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Kaplan’s Arc Conclusion Predictions

Liz asks in Dembe Zuma “Can the score be even now. Can this be over?” I don’t know about everyone else, but she was definitely speaking for me. I have no idea how they will choose to end this arc but one thing is obvious: Kaplan is obviously not going to succeed in killing Red.  To me the Blacklist, despite its darker moments is a show about love and redemption. I’d very much hope the writers are going to spare us having to watch Kaplan die. A few possibilities occur to me that would fit this bill:

1) Liz talks Kaplan down from killing Red. This would be acceptable, but not my favorite way this ends.

2) Katarina appears at the last minute to save Red from Kaplan. This to me would be better, because KATARINA, but still not my favorite.

3) Liz convinces Red to spare Kaplan and he lets her go. My preference. We had to suffer through Red making the WRONG choice in 4x02. Even he knew it was wrong. I’d like Red to have learned his lesson and show some character growth.

4) Katarina appears and convinces Red not to kill Kaplan. Mixed feelings. Katarina reappearing would be awesome, but Liz is Red’s North Star. I’d prefer she pointed him the right way home.

What do you think?

Quick notes about The Blacklist - Mr Kaplan and Conclusion

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been writing anything for a long time bu really couldn’t resist the negativity and desperation some of us already accepted like destiny..

My dear #Lizzington Shippers, please first read and then, watch the episode again.

* Lizzie thinks Red is the dad, but Dembe said “You didn’t deny it?”
So “Red” we know is not Lizzie’s dad✌️

** Tom is back😒
He’s got the “suitcase” and he knows more than we do. He is deeper than we know. I haven’t liked TK a bit ever! But now I have to watch Redemption to see if I could get any clues… 😳

*** The bones kept inside of the suitcase tagged to be sent to Elizabeth Keen might belong to 1)Katarina 2)Real Red

Bc the DNA was taken from the bloody shirt; not the glass in Montreal or fresh from Red’s veins

If they wanna wrap the story in Season 5 and then call it off, they have to reveal st least either the DNA incompatibility between Red’s fresh taken blood and the bloody shirt or Red’s frezh taken blood and Lizzie in the first half of S5 and then focus on whatever they wanna lead the show through.. Lizzie will definitely stand beside Red. “Being a family” matters to her BUT we clearly saw that- without knowing about the DNA test- she already chose Red over Kaplan. She chose Red’s truth/words over Kaplan’s untold truth.. After the last hiatus we had, she wasn’t b*tchy as always but though she kept a distance, she was supportive and calm with Red more than ever🙏❤️ The only rule broken here was now Red lied to Lizzie bc the circumstances required that as she would be safer.

Please just consider above mentioned lines and see them in the episode you watch.

My other friends wrote similar things, too bc we all watched the same episode and all we’re saying like one mouth is out there. Just look🙏😇

Thank you 👏🚢

[SG verse] Day 2

On one night, Lux felt a strange presence lurking nearby, something fueled with what she could indentify as magic. Before she could spot the sinister frame sitting on a roof a few meters above, the new troublemaker spoke with a cheeky voice Lux could instantly recognize:

“Ho hello, star guardian”


Hello again! I’m “deadBatter” - russian cosplayer and propmaker

today I’ve gathered all my cosplay tests and finished cosplay into these two pics
also I’ve got all links and added them to description so If you want to see more of specific cosplay - just click the number in brackets(1 - oldest post,10 - most recent post. so you can see how that cosplay was changing)
there you can see pictures, gifs and videos! have fun)

so picture one - cosplay tests(left to right):
male!Aradia -  pics(1)
male!Terezi -  pics(1
insane clown posse Gamzee
Dammek(antler troll) - pics(1)
Tavros -  pics(1)
male!Kanaya -  pics(1) gifs(1)
hipsterstuck Jake -  pics(1)
nightclub John - gifs(1)
Bro - pics(1 2)

so picture two - finished cosplay(left to right):
Jake - pics(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) gifs(1)
Dave  -  pics(1 2)
Bro  -  pics(1 2)
male!Vriska  -  pics(1 2 3) gifs(1)
male!Aranea  -  pics(1 2) gifs(1 2)
Gamzee  -  pics(1 2 3 4) gifs(1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Kurloz -  pics(1)
Eridan  -  pics(1 2) vids(1)
Cronus  -  pics(1 2)
male!Marquise  -  pics(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12) vids(1)

also here you can find links to my crafts:
treasure chest
Dave Strider timetables (1 2)
HORNS(1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
pointy ears(1 2)
katarina blades(1 2 3 4)
glasses -  pics(1)
phone charms  -  pics(1)
clocks  -  pics(1)

quite big work, yeah?


The Blacklist - Raymond Reddington about Liz’s parents and the night of the fire (3x14 and 1x22)


For me the story looks the following way:

1) Liz’s father takes Liz from her mother (in my opinion to the US) and Katarina follows them there. So the fire happened in US. /Haven’t been said directly, just my interpretation./

2) During the argument between her parents, Liz shots her father and he dies.

3) I know Red’s story in 1x22 started with “The way Sam told the story”, but I don’t think it is a lie. Again, not proven. In that case Liz was taken to Sam the night of the fire. 

4) Liz’s mother was still alive and staying in the US. She went to Cape May (to die?), which isn’t too far from Takoma Park, Maryland where Reddington was supposed to live with his family. (I don’t know if that is important or not.)


Was Reddington in contact with Katarina during those 2 months? For me the “Your mother was never the same again.” comment means he was. 

Who took Liz to Sam? If Red got those burn marks on his back that night , I doubt he was able to take Liz anywhere with those severe injuries. Plus if he was the friend who was in danger, how did that danger disappear in way that he was able to carry on living as before? 

This conversation from 3x14 is a very clear clue for me that shows Reddington didn’t disappear at the night of the fire. He was still around for at least two months, if he knows how Katarina was feeling during that time. If he was running for his life, or had to disappear, I think he wouldn’t have the chance to keep contact with her like that.