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12 MONKEYS: 3x05-3x07: Rambling on a lotta TimeStuff…

A write-up on mess of 12 MONKEYS happenings and possibilities from the night 2 of season 3, so, episodes 5 thru 7. 

A transcript of and reflection on Jennifer’s creative struggles in 1920s Paris from night 1…

12 MONKEYS: 3x02: Guardians: Catching up w/Jennifer Goines…

For some scattin’ on some of night 1′s time tech…

12 MONKEYS: 3x01-3x04: Time Vests & Titan…

For some scattin’ on night 2′s Project Charon…

12 MONKEYS: 3x05-3x07: Project Charon?


DEACON: Does Jones know you brought back a paradox in a half shell?

Jennifer brought egg Terry thru from the past to meet chicken Terry. She went as far as having them get pretty much face to face and create paradox sparks. Turtles are so long-lived, could they make up what they lack in human-like consciousness with long life and qualify for Primaries of their own? Gears that turn for Turtle Time alongside Human Time?

Why would he be a Doomsday Turtle, you ask? Because it’s him that causes the destruction of Raritan National Labs? Did you see young Terry while Jennifer was engaged with her visions and drawings? He was making a (super-slow) beeline for his older self.

I’m hoping that the Terry-dox saves everyone from a more horrific fate, or ends up being part of Katarina’s Project Charon, which ends up being both an escape plan *and* a trap for their enemies.


Are there only four Time Vests in Titan? Magdalena and Hockley seem very ready to be active, aggressive protectors. Lucinda and Mr. Maths-n-History less so, although they did arm themselves to confront Jones and Cole in 1922. With the directive that vests are only to be used in the service of the protection of the Witness, I want to believe that all of the Guardians must have pledged to push the reset button (which includes Remainder Disposal) should the need arise.

So far, tho, we’ve only seen Mags do it, right? And then we saw Cassie kill Mags outside Monkey Mansion in 1953. Lucinda was killed in the Witness Wake revival tent. Hockley was killed by Hannah. That leaves Teach, who managed to Vest away with Athan despite his bullet holes. Teacher of the Year!

Guardian pledge or not, I doubt that Teach splintered to execute a reset. Partly because he may not have had presence of mind in that state—escape would be tip-top priority, and partly because I think he’d be pleased to have the Witness free of Magdalena’s Granny Goodness influence. Where and when Teach would take Athan? Well, perhaps he’s aligned with Malick, who reconstructed Deacon and helped Cassandra. Maybe he’s one of the Titan Fifth Column, and has a designated spatio-temporal safe house to go to.


—A bitchier Cassandra =)

Okay—nitpicking here, but man! Those vests are TOO easy to use, aren’t they? Did Future Asshole slip a manual into Cole’s pocket in the post-apoc Emerson lobby? Did he pass it on to Cassie? Or did Katarina train everyone on the vest’s use after analyzing and testing—beyond the simple once-over we get to see and hear?

But, thank Time they ARE easy to use, right? Cuz Lucinda’s vest gets Cass and Cole out of the Wake gas chamber, and to Monkey Mansion. And in the fight outside said Mansion, Cassandra gets the best of Evil Annie Lennox by pressing a button.

I mean, really, shouldn’t that be coded? Or have a child-proof cap? =)


Crazy impossible thought—Deacon does not find himself in the Word of the Witness or Jennifer’s Primary visions because he is intentionally hidden. Why? HE IS THE WITNESS!

Heh. If only, cuz—dayumn! =)

No, unlikely. Not impossible, of course—it’s 12 MONKEYS, people!—but unlikely. More likely, I’m thinking that he IS intentionally hidden/obscured but as a wild or hidden card, to be played at the right time. For whose side or gain? Well, I can’t be certain, but I do have a favorite possibility…

Malick. When Deacon confronts Olivia about how he’s missing from her boss’s memoirs, she needles him a bit, identifies him as a “fellow” “lost soul” in search of purpose…

DEACON: I am not a god damned Red Shirt! I have a purpose!
OLIVIA: You wanna know your purpose? Ask yourself—what were you made to be?

