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Power (or lack of) M!As

Sit boy: Your muse now wears a collar (complete with a leash) that they can’t seem to remove no matter what. It can only be removed by someone else. Additionally, muse cannot be violent against anyone holding the leash. Hopefully no one finds this useful… Lasts for a day.

King me: Your muse is now in the highest level of authority. A king, CEO, president; or whichever fits into your character’s setting. Lasts for two days.

Cuffed: Your muse is handcuffed and sadly no amount of fiddling will make it budge. Lasts for a day.

Deity: Your muse is now a god, power and divine abilities bestowed upon them. Lasts for two days.

Servant: Muse is forced to be a maid or butler to the first person they come in contact with. Lasts for five hours.

Dutch Tumblr, I need your help.

Dit is mijn kat Flea, roepnaam Pippi. We zijn hem sinds dinsdag 17 januari kwijt, en dat is niks voor hem (hij mist nooit zijn eten). We wonen in Driebergen dus we vermoeden dat hij daar ergens is. Hij heeft een stevig lijf en een klein hoofd, en zoals je ziet ook een soort melksnor. Hij kruipt graag in schuurtjes, komt niet als je roept, maar wel als je eten hebt. Als je meer weet, laat het ons alsjeblieft weten op 06-40131652 (Monique neemt op, dat is mijn mam). Reblogging wordt heel heel erg gewaardeerd.

For the people who live in NL but don’t speak Dutch: this is my cat Flea, goes by Pippi. He’s been missing since Tuesday 17th of January and that’s weird for him because he never misses mealtime. We live in Driebergen (near Zeist, Utrecht) and we assume he’s somewhere close to home. He likes to hide in sheds, won’t come when you call but definitely will if you have canned food or meat or so. If you know more, please phone my mum Monique at 06-40131652. Reblogging is appreciated.

Questions/Comments to be sent anonymously!

(though off anon is fine too!)

  • “Is there someone you hold dear?”
  • “Don’t you feel any guilt?”
  • “You’re actually afraid to be alone, aren’t you?”
  • “There must be something you fear.”
  • “Do you have a home?”
  • “Is there someone you like?”
  • “Are you really expecting a positive outcome out of this?”
  • “Aren’t you ashamed?”
  • “Aren’t you happy?”
  • “Who do you despise?” 
  • “How do you sleep at night?”
  • “What do you think of kindness?”
  • “What do you think of hatred?”
  • “Why do you fight?”
  • “Why do you live?”
  • “How much blood have you spilled?”
  • “How much death have you seen?”
  • “Don’t you think your actions are reckless?”
  • “Don’t you know how much good you’ve done for others?”
  • “Can’t you tell they love you?”
  • “Can’t you see he/she would die for you?”
  • “Can’t you tell the truth for once?”
  • “You’re not tainted.”
  • “You’re not alone.”
  • “You’re awful.”
  • “You don’t think of anyone but yourself.”
  • “You’re an emotionless robot.”
  • “You’re just a lap dog.”
  • “It’s not over.”
  • “He/she needs you.”
  • “Stop lying.”
  • “Stop fighting.”
  • “Stop pushing others away.”
  • “You’re cruel.”
  • “You’re far too kind. Too kind for your own good.”
  • “You depend on him/her too often.”
  • “You’re overprotective, it’s stifling.”
  • “He/she is bringing you down.”
  • “You’re too timid, it’s easy to see you as a target.”
  • “You need to listen.”
  • “You need to speak up more often.”
  • “You’re weak.”
  • “You’re too proud.”
  • “Quit blaming others for your mistakes.”
  • “You won’t always be around to save him/her.”
  • “One day, he/she won’t need you anymore.”
  • “You can’t cheat death.”
  • “You can’t hide forever.”
  • “They’ll find out the truth eventually.”
  • “That person is only holding you back.”
  • “They’re too good for you.”
  • “You’ll be rewarded for your efforts if you keep trying.”
  • “It will get better.”
  • “You look lonely.”
  • “You look bitter.”
  • “You look tired.”
  • “You’re hiding a painful burden.”
  • “You’re perfect.”
  • “You’re beautiful.”
  • “You will always be worthless.”
  • “Your hands are too dirty, too tainted to be clean.”
  • “You’re lost in this world. Wandering without a purpose.”
  • “You’ll rise above them all.” 
  • “You’ll find your place in this world.”
  • “Eventually, someone will knock you off your pedestal.”

Send ‘Look into my eyes’ and my muse will bold what they see

| Hope | Love | Passion | Hate | Resentment | Envy | Indifference | Confidence | Insecurity | Greed | Desire | Optimism | Spite | Hostility | Kindness | Warmth | Intelligence | Experience | Trauma | Aggression | Gentleness |  Arrogance | Pride | Lust | Cruelty | You’re soft | You’re trusting | You seem honest | You’re humble | You’re cold | You’re closed off | You’re reserved and guarded | You’re unfeeling | You’re remorseless | You’re heartless | You’re inhuman | You’re frightening | You’re frightened | You’re devious | You’re unpredictable | You’re struggling | You’re lost | You’re broken | You’re disheartened | You seem headstrong | You seem difficult | You’re stubborn | I see hope | I see purpose | I see absolute conviction | I see compassion | I see a shining light | I see shattered remains | I see something familiar | I see a friend | I see an enemy | I see a lover | I see thirst for blood | I see malicious intent | I see pity | You’re pitiful | I see darkness | You’re unwavering | You’re pure | You’re noble |

drawmelike1ofurfrenchcats  asked:

Can I get poly otabek and yurio headcanons 😺🙏

//out of personal preference I aged everyone up so yuri is like 19/20 ish! -mod kat //

