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Getting Started with Markers (specifically Prismacolors)

Yeeeeeep. Marker seems to be this daunting medium that benefits from having some sort of “starting guide” for that very reason. Zero technique is talked about here, this is all about supplies. And because of that, this probably works for most brands of markers, Prisma or otherwise.


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So I got bored today. Nabbed some spice tins, made this pair of goggles at a cost of $4 to me (since I had all the other materials lying around). Hopefully I’ll get them spiffed up within the next week, but in the meantime…perhaps someone will find this useful? Or at least a fun craft? XD


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How I Get Glowy Colored Lines
I forgot to mention that this works better if the original lineart is colored something other than black. Anyhow - here’s one of my weird and convoluted techniques that others may be interested in playing around with. Here is the piece used in the tutorial, to give a better idea of how it looks as a whole.

myopicfriend asked:

how do you get your gifs so perfect and crisp and clear? care to share any quick pointers? Thanks!!

#1: Properly sizing the image may have an affect. Has Tumblr fixed the whole “our default is edge-to-edge images on posts but we resize them anyway and it all looks like trash” issue? I have no idea. I have a script plug-in that make it so there’s still white bars on things. (Stylish + “Fix New Tumblr Photo Widths”). SO I still use the 500 pixel width for full-sized gifs, 245 for two-ups, 160 for three.

Anyway, never ever ever ever let Tumblr upsize your gifs because it looks terrible. So like, don’t do a one-row 400 pixel gif because it’ll be stretched to 500, etc.

#2: Sharpening. There are different tutorials to follow based upon what version of Photoshop you are using and what it is capable of. Back when I used CS5, I had to use a script. This is the tutorial I followed. If, however, you have a version of PS with the Timeline window, you’re in for a way easier time.

Mini tutorial under the break because of pictures:

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claras-12 asked:

*prods* pssssst i think u should teach me how to colour so epically bc your colouring is so perf and i'm so shit and damn it how do u do all the textures and shadow and akjshss i mean if it's not too much trouble of course it's just that i admire your work very much especially your colouring i like your colouring yus :3 *rolls away*

SO FUNNILY ENOUGH I saw your reblog and was like “I wonder if I should do a coloring thing”. Then I was joking with my (former) roommates this morning that I can tell where my followers are from based on the “ou” so I’m like “COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR”. This means nothing; just that I took a semester of linguistics and love etymology.

Anyway: I work with what I can do. Like. Shit. I can’t do this. Painting-painting is one of my weaker areas which is a shame because it looks pretty and I like it and people like it. Ah well, practice makes perfect and all, so maybe someday I can pull that off.

I doooon’t really know how to explain how I do things? So I’m going to like, break things down in step-by-step picture form and just kinda work with that:

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“How do folds”. I don’t know. I tried. Also sorry for the watermark dealio.

If you want me to draw more stuff, send an ask.