I’m gonna take that literally, and maybe take “made” as “re-made.” We saw a montage of Malick-Desaad’s surgical work on Deacon, post-Titan-rumble, but I wonder if certain details and procedures were left out. Could technology have been implanted in him? Could he have been mentally programmed while captive and healing? And given that this is Malick, someone of the Army, but apparently against the Red Forest, to what end?

I’d love it if Malick might be the usurper that I’ve been hoping Tall Man would be. Someone with a long game to work within the Army until a perfect moment when he can either seize power or take advantage of some situation to realize a secret goal or goals. What if the powers that Athan wields belong specifically to his body, but someone with the right abilities of his or her own could possess that body, replacing Athan’s will and psyche with their own. Perhaps the true Witness is a malevolent will who possess the body of Cole and Cassandra’s son.

And maybe the carpe-ing of that diem hinges on Deacon!

Also about the Word, but not so much about Deacon…The inclusion of all those artists and thinkers throughout time. Is the Witness identifying them all as Primaries, some of them explicitly focused on Time in their works? Jennifer said Jim Morrison was one, after all. Attributing the eccentricities of such creative minds to Primary-ness is a fun and consistent note on 12 MONKEYS’s reality.


I feel like Jennifer’ vision of a robed man climbing the steps in Titan is something we’ve actually seen already—Malick (I think?) ascending the steps to inform Tall Man that there is a Traveler approaching Titan, when Cole makes his run to save Cassie near Syracuse in 2163.

Not sure if “ring the bell” is directly connected to this, but I think that’s what Jennifer says right after “climb the stairs…”

Is Malick an ally or enemy? Leader/member of Fifth Column/Titan resistance or coup? An usurper of Tall Man/Witness’s power, more malevolent than either?


I like that the latest batch of serum seems to preserve “original” personal histories and also somehow fold in those of new/rewritten reality (at the cost of a nosebleed). Remember when the virus was destroyed in the Markridge hanger? Katarina saw time change around her, resulting in her original self having to learn about her new personal history (including her space cowboy boyfriend, Eckland =).

Now, tho, when we see Cassandra interact with her mother, urging her to insist that her younger self accompany her to the museum, memories of that event, true to the new reality, are now hers.

I like to think that Jennifer doesn’t experience this as a result of her visit to the auction house, since when she first arrives, she experiences deja vu, meaning (to me, at least), that she already has memories of that day, faded no doubt, but imprinted on her four-year-old self.

Man, wee Jennifer is SO adorably cool! I’m a little disappointed Leland wasn’t just a bit cooler or prouder of his daughter back then, but not surprised by it. He’s dickish in any era.

Maybe he never took Jennifer to GOONIES, but only went on his own, or with a mistress. Boo.


I know it can’t be enough to base a relationship on, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that Deacon and Jennifer are both so steeped in their common language of pop culture. Some goofy highlights, most of Deacon, it turns out…

  • Deacon wants to storm the castle.
  • Jennifer educates everyone in heist films.
  • Holy shit, it’s Gozer!
  • full-torso vaporous apparition!
  • Jennifer describes splintering as a not-so-fresh feeling.
  • Deacon, perhaps living a dream, reenacts a piece of PULP FICTION at the auction.
  • Deacon refers to Terry as a Ninja Turtle.

It’s hard for Jennifer to see Deacon blowing away innocents, and Deacon feels he’s being consistent, but maybe with a chip on his shoulder? Saying—I’m a Bad Man.

But isn’t that pretty much where Cole was at the start of this? And IS he truly a Bad Man? I mean, don’t ask HIM, of course, but Jennifer herself explains to him how he gave him the advice and chance, set the example, for her to save her own life, and then lead and save others.

Still rooting for HyenaBurger (aka Jenncon, Deannifer, MothKing =).


