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#wellnesswednesday : There will always be people out there to judge you by your looks. They will assume they know what’s best for you and will bully those perceptions upon you. The best thing to do in this kind of situation? Prove Them Wrong! I’m constantly being told-by strange Internet trolls-that I’m lazy and unhealthy. And they could not be more wrong. Be you and have the strength to rise above those negative perceptions by pushing yourself to be the best you can be!
Pigeon pose/one legged pigeon
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Lockwood & Co. Headcanons Part 2
  • At Fittes, Lockwood & Co is legend
  • Everyone wants to be assigned cases with them
  • All the other teams are so jealous that Kipps, Kat, Bobby and Ned have actually talked to them
  • The Fittes agents are actually such a family - anyone under the age of 12 is automatically babied by the supervising agents
  • Even the tough teenage agents are babied by the supervisors
  • Kipps is worst of all
  • He literally spends all of his time running around trying to stop the kids from doing anything “too dangerous”
  • He is a total team mom who worries about everyone
  • Everyone gets a doughnut after every assignment no exceptions
  • Kat makes sure all the equipment is safe and everyone is well trained
  • Ned is like the stoic older brother who pretends not to love you but actually is so protective
  • But he still proudly tells the youngest agents about the time Anthony Lockwood kicked him in the shin
  • George and Kat are actually really good friends 
  • They complain about their idiotic, aggressive friends who can’t do anything without them
  • Lucy and Ned eventually get over their problems and become sparring partners
  • Bobby tags along sometimes to point out their technique flaws but eventually Ned and Lucy chain him to the ceiling by his ankles and now they are helping him learn to fight better
  • It takes Kipps and Lockwood the longest to be friends 
  • Even after everyone else is fine Kipps is still like “no i will never like tony lockwood we will never be friends stop trying guys”
  • But then Lucy and George come home one night after an assignment and Lockwood and Kipps are just sitting in the living room glued to the TV watching some trashy show and giggling
  • And of course Lockwood has the cutest laugh ever but surprisingly so does Kipps (he laughs like 5 year old)
  • And after that day anyone in the entire Fittes building who badmouths Lockwood & Co has to deal with the wrath of Quill Kipps

This is me. This is me unedited, no photoshop, and in all my curvy glory - in my natural state lol half dressed and enjoying life!
I don’t need to be fixed with diets and there is no “skinny” person on the inside trying to escape. I am not ashamed of my belly, my stretch marks, or whatever other unrealistic ideal trait of beauty that media forces on our bodies.
I love my body and there is no ifs, ands, or but’s about it!
📸 by the wonderful House of Winter ~ wearing my new favorite shirt from Ready to Stare “I’m morbidly obsessed with myself” ~ extended stretch calf stripe sock from Sock it to Me @readytostare @sockittomeinc