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Last night we were talking about all the other Earth-based SBURB sessions. Now, most of them were probably screwed from the start if they weren’t part of an ectobiological loop (unless there was a rash of meteor babies delivered in the 90s, which would be kind of funny) but we thought if any of the other sessions did get very far, they’d have to deal with a bunch of the same crap as the kids without any of the inside info. So this spiraled into imagining some sort of SBURB help forum with a bunch of questions and bug reports where an increasingly harried mod keeps going ‘it’s this ONE SESSION out there fucking everyone else up, I’m sorry’

‘There’s an unidentified object at the heart of my battlefield. No one mentioned this.’ ‘It seems to be corruption from our parent session #612a2. The players are still active but are only in communication with a four person session based in the US, #413b1. I’ll let you know if they ever start answering my PMs, but for now, here’s a link to a thread with people discussing fixes that worked for them.’

‘One of my timeloops should’ve been stable but now the whole timeline is flagged as doomed. Our Time player has checked everything but there’s no reason for it. HELP!!!’ There’s a rogue Time hero/boss local to the 612/413 session cluster. Most of the time he doesn’t affect us, but sometimes timeloops get snagged on his localized alpha. Destroy any of the following artifacts in your session, especially the puppet, and try again.’

‘CANCER UPDATE: The 612 data corruption manifests in an extremely aggressive archagent and a rapid onset Reckoning. Do not engage Jack Noir, and do not under any circumstances let him acquire a regent’s ring. We recommend you deploy Prospit dreamers to acquire the White King’s scepter and keep it safe to delay the Reckoning.’

‘There are red squiggly things in the sky. Is that bad??’ ‘Unfortunately session 413′s archagent got the black queen’s ring and is in the process of tearing all instances of our universe to shreds. I’d recommend you pick up the pace, because we’re now on a deadline courtesy of those fuckers.’

My dreamself died and usually I just have to deal with the horrorterrors but last time I fell asleep I was somewhere else, and there were a bunch of other people there. Is this a special level I unlocked?’ ‘Somehow the 612/413 cluster…broke… death??? I don’t fucking know. Avoid any gray skinned people you see - they tend to be hostile. [Blurry photo of Vriska.] DEFINITELY avoid this one.’

And eventually it just devolves into everyone complaining about those losers from 413 who keep ruining it for everyone and you get posts like ‘Apparently every planet gets one first guardian but GUESS WHO got Earth’s and PROTOTYPED it????’ and ‘There’s a cheat that lets you godmod the whole game and we’ve been looking for it for weeks but FUCKING SESSION 413′s Breath hero fell ass backwards into it on accident those fuckers’

The mod dreams of one day finding these people to scream at them in person

Unusual Masterlist

Summary: The Winchesters found her in Crowley’s supernatural prison guarded by a dozen of demons. Keeping her as leverage without even knowing she’s the big key everyone is looking for. This story takes place on season 6.



  1. Hello, Goodbye. 
  2. We Meet Again. 
  3. Mamma’s Little Helper
  4. Freedom
  5. The Trade
  6. Not A Deal Breaker
  7. Slave The Master
  8. Infernal Hymn
  9. Princess
  10. Purgatory
  11. Well, Hello Winchester.
  12. Wings 
  13. Home Sweet Home
  14. Goodbye, Friend.
  15. Get Back In The Game. 
  16. Hunter In Training. 
  17. Challenge Me. 
  18. Untraveled Thoughts.

Chapter 1

When Bilbo and Thorin return to the Shire for a sabbatical during Yuletide, they find a reason to retire the throne in Erebor sooner than expected.

By request, here’s the AO3 posted version of the fic I posted over Christmas! You can see this is chapter one and I have eight chapters planned, so I’m going to flesh it out a little more. Keep an eye out as I continue to post new chapters!



Sabrina’s phone buzzes about fifteen minutes into her sociology lecture. She ignores it, and it buzzes again.

And again.

And again.

