raejustrae  asked:

You ship all my ships!! Kat Graham is super shippable with everyone. I ship her with Damon, Stefan, Kol, Matt, Klaus, Enzo, (guilty sometimes bc even Kai). She's just perfect and she deserves a harem. Also WESTALLEN and JOSTRID are my OTP babies!!

I am very happy that we love the same ships.
For me it’s impossible not mar the Kat Graham ships, she has chemistry with almost every guy you work with. Damon, Kol, Klaus, Kai, Matt, Stefan. Unfortunately for us Bonnie stan do not have many chances to see these ships in the TVD show.

Regarding Jostrid they will always be my babies, the chemical and harmony between Mandeleine Mantok and Luke Micthell was simply magical love to see the two in a new show.

Westallen I am delighted with this ship because he is so romantic and simple, neat things that we do not have much nowadays.