and just turn out to be homophobic. It’s happened to me a few times where I’ve made friends or got into artists and one day they say something awful and it fucking hurts. A lot. All of a sudden your whole perception of this person is ruined and someone you thought was awesome turns out to actually not at all respect your existence??? And it’s always made me put up a guard with people. And I know it sounds so fucking stupid and overdramatic because they’re just a group or whatever but if you are someone who loves music and musicians you do get attached to the artist and the idea of them in your head and it can be really upsetting. So having him say that and having them not have any sort of reaction or funny comment about the boyfriend point just feels like a fucking weight being lifted. It’s really reassuring to know that they probably are on your side and that you aren’t supporting someone who doesn’t support you.

Anyway sorry for ranting about such a tiny thing but its 1AM and I’ve been having weird feelings about LGBTQ+ stuff and this just put a little spring in my step so I thought I’d share it. Peace.