She’s starting to get worried that it’s something important (though why they wouldn’t just call her she can’t fathom), so she takes a peek at her screen. She sighs and makes a face. It’s Puck.

This significantly decreases the likelihood that it’s something important, but not so much that she can afford to ignore the texts. Puck’s been known to text her from across town because he needs help hiding from the hobgoblin mafia.

He’s also been known to text her incessantly until she laughs at a picture of someone particularly hilarious he saw on the streets of Prague, but still. She can’t risk it, so she opens the conversation.




Answer ur texts before I call u in the middle of whatever boring adult thing ur ignoring me for


Come on u know im more important than whatever ur doing

Im definitely more fun


Talk to me

Sabrina sighs and stuffs her phone back in her pocket. He’s not dying, and that’s all she needs to know.

Her phone buzzes again. She manages to ignore it for almost a minute before she gives in and looks at it.

Don’t u want to know what im doing

Sabrina sighs and texts back, Fine stinkbaby. Tell me what youre doing and ill answer you when I get out of class ok? Youre gonna get me in trouble.

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*I will write this fic (other Destiel or Cockles) when I’m done with a few others, but for now here’s an excerpt from my head (I already have the name too)*


An almost inaudible knock on the door and his bedtime prayers were effortlessly disrupted. Not that he had been fervently praying; his mind had been wandering to forbidden places. Places where God turned his face from him and he took a juicy apple from a vibrant green serpent. He rose to his feet and fixed his habit; the collar an acid imbued hangman’s noose reminding him of his duties.

When he opened the door his breath caught in his throat; was God testing him?

“What are you doing here so late Father Dean (Jensen)?”

“Can I come in Father Castiel (Misha)? I need to talk to you.”

He hesitated a moment, but then stepped aside. “Of course, please come in.”

Once the door was closed Castiel (Misha) found himself against the door’s cool wood, Father Winchester’s (Ackles’) burning body pressed against his equally flaming one, almost rutting against his crotch. A chocked groan wrenched free from his throat and his eyes shut close with surprise, whilst his hands fought to coil around sinful hips undulating intemperate. The quiet moans and whines parting pretty plump lips were digging deep inside his body, dulling his senses and tempting his manhood.

“Castiel, Cas (Misha, Mish) mmm, so good,” such cries should repel him, should make him push this demon away from him, but he couldn’t—no, it wasn’t that— he didn’t want to do it.

The heavenly lord help him, because if the devil was in the form of this gorgeous man he couldn’t deny him. Yet his bows resonated deafening inside his mind.

“Stop, Father Dean (Jensen), please stop. This is wrong, a sin; the devil has taken a hold of your soul. Come back to your senses.” It was a desperate plea, more to himself than to the man driving him mad with passion.

A dark chuckle and then, ‘You speak of the devil possessing me, when I know you feel like me, you are like me. I haven’t missed the lust ridden look veiling your eyes as they rake my body from head to toe. I have noticed how you gasp every time I bent down to pick up something. You want me; you want to do impure things to me ‘Cas’ (Mish). I want you to do indecent things to me. Let’s dirty each other.“

Lucifer was speaking through father Dean (Jensen), saying everything he wanted to hear, everything he has dreamt about since arriving to this church and meeting this green-eyed temptress.

‘Cas’ (Mish), that nickname sounded holy and devilish rolling from that wicked tongue. What would become of him if he succumbs to this desire? And the worse part was that it wasn’t just carnal thoughts that harrowed him; it was something more profound. And it terrified him; it shook his very soul. Because he wasn’t supposed to love anyone else more than God.

That’s just a little tease, thoughts?

What do you prefer, Cockles or Destiel for this fic?

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i found the thing i wrote to counter my writer’s block again and while the beginning is shit the idea is still really cute… so i’m gonna continue it and edit the beginning so that i can post it anyway (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

She came back changed after years of training with Natasha. The broken man she left is now the new Captain America and the madness he left behind, well, looks like she is the owner of it now. She’s trying to find herself, between old and new and borrowed. She got new skills and everyone wants her in their team, and she thought she’d like it but, never assume anything with Darcy Lewis. Maybe she just want a nice, noisy house with a cup of coffee in one hand, writing on a novel with the other and a kid chewing on a dog’s ear on the floor. Or something. You never know.