Hrm…Should that be MotherF-ing Agent Gale? I still like Agent coming first, so I’m sticking with it…

GALE: That’s not fate, that’s dumb luck. Either way, when it’s time for my dirt nap? I’d hope I’d have something to say about it all.

Cole and Cassie totally Marty-leaves-the-letter-for-Doc-Brown Agent Robert Gale in 1953 about Berlin 1961. AND—no flickering lights or nosebleeds! This will have always had to happen! Well, y'know, at least in the last few versions of 12 MONKEYS reality. Cuz, man, look at that trench coat Gale is wearing in 1961. He is wearing whatever the FBI has in the way of bulletproof vest tech under that. Maybe three of them. =)

Hrm…Y'know, I was hoping for another Cole-Gale Time Bros team-up between 1953 and 1961, but since they gave up the McFly letter during this visit, that seems less likely…But—not impossible. No, I’m still holding out hope for it. I think we have yet to see the nefarious “bum hair” associates of Cole’s that Gale refers to in 1961.

I really do think Gale should have another encounter not only with Cole, but “Mother” Vivian/Mantis. I can’t remember exactly what he says about is efforts to track her in 1961, but I think it’s fair to say that the S-Files (for Splinter) are a slight obsession for him. Given Stack’s backhanded encouragement at the Emerson bar, Gale has become a Cold War era Mulder. Maybe Mother and Gale find themselves aligned against the Army for a case and help each other out (or spare one another), maybe over the fate/control of her son, Tall Boy?

I would SO love to see a spinoff with Gale along the lines of X-Files/Night Stalker, with the occasional time traveling partner for special cases. =)


The fob watch that Cassie lifts from the Witness’s museum has an inscription—For my beloved [INITIAL]. What the F is that initial? The cursive and the gold-ness have got me confused as to how to read it. I’ve been told it’s an “E” but the first time I saw it, I thought “C.” The “E” lined up when I thought that Cass said she wanted to name her child “Ethan,” but that turns out to be “Athan,” Greek for “eternal life” or “immortal,” says Wikipedia.

The “C” worked for me cuz then it could be for Cass or even Cole, but from whom? Frack. Hopefully, it will be resolved with context tonight.

Did Malick replace it with a time-dupe? Cuz she’s been walking around with it for a While, hasn’t she?

Cassie’s watch, the one found on her corpse at the CDC in 2043. It’s kind of amazing how it’s become so charged with meaning. That she gives it to Cole to keep could mean/result in a way to keep tabs on Cassandra being alive, as we know that she has it on her wrist when she dies at the CDC (we, the audience, get to see the scratch disappeared by Time). However, with the reality shifts that postponed their CDC “see you soon” to 2018, who knows what details may have changed, right?

Still, it’s a sweet and excellent and time travel perfect motif. I guess I’m coming to expect no less from 12 MONKEYS. =)


JENNIFER: Hi, Old Girl…It’s time I had a chat w/Time. So, could you put me thru to her? Hi, Time! Long time listener, first time caller…

AND—this exchange only happens because of DEACON! It’s his advice regarding the free-floating full-torso vaporous apparition that leads her to engage—HyenaBurger! =)


They choose one to join the Army—and promise that they will once again see a lost loved one—and kill all the rest. That’s a pretty F’d up MO. How many times are they able to actually do this before they’re stopped? Y'know, in a timeline where Team Splinter didn’t (apparently) put a stop to the practice.

I had a thought that Tall Dad, Mother, and Mags might be taking advantage of Cole and Cass’s presence at the Wake, post-Athan’s birth, to kill them, but the details of how it goes down don’t seem to reflect that. Only Lucinda seems to know that they’re in the audience for certain, right? I’m not sure what the Witness detects then, since he seems to have been part of a cross-time mind meld during that session, perhaps saving Cass and Cole from a more fearsome and direct attack.


