kat's cafe

anonymous asked:

Okay so this isn't really an ask but earlier today I had seen kitty kat cafe (That's the name of it) and I was shook because I thought what if this is what Kenma ends up doing in his free time (besides college and visiting tom kat *cough cough* I mean what)


“Kenma and Cat Cafe” has been noted into the list of things I must draw someday. 

7. the after-hours joint

“people fill every corner.

no room to breathe,

yet somehow it’s okay.

the drinks are poured,

the food is set.

the stage is lit,

the energy is palpable.

a meek body walks to the mic.

the air is hushed.

all voices melt into unified silence.

all eyes are on the form that stands so haphazardly on the platform.

they open their mouth and the band begins to blare.

open-mic night has begun.”

- To the aspiration and the dream in the heart of the daytime nurse…

(written by jazzhedrick)

Copyright © 2012 Jazz Hedrick. All rights reserved.