katarina 2

Cape May

What an absolutely wonderful episode. I still think Lizzy will be back but this proved I can watch Spader be The Blacklist‬ if necessary. But re the episode. A drug addled Red comes to grips with a number of things. First off I think in his drugged stupor in the opium den he is going over every detail of Lizzy’s death. As we all do when we deeply mourn someone who has died. But in Red’s case I wonder if it will eventually lead to him figuring something out. But back to what we learned from the episode: 1. Tom is not going to let Red near Agnes. Red thought about killing Tom on the spot, but did not. 2. Katarina was not a blond. Nobody except fans ever said she was blond, but anyway… 3. Red may or may not have cared for Katarina. It was not clear in this episode. Oh and BTW….the little lie down on the floor was Red attemptng to warm her and his bodies after a dip in 40 degree ocean. Anyone with eyes will see how he lite fires, turned up the thermo, spooned next to Katarina.These are all clear indications that this was not a romantic tryst. But I know there wil lbe ppl who think otherwise no matter. 4. Red loved Lizzy *as a woman* very, very deeply. His life. His heart. I may never recover from that line. Lizzington lives…at least on Red’s side. 5. Red has carried great guilt with him for over 20 years that he could not save both Katarina and Masha. 6. This guilt has now been lifted. And…I have always thought that Lizzy was the key to Red’s redemption. But no, it was *Red* who was the key all along. He had to forgive himself and really, really, really accept that he had made the correct decision. 7. If Red and Katarina were a team at one time…spy team or whatever, they worked well together. If only he and Lizzy could have worked together so well…But maybe some day. 8. Spader. What can I say. Spader carried this entire episiode on his shoulders. And did so beyond well. A masterpiece. This is Emmy and Golden Globe worthy work. 9. Ditto for the writing of the episode. Daniel Knauf put all those wonderful words into the mouths of the actors. Also Emmy worthy work. I think a masterpiece. What’s next on TBL? Red is about to go on a mission. I think to save Agnes maybe? Maybe also to get to those who were after Lizzy. Maybe (I hope) to find his Lizzy again.

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The team list has been updated. 

Team 1: Knee (Bryan), Narakhof (Paul), NaengMyun Sungin (Katarina)

Team 2: Ji3Moon Ace (Kazuya), Malgu (Law), Help Me (Dragunov)

Team 3: Triple H (King), Hao (Feng), Chanel (Lili)

Team 4: Hankuma (Leo), JDCR (Heihachi), Saint (Shaheen)

**Alisa will not be available in this build, because of Korean censorship. 

**Only Practice has been replaced with Triple H

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