Second I and Third from my diary “Sen”:

Second are personification of strenght, self-confidence, nasty behaviour. She acts blameworthy and like urges me to evil for fun, even she knows that I will do not do this. She is with me always, trying to warn me from bad people, to protect me. Not always able to do this fully, because she is just patchwork of feelings.
Third is love, weakness, goodness. She very often cries and is lost, I can’t find her. Second sometimes hits her and pulls her hair because Third is a pussy. She hugs me and comfort, clogging my ears from gyps.
I created them to get an interesting literary effect in describing my story. I wore my feelings in two separated human forms who accompanied me in certain situations.
Here they are very stylized, in a diary the Second looks just like me with short hair, and the Third has straight long hair.

tools: mechanical pencil


Work from the previous semester drawn on classes with very sexist professor who don’t like women.
It is always very inspiring to look at all the outraged faces of ppl.

Artwork is about two imaginary characters from my personal diary. I’m mixing there a little bit reality with fiction.

I call them Second and Third (Druga i Trzecia) in Polish translation.

mechanical pencil HB on xero paper


Heart and Lungs

design for graphics classes

This summer I start to be interested in massage techniques. Thus I studying human organs, muscles, bones, later cells, diseases etc. Everything what I can find in internet ofc. I’m not educated in that like someone after medicine school, but I try to get into medical aspects fully to can see what is under the skin in bodies which we live on this world.

Will be maken probably in wet varnish technique which will give the opportunity to preserve the pencil lines.
I’m doing a diploma from workshop graphic in next year

Order for mother’s customer :)

The main character of “The Birth of Venus” from Sandro Botticelli
It is very simple, but I really don’t want to over-egg this work based on masterpiece of Botticelli. I add a lot of my style and I changed the character in my own style lady. I does not criticize in this way a symbol of beauty. The Birth of Venus are amazing artwork what sets standards in the arts, my work is just simple inspiration. Please respect that, thank you.

Tools: W&N Cotman paper, mechanical pencil, watercolours brand Petersburg White Nights and coffee painting, crayons, gold ink.