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Fanfictions have given me unrealistic expectations for real life ‘first-day-of college’/'walking-into-a-coffee-shop’/'new-kid-transferring-to-school’/'being-in-a group-project’ situations


Avatar: the Last Airbender Shipping According to FanFiction (Rated M [LEMON] Edition)

All of the stories used in these analyses were rated M.  Percentages may not necessarily add up to 100% due to rounding.  The only characters examined were Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Suki, and Jet.  Thus, these analyses were conducted differently from those in the individual character statistics, which include all ATLA characters.

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Are there any stories of Katara dying and being reunited with Aang in the Spirit World?

Reunited by SR240 is the only fic the archivist was able to find— however, this is because the archivist has been out of the fandom for several years now and has limited resources in locating new/hidden Kataang fic.

If any other members of the fandom happen to know any other good spirit world reunion fics, we encourage you to share your finds, with us or with avatargurl1420.

Katara and Aang's 3rd Baby!

Prompt: Katara gives birth to Tenzin and they discover he airbends!

Rating: K+

Characters: Katara, Aang, Tenzin, Bumi, Kya, 

“Katara, you are beautiful.” Aang whispers as he turned to face her, his hand caressing her soft, brown skin. Katara’s eyebrows furrow slightly as she awakens. Her turquoise eyes open and she looks directly at him, smiling.

“Good morning, honey” she says but quickly turns green in the face as she tries to sit up. “Aang, help get me up, hurry!” Aang swiftly yet cautiously airbends his wife in order to help her stand up. She quickly waddles off to the bathroom, her hands clasping over her mouth.

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ATLA Shipping Trends (according to FanFiction stories): 2014-2016

Trending Up: Zuki, Sokkla, Zukka, Azulaang

Trending Down: Kataang, Taang, Tokka, Zutara

No Change: Maiko, Sukka, Zucest, Toko, Tyzula, Azutara, Jetko

Death OTP Prompt

Person A is a god of death who is bored of the underworld. One day they go up to the surface and arrive at a city where a big festival/party/celebration is happening. Person B noticing A is alone offers to spend the day with them. “No one should be alone on X day.”

Person A enjoys themselves but upon touching B see’s they have little time left on earth in their natural Lifespan. Grateful for the good time B is trying to show them A tries to make B’s last festival/party/celebration an amazing time, even if they are unaware of all the traditions and making some mistakes.

 “So I throw the ball at the cans, not the person stacking them? Okay”

Bonus/longer story prompt. Person A keeps visiting B after the celebration, this causes’ problems in the underworld due to lack of management. Person A tries to make sure that B is happy all while trying to make death seem like a less scary thing without letting B know they are dying. Other Gods could come in later.


Rating: Light T or strong K+
Word Count: Roughly 1,500+
Genre: Romance, Fluff, a bit of Hurt/Comfort

Falling for your best friend was actually simple, but falling for the Avatar was and would never be an easy ride. A Kataang Valentine’s Day oneshot

A/N: AAANNDD this didn’t turn out to be a drabble. My writer feels are kinda tired but yay I wrote something for Valentine’s!
Also I was writing this while listening to “Thinking Out Loud” because I’m trash
But this was fun to write! And fluffy! Initially prompted by httydatlalok (I’ll say what your prompt was at the end because it would be a spoiler :P), but I think it also fits in with firelordizumi’s prompt (Commitment) and one of obbessedturtle’s (Falling). Thanks for the prompts, guys! I appreciate them a lot! ^_^
Also for the Supreme secretsecrettunnel
Hope you guys like it! And Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Katara sighed, both exhausted and irritated. The party was suffocating.

But then again, what party wasn’t? Team Avatar never failed to grab the opportunity to reunite and have fun, but events like these were just politics, social climbers trying to get close to the “world’s heroes”, and girls fawning over her boyfriend.

Pretty, made up, rich girls dressed in frilly gowns and wearing the kind of jewelry that made your knees shake just thinking of how much they cost.

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My life, those tags. Yes bitch, draggggg himmm. I can never tell if I actually don't like Aang, just am really salty about Kataang or if fanfiction ruined Aang more for me. Then I read your posts and damn, I just straight up hate him, hate my girl Katara for pairing off with him with Prince Smokin' Hot is right there and yeah I need a time machine to wipe Kataang fan fiction from my mind.

