myopicfriend  asked:

how do you get your gifs so perfect and crisp and clear? care to share any quick pointers? Thanks!!

#1: Properly sizing the image may have an affect. Has Tumblr fixed the whole “our default is edge-to-edge images on posts but we resize them anyway and it all looks like trash” issue? I have no idea. I have a script plug-in that make it so there’s still white bars on things. (Stylish + “Fix New Tumblr Photo Widths”). SO I still use the 500 pixel width for full-sized gifs, 245 for two-ups, 160 for three.

Anyway, never ever ever ever let Tumblr upsize your gifs because it looks terrible. So like, don’t do a one-row 400 pixel gif because it’ll be stretched to 500, etc.

#2: Sharpening. There are different tutorials to follow based upon what version of Photoshop you are using and what it is capable of. Back when I used CS5, I had to use a script. This is the tutorial I followed. If, however, you have a version of PS with the Timeline window, you’re in for a way easier time.

Mini tutorial under the break because of pictures:

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itsourparis  asked:

*prods* pssssst i think u should teach me how to colour so epically bc your colouring is so perf and i'm so shit and damn it how do u do all the textures and shadow and akjshss i mean if it's not too much trouble of course it's just that i admire your work very much especially your colouring i like your colouring yus :3 *rolls away*

SO FUNNILY ENOUGH I saw your reblog and was like “I wonder if I should do a coloring thing”. Then I was joking with my (former) roommates this morning that I can tell where my followers are from based on the “ou” so I’m like “COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR”. This means nothing; just that I took a semester of linguistics and love etymology.

Anyway: I work with what I can do. Like. Shit. I can’t do this. Painting-painting is one of my weaker areas which is a shame because it looks pretty and I like it and people like it. Ah well, practice makes perfect and all, so maybe someday I can pull that off.

I doooon’t really know how to explain how I do things? So I’m going to like, break things down in step-by-step picture form and just kinda work with that:

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