Romione Ministry AU

okay so i was thinking about this earlier and just imagine:

  • the trio never met at hogwarts because harry had a private tutor all the way through school, and hermione’s in the year above ron so they don’t really speak all that much
  • they all get careers in the ministry after hogwarts (hermione’s in care of magical creatures, harry’s high ranking in the auror department, and ron’s a quidditch analyst for the dept of magical sport) 
  • one day, ron’s running late so he bumps into hermione in the ministry atrium and they catch a lift together
  • after a while of awkward silence ron feels the need to say /something/
  • ‘er- sorry i bumped into you’ ‘it’s fine’ ‘no, really-’ ‘hey, don’t i know you from somewhere?’
  • from that day on, ron develops a crush on the cute ministry witch he met in the elevator, and he makes an effort to be late everyday from then on
  • they do meet again, at a ministry event (ron’s first) and hermione introduces him to the famous harry potter
  • ‘i’m.. er, i’m ron’ ‘harry potter, nice to meet you’ ‘nice to meet you to, mr. potte-’ ‘just harry’s fine’ ‘well alright then, ‘just harry’’ (harry laughs and they become best bros)
  • halfway through the evening hermione drags ron on to the dancefloor and they sway in time to the music (’hey you’re not too bad at this!’ ‘were you expecting me to be?’)
  • the night ends far too quickly for ron’s liking, but a few days later hermione’s mail accidentally ends up at his desk, giving him an excuse to go see her 
  • she blushes deep red when he asks her how on earth her mail got sent to his desk, and then it its him (’ohh’)
  • so ron gathers up all his gryffindor courage and asks if she wants to grab a coffee with him next saturday 
  • ‘or y’know, it doesn’t have to be coffee, we could go get icecream or something if you preferred, or not, i mean, we don’t have to- actually nevermind i think i have something plann-’ ‘i’d love to’
  • so they go for coffee on a saturday and it’s hands down the best first date ron’s ever been on
  • they arrange to meet again next saturday, and ron spends the days counting down the time until he can see her again
  • they talk about everything, from their time at hogwarts, to ron’s family, to hermione’s dreams for the future, but they also joke and laugh and have fun
  • slowly yet surely falling love with each other every passing day ^-^

@koganelovesmcclain, @mugenjo I’m on mobile so I can’t do the cool reply post thingy but fuck yes you should read it. There is a lot of angst but also so many funny and fluffy moments and I just - yeah. Yeah, read it, waste your day away ; - ;

anonymous asked:

sorry to be a bother but my adhd made me feel confused about that hobbit fic post, is there a sum of what type of fics are okay to enjoy without discourse? idk if the fandom backlash for bagginshield happened cos i know it got wank in the past so what is the best way to write? my last fandom was for a sports anime where there was less shame attached to writing fluffy ship stuff, but book fandoms are more intimidating.

no worries!! you’re talking about this post, right?

it’s not a post meant to call out or start discourse about bagginshield fic (even though it does look like that based on the text post that inspired it) so I’m sorry to hear you got backlash and wank in the past about your fic! 

the basic idea of that post was that a lot of fics in a fandom (specifically Tolkien, but I imagine this applies to other fandoms as well…) often tries to imitate the original source material, so in the Tolkien fandom case a lot of the more popular fics are able to mimic Tolkien’s tone, dialogue, etc. because as fans we seek out fanfiction written in a tone that we’re familiar with… which makes sense, right? we fell in love with the source material and we feel most comfortable reading something that feels like ‘home’

but this also means that many authors get discouraged when they have a different style from the source material and their fics aren’t as sought after as the popular fics… (which, I feel I run into as well, because as I said I honed my writing style and voice primarily while in the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom, which clearly has an incredibly different (and simpler) style and tone than Tolkien does!)

so the final takeaway from that post is also kind of a plea to readers to give fic a chance that doesn’t absolutely capture the source material style and tone and as a writer not feel obligated to write in the same style and tone as the source material 

so keep writing your fluffy ship stuff (which is what i’m doing too!) and hopefully our voices will be heard among the seas of fanfic!!

