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Instead of a Fun Fact Friday, I thought I would finally share the Squirtle variations that are canon for NOICE world! Breed variations don’t really exist for Squirtle, which are now restricted to training facilities to distribute as starters to trainers who passed the certification exam (like with Bulbasaur and Charmander).

Do you have a favorite? I love all my Squirtle children equally, so I’m afraid I can’t pick just one. (//coughs the special defense one)

Also? Color?? What is this???

Magikarp variations

Margaret (”Mag”) Gables - 27.

Personality: Not Really a Bad Gal but Really Tall and also loves cigars

“A fight, huh? I guess I’ve got nothin’ better to do.”

“The R stands for … uh …”

“Got a light? C’mon, man. I’m dying here.”

“I don’t care much for this job, but at least it pays the bills. Nah, just kidding. It doesn’t even do that.”

“’To protect the world from  …’ How does it go again?”

“Oh, right. The R stands for Really Tired of Your Shit.”


I’m probably too late BUT I took a break from finals to at least enjoy drawing Mag in a Rocket uniform, even if @pettyartist doesn’t need anymore. (But here’s another grunt if you want one!)

Mag’s tall and strong and is the bouncer/guard type. She doesn’t have a lot of motivation to work for Team Rocket and doesn’t have a lot of loyalty for them. Should the opportunity arise, she would ditch them in a heartbeat if a chance for something better came up.

also hi mag it’s been a while


Here’s Pikachu, whose name keeps on changing. I think I’ve settled on Sparklesqueak for now.

The best thing about catching a Pikachu in X and Y for me – since the last time I had a Pikachu was in Yellow – is being able to evolve this glass cannon–

Er … well, not even a glass cannon. Glass flyswatter, maybe?

The good news is that he’s finally learned Thunder, and he’s all badass as a Raichu. All’s well that ends well.

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