This was a revelation from the first night, really, but I believe that the Joneses all use “Little Shit” as a term of endearment. =)

Also, I have a theory that the canine Little Shit, Katarina’s companion during the dark time she spent alone defending the facility, may be the result of Cole’s first subversion of the dominant paradigm. What paradigm? Killing to make life/the world better. Back in 2033 (I think), Cole and Ramse are tracking a dog, with the plan of turning it into dinner. However, we end up seeing them sharing what little food they have left with the dog instead, and Ramse declaring, “We’re gonna die.”

I think that Little Shit is the child of that dog, alive in 2044 to join Katarina only because Cole spared his mother or father a decade earlier. First/further proof that the only time things change is when Cole/Team Splinter saves someone.

Gotta worry just a little, though, with Little Shit having the run of the place, maybe he’s been immersed and is a vessel for the Witness, spying on Team Splinter in black and white. Hrm…



Katarina learns the truth about the parentage of the Witness by tracking Ramse’s tether to the end of the line. She actually witnesses (!) Cole killing his brother over the truth about it.

What if Katarina sticks around after the eavesdropping—or splinters back and returns immediately—and SAVES Ramse once Cole has splintered back to 2046? That would be a helluva card to play against Cole when Katarina and Deacon face off against the him, Cassie, and perhaps the Witness, no?


Unmake history!

Keep on keepin’ on~

Quick notes about The Blacklist - Mr Kaplan and Conclusion

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been writing anything for a long time bu really couldn’t resist the negativity and desperation some of us already accepted like destiny..

My dear #Lizzington Shippers, please first read and then, watch the episode again.

* Lizzie thinks Red is the dad, but Dembe said “You didn’t deny it?”
So “Red” we know is not Lizzie’s dad✌️

** Tom is back😒
He’s got the “suitcase” and he knows more than we do. He is deeper than we know. I haven’t liked TK a bit ever! But now I have to watch Redemption to see if I could get any clues… 😳

*** The bones kept inside of the suitcase tagged to be sent to Elizabeth Keen might belong to 1)Katarina 2)Real Red

Bc the DNA was taken from the bloody shirt; not the glass in Montreal or fresh from Red’s veins

If they wanna wrap the story in Season 5 and then call it off, they have to reveal st least either the DNA incompatibility between Red’s fresh taken blood and the bloody shirt or Red’s frezh taken blood and Lizzie in the first half of S5 and then focus on whatever they wanna lead the show through.. Lizzie will definitely stand beside Red. “Being a family” matters to her BUT we clearly saw that- without knowing about the DNA test- she already chose Red over Kaplan. She chose Red’s truth/words over Kaplan’s untold truth.. After the last hiatus we had, she wasn’t b*tchy as always but though she kept a distance, she was supportive and calm with Red more than ever🙏❤️ The only rule broken here was now Red lied to Lizzie bc the circumstances required that as she would be safer.

Please just consider above mentioned lines and see them in the episode you watch.

My other friends wrote similar things, too bc we all watched the same episode and all we’re saying like one mouth is out there. Just look🙏😇

Thank you 👏🚢

Kaplan’s Arc Conclusion Predictions

Liz asks in Dembe Zuma “Can the score be even now. Can this be over?” I don’t know about everyone else, but she was definitely speaking for me. I have no idea how they will choose to end this arc but one thing is obvious: Kaplan is obviously not going to succeed in killing Red.  To me the Blacklist, despite its darker moments is a show about love and redemption. I’d very much hope the writers are going to spare us having to watch Kaplan die. A few possibilities occur to me that would fit this bill:

1) Liz talks Kaplan down from killing Red. This would be acceptable, but not my favorite way this ends.

2) Katarina appears at the last minute to save Red from Kaplan. This to me would be better, because KATARINA, but still not my favorite.

3) Liz convinces Red to spare Kaplan and he lets her go. My preference. We had to suffer through Red making the WRONG choice in 4x02. Even he knew it was wrong. I’d like Red to have learned his lesson and show some character growth.

