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10. Do you enjoy corndogs?

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Maybe not THIS passionately but I do enjoy a good well-made corndog, especially for their convenience!

25. Are you hungry?

I am actively in the process of consuming a bowl of freshly-steamed broccoli with a tub of butter spread for dipping. My hunger is quickly becoming satisfied.

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35. One little thing that makes you smile?

Hawks on the side of the road, really gorgeous cumulus clouds, the sound of rain on my trailer roof. (Okay so that’s three, Merry Christmas!)

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54. Do you like to cuddle?

Depends on the context. I love to cuddle with my nieces and nephews. I am more wary of touching strangers. I don’t have a boyfriend but I imagine I would enjoy cuddling in that scenario. I really like the warm, comfortableness feeling when I’m sitting on the couch with family members and either leaning against them or our legs are overlapping.

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60. Any questions you want people to ask you?

Anything related to my original characters including but not limited to Barrenger, Salespitch, Random Food Word Girl, the felnim (that dog-centaur alien race I made up), any of them, I love them so much and want to share.