katchihe art


This chick right here rocks the #HeavyMetal cruisin’ with @IzzyR3d_Flower #LoveMyFriends #Selfies #Hangout #FridayVibes

A small W.I.P! It’s called Spacegram and Lance has over 350K followers from across the galaxy

Colored doodle <3
Papa!Tails with Rayday who is one needy chao =___=;;
(For real…if he’s not sleeping, he’s right after Tails looking for affection x’’D)

So I colored the sketch ^u^)/

Story behind the piccu apart from me having the urge to draw Dragonite in class is that Mr. Elite Four Lance is heading off to the league, before he leaves however he wants to say good-bye to his little girl, while he searches for his Dragonite that he can’t find x’D he passes through the balcony to spot a giant shadow, which by then he guesses is his Dragonite x'3 when he walks out he gets the scare of a life time~

Of course Dragonite would never ever harm her x’)

Silver: You were watching me, Topaz. Yeah that’s right! I never thought defeating five Kimono Girls would be so hard….I got beaten to a pulp….Don’t get cocky just because you defeated Team Rocket! These Kimono Girls are insanely strong! Go ahead! But I’m not going back….I don’t want to see you win….


That was when Silver’s character started to crush my soul ;;n;;


Topaz/Misfortune/Doodle © Me/Katchihe

Silver/Pokémon © Satoshi Tajiri/Nintendo

Haven’t drawn anything in a while :’T until today~!!

So here have some Silver with his Typhlosion <33 Silver doesn’t look at all amused that he has to dress like that xD but he is certainly rocking that fiery jacket C;