4) Katarina appears and convinces Red not to kill Kaplan. Mixed feelings. Katarina reappearing would be awesome, but Liz is Red’s North Star. I’d prefer she pointed him the right way home.

What do you think?

theamishpirate  asked:

2, Kat. Her wings are so pretty!

I was admittedly hugely confused by seeing “wings” referring to Kat, since she’s most certainly un-flighted as a pony. owo So I interpreted it as referring to the “wings” of her hairstyle because I wanted an excuse to redraw the old attempt at Alicornification that I did a while back. c: The foreleg shoes are there; they just basically cover the hoof itself and no more. lol The queen bitch of the vampire ponies, y’all! xD

[SG verse] Day 2

On one night, Lux felt a strange presence lurking nearby, something fueled with what she could indentify as magic. Before she could spot the sinister frame sitting on a roof a few meters above, the new troublemaker spoke with a cheeky voice Lux could instantly recognize:

“Ho hello, star guardian”

Blacklist Season 5 Wishlist

Obviously I want mythology answers, but beyond that here are the top ten scenes/episodes that would thrill me:

1) At least one flashback episode devoted to Katarina and Red’s relationship. I don’t want to just hear about it, I want to see it!

2) Katarina and Red reunite in the present day.

3) Big Liz V. Scottie scene. I want these powerhouse women to have it out.

4) Red and Tom air it all out. I want an Anslo Garrick type situation where Red and Tom are trapped together and they finally just have it out…and by so doing finally clarify a few things about the origins of Liz and Tom, the Angel Station assassination, and what the hell Tom was doing during the 1x22 finale. I have my theories, but I’d like some concrete answers.

5) Scottie and Howard get forced marriage counseling. Possibly with Tom and Liz as their mediators.

6) Liz and Red commit fun crimes together. FUN CRIMES. Not soul darkening, depressing crimes. Ripping off bad people, getting justice and making a little money while doing said crimes.

7) Jennifer Reddington is found. Her flirting with Ressler would be an awesome bonus.

8) Dom/Liz reunion.

9) Frank the grifter returns.

10) Tommy Markin is found and destroyed. 

Basically I want information and I want fun! I want the families and in-laws to sort through their shit. And a freaking win for Ressler, because, no kidding, hasn’t the man suffered enough?

Elements of my crazy theory: the third man, Katarina the traitor to 2 countries and the impostor theory.

I can get behind the third man. I think the absence of Kate being surprised that Red is alive, or even mentioning that she hoped he died when Liz shot him (Katarina appeared to have said this much to Kate in the motel room)  supports the theory that this man is believed to be dead by Red and Katarina.

But I cannot get behind the theory that our Red is not the Raymond Reddington that went to the Naval Academy.

I think Cooper knows quite well that Red is Red.  He ran operations with him in Kuwait, and they seem to have more than a passing acquaintance with each other as shown by Red asking about Charlene and the kids, and how old they are.  When Cooper first meet Red without any prompting he says: “It really is him” and gives Ressler a look that seems to know that he does know quite well who Elizabeth Keen is.  Furthermore there is a yellow sticky note that the camera focus on that reads: ordered June 23. 

Cooper plays along in 3.11.  Makes me wonder what does he really know?

I believe that Katarina had a slew of “lovers”. She was a honey trap, trained to seduce and make people believe whatever she wanted. We know for sure of 3: Red, Kirk, whom she married as a cover (according to Reddington), and at least mystery 3rd man.

Now let us examine this mysterious 3rd man:
* He is American, which we knew as he has an Army ring.
* He is the one who stole the fulcrum, as neither Red, nor Katarina had it.
* Katarina was spying on him.
* He calls Liz Elizabeth, not Masha
* Katarina tells Liz he was a bad man in the motel room
* His was one of the houses where Liz lived on and off, as was Kirk’s.
* He is blonde and blue-eyed.