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i’m honestly so salty that bryke made my queen nothing more than arm candy

Because I’m a statistician!  Metrics used: Pairing, any time range, any genre, any rating, any language.  Obvious flaw: Pairing was only introduced to fanfiction in 2013 (I think), so this only represents more recent popularity and only if the author included the pairing option.  I did not look up key terms such as “Zutara”.  Percentages may not necessarily add up to 100% due to rounding.  These were the only 12 characters examined.  Ozai and Ursa were included as a morbid curiosity, and the internet did not fail to disappoint me!  Sorry the image is so small - you can zoom in to see all of the finer details.  If you have suggestions for other metrics and/or want to give me data, I’ll create more charts for you!

Kataang Week - Heartbeat

Katara woke gasping for air.  She shoved the blankets away from her face and sat up abruptly.  The light of the full moon filtered through the window, casting silver shadows on the bedspread.

“Sweetie?” Aang murmured next to her, his voice heavy with sleep.

“S’okay,” she whispered, still staring at the moon out the window.  “Go back to sleep.”

Katara heard him shift, heard his breathing normalize again, and she knew he drifted back into his dreams.  She, meanwhile, curled her knees to her forehead, and tried to calm her erratic breathing and fluttering heart.  She trembled and squeezed her eyes shut.

But when she closed her eyes, she only felt it more keenly: the sweet, seductive song of the water pumping through Aang’s heart, the steady thrum of blood flying through his vessels, a drumbeat pulsing in her head.

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Kataang Week 2015 (1/?)


Rating: K+
Word Count: Roughly 1,700 +
Genre: Romance

Change \’chanj\ (noun): to give a different position, course, or direction to

*shows up in the Kataang tag a year late with Starbucks a fic*

Okay, I’ll say it now—this fic was inspired by “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift. Katara even has a line from the song.
Because I’m a sucker for Avatar Aang/Councilwoman Katara AUs, as well as flirty young adult Kataang, hey, why not combine both?

Here you guys go, a SUPER LATE entry for Kataang Week 2015. Tbh I’m just throwing this out here lol so yeah lol the writing quality

I don’t own Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Katara eyed the people around her warily. Every person in the great hall was someone of importance–a politician, a war veteran, an overall influential person. Rubbing elbows with what would arguably be the world’s most famous–pretty cool, right?

If she had had it her way, however, she wouldn’t even have attended at all.

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Kataang Week 2015 - Sleep Talking

Title: Sleep Talking

Pairing: Kataang (obviously)

Rating : K

Words : 488

It was a common occurrence for Aang to return home late at night. Often times, the peacemaking – which all too often ended up non-peacefully – would go into the depths of the night, causing the drained Avatar to tiredly fly home, wisp softly into the open window, and slowly tread over to the shared bed of the room. Stripping off his outer layers and boots, leaving his daytime pants on out of shear exhaustion, he pulled back the covers and slipped next to his sleeping wife.

He curled up to her back, nuzzling his face into the mess of chocolate locks before him, and sighed, slipping his arm around her middle. She sucked in a short breath through her nose and mouth simultaneously, indicating that she had been roused from her slumber –


“Yeah, it’s me, Sweetheart. You can go back to bed.”

She fidgeted in his arms, but did not turn her head, “But did you take the cart?”

Aang paused, pulling back slightly, “The cart?”

“Yea-.. the… the apple cart…” she grew silent, and Aang waited for an explanation, the smallest of smiles forming on his features. Her voice grew more firm, “Aang.”

The monk stifled a laugh, “Yes?”

“Did you or not? Sokka needed… to know it.” Her voice faded.

The grin Aang sported stretched to both sides of his face as he figured out what was going on. Deciding to play along, he spoke up, “I did tell Sokka.” He hoped the laughter wasn’t too prevalent in his voice, or that her sleepy mind wouldn’t pick up on it.

 “But he.. wasn’t with him today… I could’ve sworn-,” Katara turned to him, eyeing him suspiciously. 

Aang couldn’t stop grinning, and her angry reaction to it only made it larger, “Are you awake, Katara?”

 “Yes-! Aang, I am.” Katara glared, “I was… I’m looking at you!” Her eyes closed due to her apparent exhaustion as well.

 “-No, you’re not.”

 Her eyes shot open, and she grunted, shoving him weakly, “Spirits, Aang!” She sighed in frustration.

 “What was that about the cart?” Aang chuckled, pulling her closer to him.

 “It was- … Did you….” Katara paused, “Wait…” She pressed her fingers to her temple.

