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hello! i just wanna ask if you can also make avatars (200x320) of katherine mcnamara! i love your gifs and kat doesn't have a lot of avatars so... thanks for answer <3

Thank you! And sorry, we only make gifs :(

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Hey guys! Do you have some gifs of Kat dancing? because i cant fing that tag :D thank you so much!

Hi! We don’t have a tag for this (and i’m also not sure there’s a lot of gifs like this…) but Kat dances a bit in Natural Selection, Monsterville and Girl vs Monster so you can check it out! Also the music videos: x and x. If you know/remember any video with Kat dancing you can let me know and I’ll find gifs with that moment or make some :)

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*psst* I'll do Hope's Twin part 6. It'll take like a week and a half or so but it will be worth it. :) Will it be fluffy? Will it be angsty af? Or will it be both? Idk, depends on what my brain thinks >:)))))) -Home Slice Salt Bae 'Jeff Davis 2.0' aka Kat

I have more gifs of young (Y/N) and someone being thrown out the window also Klaus killing someone with her hair colour do you need any others I dunno which Idea you’re going to use. Also I could fudge some of the Hemlock gifs from the last episode to look like her…

I hope the ideas aren’t to dark but who knows, maybe she should drown them in salt. I have no idea which idea you’re using I feel worried, but have fun xD

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