In response to: I will attend Comic Con 2013

shulesalltheway said: If I were to be able to go to Comic Con, I would dress as a pineapple.

Okay, I seriously thought about this.. but they have famous people there and I wouldn’t want to look like these two girls if I were to meet some of my idols:

But then I continued to search and found this outfit:

I still have a year to decide. It’s just Bane is my hero right now. MY HERO. (TOM HARDY IS SO HOTTTT)

kat544 answered: I am!

Girls we have to meet up. Have to!

kat544 asked:

have you ever tripled yourself? and if not do you think you ever will?

Sorry, love, I’m not sure what this means.  All I can figure is it’s maybe slang I don’t know.  That, or asking if I’ve cloned myself.  Which I wouldn’t.  one of me is scary enough.

kat544 replied to your post: How do people honestly ship Rumbelle? I love Belle; her character is flawless. However, it’s always screwy and relatively fucked up when I see people flailing over the concept of a 50+-year-old man being romantically and sexually involved with a beautiful young woman such as Belle. It’s disgusting. Also, let’s not forget the fact that Rumplestiltskin physically abused Belle. Obviously there’s something wrong with the minds of Rumbelle shippers.

Haha your so cute getting excited about someone trying to chew u out. good for u i would just tell to them to screw off.

It comes from being not-tumblr-famous. Any anon is a good anon in my book.