I wrote this real quick a while ago and Gill said I should go ahead and post it so… *jazz hands*. Not super polished, but basically I like the idea that Calliope and Caliborn started identifying the way they do after learning about human concepts of gender. That doesn’t really hold up since alt Callie uses she/her and calls Caliborn her brother but a) universal translator maybe? and b) I have a long and proud tradition of ignoring canon at this point. 

Also this is my first time directly writing/referencing one of my trans hcs so if I fucked something up let me know.

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yesssss keith and lance will finally talk- kind of- sort of- why are they being so difficult ;A;

Unusual Series – Pt. 4

Title: Freedom

Summary: Eve the mother of all monsters is unleashed from Purgatory and working her way to make earth a living hell. Meanwhile Katherine’s plans to kill her and get her freedom back hasn’t ceased.This story takes place on season 6.

Autor: deanwinchester-af​

Pairings: Dean x OFC

Characters: Dean Winchester, Katherine Pierce, Sam Winchester

Words: 3.8k+ 

Warnings: None.

Beta: @teamfreewill-imagine (thank you♥)

A/N: I’m in a writing hiatus but I’ve had some spare time and this is something I’ve worked on my own pace and slowly on my free time off between studying. Hope you guys like this, after this chapter things get really interesting and sassier. Italics are internal thoughts.

Please let me know what y’all think?

Parts: 00, 01, 02, 03


You were sick of Eve and her non-stop road trip. Sick of being her chauffeur, disgusted of the horrible things she has created but above it all, you were tired of being on her leash. Every nerve and bone of your body missed your freedom and wanted it back at any cost, even if it meant killing your own creator.

Eve gave you the look, the one that says ‘pull over by this bar’, so you parked the car that you’d stolen a hundred miles back. She hopped down the car, walking towards the entrance of an old bar. Two guys were walking out of there, talking about some girls and what they did last summer. Once being noticed, they stopped their conversation and stared at the two of you.

“Heaven must be missing an angel.”

You rolled your eyes at irony of that lame pick up line, observing Eve slowly caressing this naive guy’s cheek as she walked by. You held your breath, watching veins popping on the side of his face. You wanted to help him but he was already doomed.

“Are you going to keep cooking failures through all the states?” You asked, arching a brow.

Eve scoffed, “It’s almost ready… I just need more time for some improvements.”

“Why?” You stopped, throwing your arms to the air in exasperation, “Why do you keep creating all this creatures? What the hell for?!”

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Marichat week day 1

Prompt: secret dating


“Chat,” Marinette hissed, glaring at the leather-clad superhero that had climbed into her bedroom. “My parents are home. You can’t be here!”

He gave her a sly smile, stretching out on her bed.

“I missed you, princess,” he purred. “Is it a crime to come see you?”

Marinette ignored her flaming cheeks and threw a pillow at him.

“It is when my parents are home, you dumb cat!”

He laughed, setting the pillow down on the bed and getting up. He walked over to her, stepping between her legs and taking her face in his hands.

“I wanted to see you,” he said softly, smiling. His eyes searched her face. “You can’t be mad at me for that, can you, princess?”

The endearment broke the rest of Marinette’s frustration and she let out a little huff, grabbing his face and bringing his lips to meet hers. His hands moved from her face to her waist. She slid a few of her fingers in his wild hair, gripping the blonde strands.

It didn’t take long for Chat’s hands to slip under her shirt and press into the skin of her waist. The cool leather raised goosebumps on her flesh and she shivered a little, pulling closer to him.

“Marinette?” Footsteps on the stairs to her room. “Would you like some crêpes? Papa made them special tonight, just for you.”

