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Name: Kathryn

Nicknames: Kat, Ryn, KitKat, Kitty Cat, Katie

Zodiac sign: Aries

Height: 159cm (5′2.6)

Orientation: unsure???? probably ace panromantic but who knows i don’t

Nationality: American

Favourite fruit: Mango.

Favourite season: Autumn

Favourite book: Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book

Favourite flower: Bleeding hearts

Favourite scent: i love garlic and also fruity things

Favourite color: Purple or orange or darker golden yellows

Favourite animal: Bats

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea

Average sleep hours: 5-7 hours

Cat or dog person: Both i guess but i like cats slightly more because they’re easier to take care of

Favourite fictional character: Asami Sato

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 but i have no less than 3 pillows at all times

Dream trip: send me to hell, meet me in the pit.

Blog created: april 17 like 4 years ago

I tag: @motherheckingsaekurosawa @infpqueen @rainingooblah @mr-mistie-eyed @holtz-knope @negatopoji @saekoalisa 

anyone else who would like to do this is welcome to!