 “Do you want some apples? I’ve heard they’re in the cart.”

 She looked at him confusedly, a slow realization adorning her features. “I’m…” she laughed, “What am I talking about?”

 “Wish I knew,” Aang laughed, quietly, “Sounds interesting.”

“Oh-!” She whispered, firmly pressing her head to his chest, “You’re so mean.”

 “I am not-,“ Aang scoffed, tickling her side lightly.

 Katara flinched, kicking at him in a sleepy daze, “Shut up…”

 Aang held her a moment longer as her kicking died down. Minutes had passed, leading him to believe she had slipped back to sleep. He pressed his head against hers with a soft smile, hugging her closely before hearing a mumble beneath him.

 “I’m hungry.”

 “So how about them apples?”

 “Spirits, Aang-“

Kataang Week - Sleep Talking

Aang talked in his sleep.  Katara glanced from her book to look at the lanky man spread out in the bed beside her.  

“Sweetie?” she ventured.

He snorted and murmured something unintelligible.  Katara leaned over to place a kiss on his blue tattoo. The mighty Avatar, she thought, smiling to herself.  More like her goofball husband who muttered nonsense sentences while dreaming and woke up with a spring in his step to go to morning meditation.

She tried to remember if she’d always known he talked in his sleep, or if it was something she noticed only after their marriage.  When Team Avatar traveled together and camped underneath the stars, they all slept separately, and Katara usually slept next to her brother.  With Sokka, Appa, and Momo all to contend with, it was a miracle Katara ever got any sleep.  Their snores must have drowned out any soft whispers from Aang.  She only remembered hearing him yell when the nightmares became too much.

Katara grimaced.  She could still remember how he looked at her those days before the invasion, when he tried to go without sleep and practiced relentlessly—so desperate, so scared, so overwhelmed.  Just a boy carrying the weight of the entire world on his shoulders.  She looked at her husband sleeping soundly next to her. Asleep, he looked a lot like the boy he had been.

Thank the spirits the days of nightmares were behind them.

Although he looked younger when he slept, Aang had clearly grown.  His face was now a little less round and his ears a little less big.  The most striking difference was the dark stubble shadowing his jaw.  Katara rubbed her chin; it scratched a little when he kissed her, but she liked the change. Katara had a sneaking suspicion the idea to grow a beard had come from her brother, but she had always liked Aang’s hair, so she didn’t mind.

She yawned, set her book down on the bedside table, and stretched her legs beneath the blankets.  One of her feet poked out because that particular blanket was wrapped tightly around Aang’s legs. Katara wiggled her toes, chuckled to herself, and reached over to stroke the smooth skin of his scalp.

He blinked sleepily up at her.  Then his face broke into a goofy smile so full of love and adoration that her heart stuttered.

“Hey,” he murmured.

“Hey,” she whispered back.  “Think I could have some of the blankets?”

His eyes widened as he tried to untangle himself and toss the blankets over to her side of the bed.  She laughed as his arm got caught in a fold, and he jerked helplessly against the fabric.

With a few tugs from her side, Katara helped him free his arm.  Most of the blankets were now piled on top of her, and Aang propped himself up to arrange them better around her.  She grabbed his hands and kissed them.

“I’m good now.  I just wanted my feet covered,” she said with a smile.

He ducked his head bashfully and pulled one of the blankets back to his side.  “Sorry about that.  Are you ready to sleep now?”

Katara nodded, and he waved his hand, extinguishing the candles with a single bending move.  Darkness enveloped their bedroom.  She snuggled closer to him, and he tucked his arm securely around her waist.

“Were you dreaming earlier?” she asked.  “You were talking in your sleep.”

“I don’t think so.”  The sound coasted over the shell of her ear, and she shivered. “What did I say?”

Katara interlaced her fingers with his.  “I couldn’t tell.  Most of the time it’s too mumbled to understand.”

She felt the vibrations of his laughter travel through her back.  “I’ll have to work on my enunciation then.”

Maybe she responded; maybe she didn’t.  With his warmth all around her, and the darkness and quiet of the night pressing in, Katara closed her eyes, and she drifted off to sleep in her husband’s arms.

In the middle of the night, she felt him jolt.  They had rolled apart while they slept, but she felt when every muscle in his body tensed.

“Aang?” she whispered.

Deep breathing answered her question.  The part of him that touched her back arched away from her.  Katara leaned up on her elbow and reached for him in the dark.  She accidentally crashed into his face, and her fingers touched damp streaks on his skin.