We see Carla behaving with Red as a former wife. The punch, the goodbye scene in which is clear that although they have a tense situation they both are still in love with one another (compare scenes when they are alone with scenes in which Frank is present and think, protect the fragile ego of this omega male and her present cover as his wife), and finally look at the scene in which Red gets her back,  and she is blindfolded. Because she cannot see him, we see Red being himself in that moment.  Examine that scene carefully, as well as the scenes that follow, when he is in the hotel alone and Liz arrives.  Carla Reddington AKA Naomi Hyland was in a deeply emotional and romantic relationship with Red. And neither one trusts the other.

See the difference in the way they relate to each other when alone in the cabin and the marked difference when Frank arrives.  Take all said in front of Frank with a shaker full of salt.

Fitch knew very well that Red is Red. Even at the end, facing imminent death, he asks Cooper, calling him “Harold” to bring “Raymond”. Cooper turns off all surveillance and lights, and Red appears. Alone, in Fitch’s  lasts minutes, they reminiscence of Fitch’s life with his wife of 50 years, Margaret. Ficth assumes Red stole the fulcrum, but that does not mean he did. Only that he made them believe he did. “The group believe I have it” as he tells Liz in 2.09.  Since Katarina does not have the fulcrum as she is asking about it, then it means it was this third man who stole it, which means that Liz’s recollection of the fire night was accurate: Red came with Katarina looking for the fulcrum, whom the man who stole Liz from her had stolen. therefore Red is not the voice heard in the recall in the argument, but Red possibly was simply re-enacting his own words that night. taking Liz out and asking her if she knew where the fulcrum was.  Red is then the man in the fedora fighting with this third man, the man little Liz aims at, who seems to wear a dark, long garment with sleeve ties and belt, which looks like a raincoat but could easily be a night gown.

Sam, Fitch, Admiral Abrahams and Cooper all have not seen Red in 20 years.  Even Carla says he looks different. Voices change, but less.  Sam and Admiral Abrahams were surprised. Red was not the man they expected to appear in front of them, as if nothing had happened. Yet when they hear him, they recognize him, and show no sign of treating him like an impostor.

Red suffered severe burns to his back and arms consistent with being the man face down. That he needed surgery to repair the burns in his face seems reasonable. Also, the way he phrases the words to Dr. Maltz makes it possible that he commissioned work on a third party, and this party could be Carla. Or Katarina.

Dom calls him Raymond alone in a  house on the middle of the woods. Neither one makes any mention of Kirk, or anything else.  They show a familiarity not born out of a few award meetings but the long standing familiarity of relatives, born out of many years of contact.

Red says he knew Sam since Liz was born: “I’ve been friends with Sam for all of yours and most of my life.”  Since Red was 25 when Liz was born that is technically most of his life, as is more than half his life.  Given that Katarina is the one who calls Sam,  and Sam calls her Kat, it makes sense it was Katarina who knew Sam and Red had known Sam though her.  Consider that Sam was a grifter, and a blonde, blue-eyed man. I think Katarina and Red used Sam for deceptions.  Red seems to have a fondness for hiring blondish, blue-eyed grifters to act his part.  And if so, would Katarina not be the woman Red is reminiscing about with Sam in Sam’s deathbed like he was doing with Kirk?  That would have made Sam be another lover to Katarina.   So the FBI were not able to connect Sam to Red or Katarina because Sam is connected to Katarina under another one of her many names. So unless the FBI or the CIA’s OREA knew of her names, they could not connect Sam to anyone.

 I believe that Red is working a long term undercover. his cover was not his name, I believe, but being a traitor and a criminal.  I believe he was already doing this  since 1990. This is the reason that Red is always a step ahead. Not only because he can play human chess, but because he has people inside.  This people may not know what is he playing, but they are tolerated because of higher up directives.