Marinette squeaked and shoved Chat away from her. He fell backwards, tripping over her bed and landing with a thump behind it. Marinette hastily fixed her shirt as the trapdoor to her room opened up and her mother stuck her head in, frowning a little.

“What was that noise?” she asked. “Is everything all right?”

Marinette forced a smile, eyes darting to the place that Chat Noir was hiding.

“Yeah, of course,” she said. “I just dropped something, that’s all.”

“Okay. Well, Papa made crêpes for dessert and says that if you want any, you’re going to have to come get them before he eats them all.”

“I’ll be down in a minute, Maman.”

Marinette’s mom disappeared, the door shutting behind her. Chat’s head popped up from behind her bed, his hair ruffled.

“You didn’t have to shove me,” he complained. “I could’ve hurt myself!”

Marinette laughed, walking over to him and pressing a small kiss to his lips.

“Silly kitty. I’m sorry for shoving you, but I couldn’t let my mom see you. She doesn’t even know we’re dating, much less anything about you sneaking into my room at night.”

Chat gave her a smile and kissed her one last time.

“Bring me back a crêpe!” he called after her.


Colorless (KnB Fic)

Rating: T/PG-13

Pairing: KagaKuro

Word Count: 3,750

Warnings: None, really? Boys making out. Some language. Mild angst. And metaphors, so many metaphors.

Summary: Kuroko worries that he’s using Kagami, to fill a void from his past. But does Kagami know? (Set shortly before the Winter Cup.)

A/N: I considered saving this one for Seirin Week, but since it’s not Seirin-centric and has a lot to do with the Generation of Miracles, I decided to post it now instead. (Also in honor of the anime finale tomorrow!)

“You’re trying to save them, aren’t you?”

Kuroko looked up at Kagami, as they waited for the light to change. Seirin’s red-haired ace wore his usual gruff expression. His brows were furrowed, his jaw set. He stared straight ahead, toward the opposite side of the street. They were just a few blocks away from Kagami’s apartment.

Kuroko didn’t ask what Kagami meant by his question. He already knew. Even the apparently ambiguous “them” could only refer to one group of people.

He looked away again. “How long have you thought that?”

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Tourist Trap | | Bagginshield AU

On the North side of the Long Lake sat a tiny used-to-be tourist town named Erebor. The town was once a popular vacation spot with its many tourist attractions, chiefly, the myth about Smaug: the lake-dwelling sea monster that was rumored to live in the large lake. Now in the 21st Century, Erebor is struggling to survive with only a handful of people passing through during peak season. Management of Tourism for Erebor now lands in the lap of Thorin Durinson who’s inherited the business from his family.

Along with Bilbo Baggins, mythological fanatic and bookkeeper for Erebor’s current financial situation, Thorin’s determined to do something to drive people back to Erebor and the shores of the Long Lake. However, they quickly realize they may be in way over their head. 

Heart Count (KnB Fic)

[For Seirin Week Day 1: Teamwork/Teammates]

Rating: G

Pairings: (Implied Only) KagaKuro, MitoKoga, KiyoHyuuRiko

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: Basketball dorks. Silly humor. A dash of angst at the end.

Summary: A few months after the Winter Cup, Riko contemplates a hitch in Seirin’s teamwork. Then she draws a ridiculous chart. (A ridiculous, dorky, not-manly-at-all chart, which her players can never see, because they would die of embarrassment.)

A/N: This was supposed to be a scene in a fic that I hope to post later this week, but it got away from me enough to become its own piece. It’s pretty silly. Enjoy! AND HAPPY SEIRIN WEEK.

Some days, Riko felt more like a matchmaker than a coach. Today, unfortunately, was one of those days.

She leaned back in her desk chair and rubbed her forehead. The notebook in front of her was filled with notes for various plays, along with charts to track each player’s progress. If only those charts were on her mind. Numbers, she could handle. Fitness and anatomy and training regimens, those were easy.

Trying to figure out the right combination of players to make a miracle, on the other hand, was anything but.

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