30 some Kate books, 2 about Connecticut including one by her sister and brother in law, a few with her that includes other actresses, 3 about Spencer (which she is obviously included in), The African Queen & Keeper of the Flame, a handful of Kate magazines, + other old Hollywood related magazines. This took forever to organize. Everything is KHep – I wouldn’t have it any other way. 💕

This concept seemed a lot funnier to me at the time.

Insert jokes about “Chloe is exactly where she wants to be - between Max’s legs, or under a big pile of girls” here.  And, of course, Queen Vicky needs to be on top!

Based partly on this YouTube video, and partly on this recent set on Munadoodlesnonsense.

Alternate gfycat version:  http://gfycat.com/NextDefiniteAngora