We do not know whom this Bethesda  apartment belonged to.  Certainly General Zhukov is a very interesting photo to have there.  Zhukov was considered to be a military genius. But in the midst of so many family pictures, it leads to believe that he was a relative.  My own theories run to all major players being  Russian in origin. It makes sense that a person with Russian ancestors might be the best suited to to lead espionage efforts in that country.  He speaks the language as a native, knows the uses and customs and can easily pass as a Russian.  Maybe Katarina or Red are related to General Zhuvov, who was an adopted child and who had 2 or 3 siblings if memory serves right.  Zhukov led the battle of Berlin who marked a victory over German forces, and was very beloved.  Finally many people defected from the USSR or emigrated when the Revolution happened in 1917.  So it is possible  that Red is both American (by citizenship and birth), yet Russian in origin probably by his mother.  Certainly there is something very European about him, which made sense if one of his parents or grandparents were Russian emigrants.

Or he could be like Howard Hargrave: born in the former Soviet Union, and either defected or emigrated, and the parents took a different name to hide, or he was adopted.  But certainly the webs of Russia (not the Soviet Union) run very deep and connect all major players.

Ballerina Girl is certainly a sticky point.  But let us take things that we have been told in no uncertain terms and obviate for a second what we are inferring with/without basis:

Carla refers to Jennifer as “her daughter” which could be factual, or could be a ex-wife way of asserting her right of making decision for a daughter he abandoned.

She seems to be too old to be Red’s daughter unless she was born when he was still in the academy, or very young. She could be a secret daughter, he could have had a dispensation for this (unlikely as it is), or he could have been led to believe she was his daughter, only to find out years later, she was not.  This could have served to keep Red in check as news of this would void his military career and probably land him in jail.  She could simply not be Red’s biological daughter, but a child from a previous relationship. Liz says that Red lost all right to talk about parenthood the night he abandoned his daughter. But she could be an step daughter,. which we know that for Red, as he told Kirk, is as good as a biological one.

Finally, just because he does not seem to be looking for her does not mean at all he cares not for her. To me it reads as if he knows well where she is and he is just making sure that he is the only one who does.

Thus my theory that Emma, who is the right age to be Ballerina girl, and the right age to be Jennifer (old enough in 1990 to be in school) is in fact Jennifer.  And that Red did with her the same thing he did with Liz: crash into her life, made her feel special, and eventually she left to work with him. Furthermore, the language used by Emma and the language used by Carla is so remarkably similar as to make me think of those things one grows up hearing as the truth.  When we start to sound like our parents.

Then, when crossed by Emma, Red looks sad and shocked, but instead of exerting revenge, he gives her a place to live, and money to live and keep her son.

I think Red is her stepfather, that Emma is Jennifer, and that Red prefers to work with family members.  He is making his way home, or bringing home to him.

So we also have the OREA’s description of Katarina Rostova. Despite being in the local US papers as missing and the mysterious wife of billionaire Constantin Rostov,  and despite of the CIA higher-up, Peter Kotsiopolus, in charge of all illegal undercover operations knowing her enough to recognize Liz as her daughter, the rumor, the CIA’s OREA believed, or so was the official line, that Katarina was a myth. An amalgamation of six or so unknown female operatives.

I see 2 possibilities for this:  that Katarina had targeted Peter Kotiosopolus (causing a marital rift that still caused him and wife Lynda to seek marital therapy), which then points to Katarina being merely a KGB operative (but leaves the traitor to 2 countries very weak); Or Katarina was truly a deep American undercover operative, and Peter was her handler. And if she was a deep cover operative, then her existence would be a secret from even the OREA.  

If she had found a way to make the Soviets believe she was a sleeper, or could come an operative out of loyalty to her mother’s country, or grandparents’s country, then it was essential that Katarina would be credible as such.

She could then have been assigned to a budding, and very bright intelligence officer, who then could have been manipulated into marrying her.  Through him, canned intelligence destined to make the Soviets believe she was a bona fide operative would be provided.

This is one of the 2 ways to make the fact that Red knew Katarina as an operative and had ran missions with her fit.  

