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Can you do a prompt where Kat get jealous of a girl trying to talk to Adena

The air is starting to shift, signaling the end of summer, but the sun is still shining at the Chelsea flea market. Adena has her camera slung around her neck and they wander from stall to stall, taking in the diversity of crafts and wares.

“Essential oils,” the woman behind the table says to Adena, when she picks up the tester bottle. “That one is mugwort. Very powerful plant. It stimulates dreams, helps us to remember them.”

The woman is beautiful, long hair pulled back on top of her head and green eyes smiling.

Adena smiles back and nods. “I’ve tried it as a tea before.”

“Oh? How was that?”

Kat watches the ease of the exchange from the side, watches as the woman completely ignores her and focuses on Adena, leaning forward and keeping intense eye contact while they talk.

It’s stupid and petty and unnecessary but she can’t stop herself when she rests her hand on the small of Adena’s back and says, “You should get some to try, babe,” and then makes eye contact with the woman.

Adena gives Kat a silent look, and Kat hates the knowing smile on her face. She doesn’t say anything after Adena makes her purchase, and they pass by three more stalls before Adena says, “I thought you said you weren’t a jealous type.”

It’s teasing, not angry, and Kat pushes her hands into her pockets.

“I, um, I didn’t think that I was. Turns out I was wrong.”

I started following study accounts ages ago, but never really got around to making my own until now. So hi! I’m Kat. 

Few random facts about me:

  • I’m a high school student in Canada
  • I’m 15 years old
  • My favourite subjects are science and English
  • I plan on self-studying AP Psychology this year
  • I play five different instruments - piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, and clarinet
  • My Hogwarts house is Slytherin 🐍 🐍  

A few studyblrs that I just absolutely adore are @headgirlstudy @studytherin @lumstudies @littlestudyblrblog @bestudy @emmastudies @paperandcaffeine @literatureandwit @studyquill @theorganisedstudent and @jesslearnsthings

Anyway, now that school’s starting up again I’ll finally have good content to post. (AKA I’ll be able to spend time taking pictures of my notes instead of actually studying.)

Bless, darlings. ;)