katara's personal growth

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i ship zutara too and im v anti maiko but idk i just feel like theres too much emphasis on katara supporting zuko and loving him etc. which is good but it has to be a two way street and it matters just as much how he supports her as her own person.

Definitely! I think if we take a look at their friendship we see a lot of that, though! Zuko actively supports and respects Katara throughout their friendship. We see Zuko stand by Katata and help her track down her mother’s killer, we see Zuko see Katara at her absolute darkest, scariest, most vulnerable moments and offer nothing but acceptance and understanding. We see Zuko even pre-redemption, listen to Katara and empathize with her over her lost mother. Zuko listens in TSR as Katara tells her mom’s tale, and offers kind words. He defends her feelings and opinions to the others who don’t understand. He accepts her without question when she changes her mind.

Zuko advises her to give Aang space, too. He respects her as a fighter, friend, and ally enough to stand by his side in the biggest fight of his life. He risks and is willing to give his life for her. They tease each other gently too in Ember Island.

Zuko would definitely be proud of anything Katara does or accomplishes in her career. We know this because of how he brags about Mai. Zuko would be totally supportive of anything she did. In the series he always valued her opinion and listened to her feelings. He always admired her. I think he would love her through and through and be a very supportive and caring figure in her life based on his characterization and their relationship shown platonically in the series.

The fandom I agree, should recognize this more. I see a lot of posts and METAs on it. But we could always use more! I just think they would both love and support each other and bring out the best in one another mutually so well. The chemistry, respect, and mutual concern is all there.