“Aang, turn on the lights!”

She heard him sniff, and then the candles burst to life. He curled his face back into the pillow and wrapped his arms around his head.  Katara draped herself over his back and hugged his shoulders.  “Sweetie, it was just a dream,” she said soothingly, trailing her lips over his tattoo.  He cringed underneath her before rolling over and hugging her tightly. The tears on his cheeks smeared across her own.

Maybe the days of nightmares weren’t behind them after all.

“It’s okay,” she whispered.  “It’s okay.”

Aang took a deep breath, scrubbed away the tears, and pushed away enough to look at her properly.  He looked lost and tired and so young.

She gave him a small smile and kissed his cheek.  “Want to talk about it?”

He took a few moments to find the right words and organize the dream-thoughts, and Katara waited patiently.  “I dreamed about the past,” he murmured.  The candlelight flickered across his face, giving his pale skin an orange glow.

“I was at the Air Temples when they were attacked. Everything burned.  Everyone was—”  His voice dropped to a whisper, and he shook his head.  “So much pain.  And I—the Avatar State took over me, and I—”

Aang closed his eyes.

Once, several years ago, Aang laid her out on the grass one morning after his meditation and taught her about chakras to help her with bending and healing.  One by one, his hands floating over her, he told her about the pools of energy that flowed through her—what they represented and which emotions blocked each one.  Now, she placed her hand over Aang’s heart where the air chakra resided, the one that dealt with love and was blocked by grief.  

She kissed his forehead sweetly, trying to convey the stab of pain within her own heart in the wake of his distress.  Aang’s air chakra would probably always be turbulent, but she vowed to hold him tightly throughout the storm.  Especially on dark nights like this one, when nightmares plagued them, and their sleep was punctuated by supportive, bittersweet murmurs in the quiet.

“It’s going to be okay,” she breathed against his arrow.

Aang buried his hands in her hair and ran his fingers through it.  “I’m worried about the future.”

“How so?”

“I’m the last, Katara.  And when I’m gone—when the next Avatar has to learn airbending, there won’t be anyone to learn from.  And soon after that, after three cycles, the Avatar won’t even exist anymore.  There won’t be an Air Nation for the Avatar to be born into.  Everything … everything will be gone forever.”

His breath caressed her throat, and she pulled him closer, squeezing as hard as she could.  Her mouth dried; what could she say in the face of such truth?  Although the Air Acolytes adopted the lifestyle wholeheartedly, they could not truly replace the culture Aang lost.  The future he painted struck her painfully—she had always believed in the Avatar, even when the rest of the world stopped believing during Hundred Year War.  She could not imagine a world where that great power suddenly winked out or a world where another little girl couldn’t look up at the stars with hope in her heart that the Avatar would make the world a better place.

She wouldn’t let that future come to pass.

“It won’t turn out like that,” she declared.

Aang tilted his head to look at her properly, his gray eyes questioning.  She smirked at him.  “We’ll just have lots of airbender kids.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle, but the shadows didn’t quite leave his face. “It probably won’t be that simple. You’re a waterbender, but no one else in your family can bend.  And it can work the other way too.  We’ve seen so many different families in our travels—all a mix of benders and nonbenders. It’s hard to predict that kind of thing. We might not have any airbenders at all.”  

Stubborn, Katara refused to cede the point.  She knew how ridiculous that solution sounded in the wake of the seriousness of his concerns, but it was the only solution she had.  “Aunt Wu said I’d have great-grandchildren,” she declared. “Surely some of those descendants will be airbenders.”

This time Aang did laugh. “Oh, Aunt Wu.  Maybe she will be right.  She was right about you marrying a powerful bender, after all.”  His strong arms tightened around her.

Katara pushed back with a mock-shocked expression on her face. “You did listen!  You always denied it, but I knew I heard someone outside the door.  And you acted really weird afterwards.”

Aang dropped his forehead against hers.  “Don’t remind me.  I was an idiot back then.”

She laughed.  “You were. But I love you anyway.”

“I love you too.”  He took a deep breath.  “Thank you, Katara.  For always listening. “

“Of course, sweetie.”  She kissed him.  She was aware they hadn’t actually solved anything.  Sometimes the problems of the past and the future were too large for them to solve on their own, but these nighttime conversations helped them feel better.  They held each other close.  They had each other, and that was the most important thing.