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And of course I needed to end with a bang.

A sad, rainy bang.

I honestly learned quite a bit drawing this one. First time really messing with brushes and textures.

Monofell belongs to @pc-doodle / @monofell-au

01 / 02 / 03 / 04 (Fin)

The full art without the words under the cut:

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I’m thrilled to finally be able to show my piece for the @onceuponapine zine! My entry is based on tales of an Irish mythical creature I’ve loved since long before the movie Song of the Sea (though that did exacerbate it greatly): selkies, seals who shed their skin on land to become human women, and often the brides of fishermen who jealously steal their seal skins. I thought Jyushimatsu helping Homura remembering who she really was after being lost to the AV industry for so long was a fitting reversal of this narrative and I really enjoyed the challenge of conveying that, as well as everything I love about their relationship in canon, in one A4 image.

This is actually a slight variant of the piece: it was too deep, so I had to crop and rearrange the version you’ll see in the zine a bit. I thank Mod Jyushi for their patience with my flaky artist ways <3

I’m proud to be sharing this zine with many talented artists and writers, so go grab your copy!!!


So. I know I missed a couple arts, but I’ll get back to that (eventually) but someone asked to see the arts from LemonLight Productions Battle Against a True Hero [see the video PLS]

Can I just say. I’m so happy with these? They were a collab with the AMAZINGLY TALENTED @melod-va who allowed me the honor of composing and sketching and then drawing the lines for this song. She took my scribbles and turned them into such beautiful and dynamic and emotional works of art through the colors, lighting and shading. It was wonderful working with you <3

Hope the rest of you enjoy them!


Gahhh grainy phone pictures I’m sorry

Gosh okay well enough people wanted this so I’m making it a thing

I’m taking commissions! 

I’ve been cutting fancy holes in paper for several years, and now you can ask me to cut some holes just for you hol y hell. Here’s how it’s gonna work!

  • £10 for the first hour of art, then £7 for every hour that follows. You’ll also need to cover postage – I’ll do everything I can to keep this as low as possible
  • DM me with your ideas and I’ll give you a quote with a £5-£15 margin and a cap eg. between £40 and £50, no more than £50
  • If you have a budget, we can work around it! If you’re willing to tone down detail it’ll reduce the price. Minimum spend will be £10
  • Default frames will be a flat mount – I’m happy to upgrade this for a glass one at no cost, however this will bump up your shipping costs, especially if you’re outside the UK. I’ll also mount things on notebooks, sketchpads, mirrors, whatever you fancy (within reason)& I’ll address additional costs individually in these cases

Because these are physical commissions, I’ll need your address/PO Box – so if you’re under 18 please make sure ya caregivers are okay with it

Stuff I’ll do!

  • Fanart and OC things
  • Original designs 
  • One-off illustrative work
  • Cards/gifts/etc
  • Actual picture frames (please include dimensions)
  • Layered/multiple part stuff

 Stuff I won’t do

  • Portraiture (I don’t have any experience cutting out portraits and I’m not comfortable charging for something I know won’t be up to standard)
  • Bulk orders (a three-part piece is fine. 20 identical invitations is not
  • Please don’t send me someone else’s design and ask me to copy it
  • Orders that exceed 15 hours of work

 I’m starting off taking 30 hours of Art (approx. 5 spaces) because I’ve just started a new Real Job like some kind of Adult Human, so get em whil e theyre hot!!! 

* this post will be subject to (mostly picture) updates since I’ve got some stuff in the works right now that’s looking pretty Sweet but isn’t ready to be showcased yet


First batch of the Artwork I did for @lemonlightproductions‘s track #25 - Forgotten Tale (click [here] for the video!)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

This was a …long one. I’ve got another…2? more posts to include for this to get all the artwork. I just wanted to add a special thanks to @diehard–dreamer here…We were supposed to collab on this. And because of that it took me a long time to feel ready to tackle this. She sketched out the first image, with asriel and Chara. It wasn’t finished, but…it didn’t feel right to ignore the work she did. I only hope I finished our song in a way that she would have been proud.

Lams for Kat - Day 3

Prompt: Cuddles :)

Just two Bros chillin’ in a tree, side-by-side ‘cause they’re Gay.

Yes, it’s an oak tree. Of course it’s an oak tree. :’D


yo whats up i spent nearly a month on this

For @endromeda

“It is just one photo, Will.”
“What if it gets out? The FBI could see it, one of Freddie’s readers could see it. It’s too risky.”
“You just signed papers declaring that you belong to me for as long as we both shall live, I feel today is the day to break a few rules.”
“Technically, Thomas and Edward are the ones who swore their lives to each other.”
“A technicality.”
“Don’t forget, you signed the same papers, Hannibal. You are just as much mine as I am yours.”
“I also remember us both promising much more than just our living days to each other. Not even death may part us. We are conjoined as one beast in two bodies.”
“They will never separate us, I’ll always find my way back to you.”
“So may we take the photo?”

lbr what else could I have drawn for #osomuchink day 24 except these two

today’s prompt is “cultural” so I drew them under an “ai ai gasa” or “love love umbrella,” which is… well, just look at the image. from what I’ve read, it’s a bit like Japan’s equivalent of writing your & your crush’s names together inside a heart - and hey, little things like that are part of what make up culture (not to mention perfect for this incredibly pure couple)