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Yeah I’m just gonna… put this under a read more because wtf this is long :’D thanks @goddessasteria for tagging me though^^ @quiiiznak you go do this, not sure if my other friends would be up to answering so many things…


a. NAME: Katrin or short - Kat

b. AGE (and birthday!): 17th March, I’m 19

c. SEXUALITY: ace, biromantic

d. GENDER: female

e. COUNTRY: Germany

f. FAVORITE AESTHETIC: idk this is hard D: the sky, probably? the ocean? space??

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8. Black Lace
This has to be my favorite black look of Kat’s and trust me she has a lot of black looks. Here she is attending a Pre-Oscar Party dressed in a form fitting Nicolas Jebran dress with La Silla shoes and an Atelier Strut clutch with Neil Lane jewelry. Kat looked amazing and if you think the front is hot you should check out the back considering there is a sheer panel that trails to the back side bringing the sexy to the sophisticated. #RoxburyDrive925


“Hey kiddo!” Calum said as he wrapped his arms around Makaio.

You couldn’t help but smile when you seen the smile plastered on your sons face.

“We’ll see you later mom!” Makaio said happily as he hugged you.

“Okay baby boy, have fun and be good. Call me if you need me!” You said hugging him back.

“You sure you don’t wanna come with us? We are going to that cute little ice cream parlor that you love.” Calum said smiling as he put Halie in her carseat.

You smiled. “Nah I’m fine, you guys have fun.”

“Okay. You’re gonna miss out on all the fun.” Calum said shrugging.

“I’ll be fine.” You said smiling.

Calum grabbed Halie’s carseat and started to head toward the door.

“Ready bud?” He asked Makaio who was putting on his shoes.

“Ready!” Makaio said excitedly.

You leaned down and gave Halie a kiss.

“Be careful please.” You said worriedly to Calum.

“We will babe, I promise.” He said smiling and winked at you.

You nodded and Makaio wrapped his arms around you.

“Later mom, love you!” He said happily.

“Bye baby, I love you!” You said waving as they closed the door.

You walked over to the couch and sat down.

You fiddled your thumbs and flipped on the tv.

The hotel was always so quiet when the kids left with Calum. It was peaceful yet eerie.

You flipped the tv off and sat in the silence for a moment.

You didn’t realize that you had fallen asleep until your phone started to ring.

“Hey y/n, can I ask you something?” Calum said.

“Yeah what’s up? Is everything okay?” You asked getting concerned.

“Yeah we’re all fine. I just wanted to ask if maybe I could keep the kids overnight tonight. Just for tonight. Makaio really wants to stay and I’ve got the night off and tomorrow too and I miss them. Please.” He said sounding desperate.

“Can I talk to Makaio?” You asked.

“Yeah. Makaio it’s your mom bud.” He said.

“Momma! Please please momma can I stay with daddy pleaseeee.” He begged.

You smiled. “Put your daddy back on please. I love you.”

“Dad-mom wants to talk!” You heard him shout.

“Soooooooo can I have them tonight, please?” He asked.

“I guess so. But please have them back tomorrow morning.” You said reluctantly.

“Yes! She said yes bud!” He said happily to Makaio.

You smiled.

“Thanks y/n, love yo-see ya tomorrow!” He said.

“See ya.” You said and hung up the phone.

“Well, hell. What am I going to do now?” You said outloud to yourself.

You decided to text Katrina and you decided to meet up later that night at your favorite steakhouse.

You got a shower and got dressed and waited until 5:00.

You found your car and hopped inside taking off to the steakhouse.

“Kat!” You screamed when you spotted her outside of the restaurant.

“Y/n!” She yelled and ran to give you a hug.

“Damn girl you are looking fine as fuck!” You said giggling to her.

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bamonshine  asked:

how cute were Ian and Kat at todays con? they were wearing cloths with the same colors. black and silver(what a coincidence huh). I wish Kat had the same hair style(and color) as Bonnie Bennet for season 7, suites her really well

You’re right, they totally matched! That’s too cute, lol.

And Kat looked amazing. The hair, the lipstick, the shoes!! Love it. I agree, would love to see her hair styled like that for TVD.