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Here’s what I like to call the legacy tomes - Micaiah’s Pyre, Katarina’s Bolt, and Celica’s Gale! Micaiah’s Pyre gives a boost to both Defense and Resistance, Katarina’s Bolt has a high critical hit rate, and Celica’s Gale allows the user to always hit at least twice. These tomes can be found in shining spots on the battlefield and can be bought from Micaiah, Katarina, and Celica’s SpotPass teams! Only a few more tomes left to go!

Others can be found here -

Thunder, Elthunder, Arcthunder, and Thoron

Fire, Elfire, Arcfire, and Bolganone

Wind, Elwind, Arcwind, and Rexcalibur

Flux, Nosferatu, Ruin, and Waste

Mjölnir, Valflame, Excalibur, and Forseti

Dying Blaze, Superior Jolt, and Wilderwind

anonymous asked:

You rang? M!A: Kitty Katarina! With a cute little bell-collar too~!

//I KNOW IT’S YOU TYBY !! Well ok then you have it !

The first thing Katarina asked herself after the magic turned her into  a kitten was why her furr was as white as snow.

//You can try to pet the kitten at your own risks. Her claws are still sharp !

I’ll keep on answering to all my current RP threads though. You can send me non-M!A related asks, I’ll answer them afterwards.