kat shup

Highschool au where Rose is a cocky senior and Dave is a new student-teacher that she annoys the shit out of with her sarcasm and snark and one day when Rose comes into her math class because she forgot her pen and Dave’s in there grading papers for the teacher and she gives him an offhand comment about red correction pens or something and he snaps and pushes her up against a wall (◡‿◡✿)

Dead!Sollux’s ghost following Rose around because she’s the one who found his body and gave enough of a fuck to bury him
Following her around for months on end just watching her in her normal life, reading, sleeping, etc. and slowly falling in love with everything she does
But he can’t do anything about it because he’s dead and she can’t see him
But he can’t move on because she’s the thing holding him back
I angst sometimes