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Geraldo De Paula by Geraldo De Paula
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Campeonato Mundial de Karate Cadete e Junior | 2013 | Espanha

I’ve been playing around with some Discworld cover/poster ideas, and this is what emerged for Guards! Guards!

I expect I’ll play around with it some more, but I rather like this flat, limited-pallete look as it is. I’ve been drooling over the cover art of Matt Taylor lately and that no doubt had an influence - though obviously (?) the primary reference is 40s noir posters.

One thing I would like to look at is the dragon. I like it but it’s derived from a stock image and I don’t like to use anything not wholly generated by myself in work I call my own.

If I had time and access to Flash at the mo I’d make an animated gif out of this. Maybe one day I’ll get round to it…


a little wind can carry a big spirit. painted in virtual reality with tiltbrush | 🎶kata by NV

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Bring it back

I have one kata i learned as an orange belt, and every time I do it I get the biggest charge- like its just such a great kata and the forms make me so happy every darn time I get to do it.

Anyway thats what we did tonight, along with the bunkai. Was a little wobbly after a bit but made it through and didnt feel like I was forcing the bunkai till i started working with lil brother- he’s such a solid tank that sometimes I forget myself and try to be the same.
But I’m not a tank. Im a squishy Pants. And when I remember how to be me, I do pretty okay!!

I’ve been playing around with some Discworld cover/poster ideas, and this is what I’ve been doing with Men At Arms.

Here’s the others I’ve posted so far:

Guard! Guards!

Equal Rites

This is less finished than my G!G! image and probably even than my ER image. As with every cover/poster I’m working up, this image has been in my head for this book for ages, and as with everything, making it work is tricky. I’m trying to keep the Watch covers each to a limited palette and I like the brown/blue scheme - but it definitely still needs work to make the right elements stand out enough and still all hang together.