  • Both Yuri and Otabek don’t seem like the kind who like cuddles but trust me they are always pulling each other and their s/o over to them for cuddles
  • Yuri likes laying on top of you guys and Otabek likes being laid on.
  • Surprise! Both ur bf’s are tall cause yuri hit a massive growth spurt when he was 16
  • Yuri does a lot of the cooking but enjoys your help.
  • Otabek isn’t really allowed near anything flammable
  • both of them are pretty straightforward with feelings
  • Otabek confessed first to both of you and then things developed from there

Confrontation! Sentence Memes

  • You don’t think of anyone but yourself.
  • Admit it, you’re scared aren’t you?
  • You’re out of control!
  • I hardly ever recognize you anymore, you’ve changed.
  • You spend all your time locked up doing lord knows what!
  • Don’t sneak up on me like that.
  • I heard the commotion last night… it must of been a terrible dream.
  • Listen, about last night…
  • Here’s a tip, stop hiding behind excuses each time someone is worried about you.
  • Why are you alone most of the time?
  • Weren’t you friends with them?
  • Aren’t you tired of lying to yourself?
  • I should have known better… than to be fooled by you.
  • You’re pretty satisfied with serving on your knees most of the time, huh?
  • Quit getting in my face.
  • I’m warning you, get off my back.
  • I didn’t need your help.
  • What’s your problem with me?
  • You say you don’t recognize me, but you’re the one who’s changed.
  • When will you quit pretending to care? I’m tired of your lip service.
  • You can’t stand being next to me. Why is that?
  • Not everyone is going to leave you, but not everyone is going to stay.
  • You’re gonna get nothing but sass from me if you don’t change the topic.
  • How many have you killed?
  • What if they catch you?
  • This is dangerous…
  • I know you didn’t have the best relationship with your father/mother…
  • You’re tired of fighting, aren’t you?
  • What have you ever gotten out of this?
  • They’re using you. 
  • I was only using you.
  • I’ve known your secret this entire time.
  • Do you really think no one will find out?
  • Someone is bound to see the true you and I’ll be there for your reckoning.
  • You only push me away. Let me help.
  • Are you suggesting we commit treason?
  • Don’t fool yourself, you’re just as loathsome as I am.
  • Stop. I won’t have these unnecessary misgivings. Focus on your task.
  • Your skepticism is easy to read. What is it that you’re doubting?
  • In the end, we’ve only gotten more pain. I’m sick of this.
  • You’re going to run away?
  • We’re escaping. Tonight.
  • Make no mistake, we’re not friends.
  • You’re low. Lower than scum.
  • I’m only helping you this once.
  • Be a little more grateful about my help, you would of been a goner.
  • You can’t do this alone, let me go with you.
  • You keep can’t doing this yourself, let me intervene I’m sure we can resolve this.
  • You keep being singled out, it isn’t fair.
  • Quit mothering me, I said I’ve got this under control.
  • Maybe you should stop worrying about me and look at yourself first.
  • Help me? You could hardly help yourself.
  • Of course making friends would be easy for you, you’re eager to please.
  • You really are an emotionless robot.
  • How can you brush me off, if you’ve never even given me a chance?
  • Don’t touch me.
  • Get out.
  • Get away from them!
  • Watch out!
  • You’re in danger.
  • Your loved one is in danger.
  • If you won’t do it, I’m sure your friend wouldn’t mind being in your place.
  • Please. Talk to me.
  • Don’t you ever say that again.
  • Don’t pretend we’re friends.
  • It was easy for your friends to abandon you. 
  • Shut up!
  • Let go of me.
  • Tell them how you really feel.
  • You’re not fooling anyone with your haughty display of strength.
  • Offended? I’m surprised. I thought you were hollow and unfeeling.
  • Tell me where it is.
  •  You said you’d never lie to me.
  • There’s nothing wrong in doing what is absolutely necessary. The ends justify the means.
  • You obey order without question, you’re just a docile dog aren’t you?
  • Maybe if you stopped being such an ice queen people would enjoy being around you.
  • You scorn others around you but you’ve never once stopped to open your eyes.

anonymous asked:

Yurio's reaction to accidentally kicking his s/o when he meant to kick someone else instead, bc they managed to jump away in time?

// i personally think he’d be careful enough when intentionally kicking someone not to get any bystanders involved but to each their own -mod kat //

-he’s pale as a ghost and cannot believe what he’s just done

-did someone say groveling? because that’s what he’s doing, even after his s/o says its okay (that is if they do in the first place lmao)

oh boi you can bet your ass he triple checks if he ever kicks anyone again just to make sure he’ll only hit his target

anonymous asked:

Could I request a scenario? Chris' response to his S/O planning everything on valentines day (Chris' B-Day) like he thought they had forgotten then S/O shows up at his door all dressed up with flowers and plans for the whole day and a big cheesy grin on their face. And whatever you think his reaction would be for this and they have two of everything (gift, card, etc) because it's two special days in one so Chris is gonna get spoiled today (since valentines is coming up soon) THANK YOU :)

// ahh I haven’t been on as much and was going through our drafts and realized we didn’t get this done in time for valentines! I thought this was super cute but only had time to do it as headcanons so i hope you enjoy this! -mod kat //

-Chris is basically just on the verge of irreversible mopey-ness when his s/o gets there

-when they tell him what all they have planned for that day for his birthday he just melts with relief that they didn’t actually forget

-He’s just so excited, he absolutely lives for being spoiled like this. 

-Of course he has the perfect vase for the flowers and takes ten years making sure they look perfect on his kitchen table

-He thinks it’s the sweetest thing that they’re celebrating both his birthday and valentines day in one ordeal

-all the extra chocolate and things is also a big plus though

-at the end of the night they end up curled up on the couch with chris’ cat and hot cocoa