Uh yes hi it’s 6:36am and I’ve just been informed thaT ZUTARA WAS ENDGAME BUT THEY DECIDED AGAINST IT LAST MINUTE?????

@michaeldantedimartino @bryankonietzko pls explain yourselves

Inktober 2018 - Day 20: breakable

“It’s impossible to fight your way out of my grip! I control every muscle, every vein in your body!”

It wouldn’t be a real Inktober/Halloween month if I didn’t draw Hama, right? I remember Bryke mentioning in the artbook how sick they felt having to animate Korra in agony during the mercury poisoning. Now I understand what they felt. I felt ill having to draw Katara being bloodbent, the terrified look on her face.. Not.. pleasant.

Wanna know why bloodbending frightens me? Because a waterbender can make the blood flow backwards, even through your heart - that’s fatal. Easily the scariest episode in the entire series. (“The Puppetmaster”)

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oh, every time someone asks a new 5HC idea that I love, I'm just dying to see more. Somehow, even though it's just /headcanons/, you manage to leave on a freaking cliffhanger every time!!! Aagh!! Anyway, this time it's the Avatar Mai one, what happens next???? 5HC some time? PLease?

I have been sitting on this poor anon’s ask since the first rush of Avatar Mai prompts. Sorry, sorry!

1. Mai doesn’t make it to Kyoshi Island, at least not at first. She and Tom Tom hit a storm and are blown far off course, into the pack ice of the South Pole. There are… so many ways she and her brother both could have died, and it’s in a state of shock that Mai makes the calculation that she does not have enough food to get them both to Kyoshi island, and so limps her way to the South Pole shore in search of a Water Tribe village. It is a terrible time of year for this, deep into the Southern hemisphere’s late fall. But she finds a village.

2. The thing is, she has a standard story she’s been using. She’s an Earth Kingdom girl from a minor aristocratic family, who was kidnapped by a Fire Nation naval officer, and escaped with his skiff and their child. It’s a fleshed out version of what most people assume about her anyway. So when she docks in the village, that’s what she starts with. She’s so cold it’s all she can do not to use the breath of fire and give herself away. The oldest woman in the village, and from what she gathers, the absent chief’s mother, takes her into her tent and dresses her and her brother in furs and warm leggings and gives them warm food to eat, and Mai barely notices what it is, she’s too focused on it being warm.

3. Their host’s grandchildren come back in the evening to find a Fire Nation naval skiff docked at their village, and they run to their grandmother’s tent in alarm. But their Gran Gran is fine, and the only invader is one skinny girl and a toddler, wearing Katara’s spare parka and Sokka’s baby clothes.

4. Later that evening, Tom Tom almost falls into the fire. Too far away to catch him, in desperation, Mai bends the fire away from him. It’s a useless gesture, as Katara grabs him before he can get hurt, but it gives the game away. They know she’s a firebender. She’s forced to tell them the truth and show them her earthbending and airbending while Sokka hangs behind her holding his bladed boomerang menacingly. Mai explains that she needs to learn waterbending, so she plans to go to Kyoshi Island and ask them for safe passage to the North. Katara jumps on the chance to go with her, to find a teacher of her own, and Sokka is dragged along in her wake.

5. Before they leave, Kanna pulls Mai aside and tells her a few things about the North Pole, like the fact that they don’t train women waterbenders in anything but healing. Mai nods and prepares herself to fight for what she needs to learn. And to prepare Katara to fight too.

With the announcement of the live action Netflix ATLA show, you know I had to make a fancast

Edit: added some gifs, check the notes!

Anthony James Whitewolf as Sokka

Blu Hunt as Katara

Forrest Wheeler as Aang

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Toph

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Iroh

Ryan Potter as Zuko

Nichole Bloom as Azula

Rila Fukushima as Mai

Teresa Daley as Ty Lee

so i’m watching avatar the last airbender again because of fucking course i am and after zuko beats katara at the north pole he tells her “you rise with the moon. i rise with the sun” so now i’m convinced zuko is the most insufferable morning person ever and katara makes coffee at 9pm.

zuko at 5 am, seeing katara walking around in her pajamas: wow i’ve never seen you up this early

katara: i’m getting ready for bed