Since Rostov could not be a soviet citizen and he spent his time in Russia, then he was useless as a cover for the KGB. They apparently lived in Canada.  But for her US handlers, Rostov was invaluable as it allowed Katarina to travel freely back and forth and Rostov could provide valuable intelligence to the West.

So Katarina could, in this scenario be married to Reddington as a cover to the Soviets, married to Rostov as a cover for both, and have still 4/5 different identities in which she ran missions for both countries, as her bona fides for the Soviets had to be strong.   In one of these identities, possibly unknown to both or under her real identity, she knew Sam.

And under another identity she knew the third man. The American Army officer who stole Liz, who believed himself to be Liz’s father as well, who stole the fulcrum, and whom Liz at least aimed at.

I suspect her penchant for blonde, blue-eyed men could be traced to her being a double agent. In an era without computers for border agents, a doppelgänger would depend on being of the same build and general appearance. Katarina with a blonde, blue-eyed man could enter the Soviet Union as Constantin Rostov and his wife, but it could be Red and Katarina.  I suspect Sam, another blonde, blue-eyed man served the same purpose: a decoy. A contingency plan.

So in order to maintain this ingenious and complicated-yet-simple plan, it was essential that Katarina deceived Kate.  Talking, without lying much, about the American, the blonde, Raymond, Constantin, in a vague way pretty much left Raymond in Kate’s and Constantin’s minds as the lover who thought himself to be Liz’s father, and who had an affair with Katarina and who stole Liz.  Yet, he could be some of those, and not others. If Katarina was having an affair with the 3rd man, if she had made this man believe Liz was his, as a way of pressuring him into spying for her, but also was married to Red, the object of all those men, concisely referred to, is to obscure the fact that Red and Katarina acted as a team, and for this deception to the Soviets to work, they needed to keep their interaction as dark as possible.  So if Katarina was accused of being seen with a blonde, blue eyed man blurry as  seen in surveillance photos, she could always attribute this man to be whomever she needed to, depending of who was asking.  It also provided a handy doppelgänger to prove if needed that Red was not in Russia, but in the US, and thus make him be in two places at once.

As Carla Reddington, she provided handy canned information to the Soviets.  As Katarina Rostova she was able to get Red in and out of the Soviet Union with ease as Constantin Rostov (before computers, so he could be already in the USSR and not be known for the next border agent in Prague). And I am sure other identities contributed to the charade that she was a bona fide KGB operative with loyalties to the Soviet Union.


Hello again! I’m “deadBatter” - russian cosplayer and propmaker

today I’ve gathered all my cosplay tests and finished cosplay into these two pics
also I’ve got all links and added them to description so If you want to see more of specific cosplay - just click the number in brackets(1 - oldest post,10 - most recent post. so you can see how that cosplay was changing)
there you can see pictures, gifs and videos! have fun)

so picture one - cosplay tests(left to right):
male!Aradia -  pics(1)
male!Terezi -  pics(1
insane clown posse Gamzee
Dammek(antler troll) - pics(1)
Tavros -  pics(1)
male!Kanaya -  pics(1) gifs(1)
hipsterstuck Jake -  pics(1)
nightclub John - gifs(1)
Bro - pics(1 2)

so picture two - finished cosplay(left to right):
Jake - pics(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) gifs(1)
Dave  -  pics(1 2)
Bro  -  pics(1 2)
male!Vriska  -  pics(1 2 3) gifs(1)
male!Aranea  -  pics(1 2) gifs(1 2)
Gamzee  -  pics(1 2 3 4) gifs(1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Kurloz -  pics(1)
Eridan  -  pics(1 2) vids(1)
Cronus  -  pics(1 2)
male!Marquise  -  pics(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12) vids(1)

also here you can find links to my crafts:
treasure chest
Dave Strider timetables (1 2)
HORNS(1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
pointy ears(1 2)
katarina blades(1 2 3 4)
glasses -  pics(1)
phone charms  -  pics(1)
clocks  -  pics(1)

quite big work, yeah?