kat long

Be careful of that girl,
There’s a fire burning behind her eyes.
She makes kingdoms fall,
and monsters wish they’d never been born.
She’s not just a warrior—she is a dragon.
And she is not afraid
to burn your heaven to the ground.
—  death would be kinder than her touch // k.s.

Adrift somewhere, with old traditions.

Merry Christmas!

fantastic beasts but like,,,,,,,, without the plot,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just two hours of my boy newt taking care of all the creatures in his suitcase- and maybe a sideplot about picket’s struggle to fit in with the rest of the bowtruckle,,,, no johnny depp no deeper plot no awkward romantic pairings just good old newt scamander and his magical creatures

!!! Platonic Voltron squad soulmate AU

  • Lance and Hunk meet first, as kids, and as soon as they light eyes on each other, Lance can see yellow and Hunk can see blue. Lance decides that they are best friends now and doesn’t even question why, when people described color to him, it was a lot more than just scattered flashes of bright in a gray world
    • Hunk questions it. Hunk has many questions.
  • Keith and Shiro meet later, in a space camp or something. For them it’s purple and red, respectively.
    • Shiro bought Keith his clothes. Keith can’t see red yet.
  • For years, that’s it, and everyone’s kinda thrown because just one color each? More than one soulmate isn’t common, sure, but it’s not unheard of. But one color? That adds up to a lot of soulmates.
  • After Lance and Hunk enroll in the garrison, there’s an assembly where Shiro’s invited to speak, probably a sendoff before his mission leaves for Pluto
    • Shiro looks out over the auditorium and he sees new colors
    • which is great except for the fact that the auditorium has thousands of people in it and which ones are his soulmates he needs to find them because they obviously love space as much as he and Keith do and hello friends where are you how will he find you?
    • Lance and Hunk, meanwhile are freaking the hell out
    • Hunk is simultaneously like “I am not cool enough for Shiro to be my soulmate” and “if Shiro is one of my soulmates that means im going to have to go to space I don’t wanna leave the planet I’m gonna throw up”
  • Lance hears about Keith way before he ever sees him in person, and by this point he’s already decided that the all-star student is his rival and his enemy
    • the first time they’re in class together Lance just starts going “No.” over and over again.
    • Keith turns around and suddenly there are things that are blue and yellow and ??? Who are these people and why is one of them having a breakdown?
    • Hunk: Um… Hi. I think we’re soulmates. I’m Hunk.
    • Keith: Oh. cool. Keith.
    • Lance: NO
      • Keith is lowkey excited like he was when he thought he and Lance were gonna be friends after the Bonding Moment™. Keith doesn’t do people well and these people are gonna be his people
  • When Shiro goes MIA Keith is convinced the Garrison is covering something up because come on I can still see his colors he’s not dead I’d KNOW and he tries to convince Hunk to investigate with him. He’s written Lance off as a lost cause by this point, because he’s still being an ass. Hunk won’t go.
  • When Keith gets kicked out, he goes angry because Hunk and Lance were supposed to be people he could count on forever like what he thought family might be like and they’ve just been a massive letdown and the only person who was at all what he thought having a soulmate would be like is gone
    • Definitely don’t imagine Keith all alone in his shed, mostly seeing gray, surrounding himself with purple things just so he can remember that Shiro is still alive, hating every yellow and blue thing he sees
  • Pidge shows up a couple months later, all gray-vision and determination, and meets Lance and Hunk right away
    • Lance is much harder to shake off than Pidge anticipated
    • Seriously, Pidge is great with the soulmates thing and all, but Pidge joined the Garrison to do highly troublesome things and let’s keep the newfound soulmates out of this, shall we?
    • Lance will not go. Lance follows Pidge around determined to help with whatever shenanigans are happening
  • Shiro shows back up and Lance is even more determined to help than before, because this isn’t just his hero, this is one of his soulmates
  • Keith is angry. Keith is seeing green for the first time and this is just going to be another disappointment and these people won’t leave
  • Shiro wakes up to his first sight of green and “Hi we’re your soulmates” from three new people which is great except that Shiro is kinda a mess now and he maybe wanted to contain that mess as much as possible
    • Out in space, Shiro couldn’t see the purple of the Galra ships. He could see color still, yeah, but only in the other prisoners. He clings to that.
  • They go hunt down Blue, and the second Lance sees his lion, he can see blue too. Nothing changes for anyone else, because his lion’s only bonded with him
    • every time a team member meets their lion, they get to see the color they gave everyone else
  • And then they’re on Arus and the pods are opening up
  • The first orange any of the team sees is Coran’s hair
  • And when they see Allura–
    • Oh
    • Because up until this point, the gang had only ever seen in bright colors, like the basics from a crayon box, with no shades or browns or anything
    • But Allura? opens all that up.
    • Allura’s not one color, she’s hues and shades and gradients
    • And the world sure is more beautiful when not everything is in day-glo
  • They’re a space family and they’re not like conventional soulmates but they love each other and they’re going to save the galaxy

College- a looming threat that seemingly we know all about, save for when we get there, and suddenly, no one is prepared for the sudden wave of college life to push us into the chaos ocean that is class. Well, fear no longer! Here are my top 5 tips to surviving college. (keep in mind I am a first year student, this is just what i have learned so far!) 

1. talk to your professors! we all like to get our syllabus first day and get out, but make note of the office hours listed and of the required materials for the course. if you have any questions, come after class and talk to the professor- even if you don’t, come pop over, introduce yourself! it shows you are engaged in the class and take an active stance in your studies. 

2. stay organized! it is so easy to loose things, assignments, and especially the syllabus. you are most likely going to need all of these papers, and though this seems obvious, it is so, so important to keep up with everything professors give you- if they have a wiki page, use it! keep note of exam days, lecture days, all of that jazz, so you are not late or missing important class time/assignments (most professors will have a calendar on their wiki if they have one at all) 

3. dress comfortably, but not sloppily, to class. everyone knows that you should dress nice on the first day to make a good impression, but I advise keeping up with a neat, yet comfortable wardrobe. it shows people you care enough not to look like a mess, and it’s just better for you all around- at least, kin my experience. (would not advise ‘fancy dress’ or heels, though! stay comfortable, if you can!) 

4. not all your notes need to be studyblr worthy, or even legible to anyone but you- you need to be able to quickly take notes during lectures or presentations, so they need not be pretty. if you study better with pretty notes, i would make a rough copy during class and then, later, if you have the time, make a nicer, prettier copy- don’t waste valuable class time making ‘cute’ notes! do what you have to do! 

5. try to be a little social! you don’t have to attend wild parties (lord knows i don’t) and if you are a somewhat introverted, anxious or depressed person like i can be, i would advise having a small group of friends you can contact in each class if you have missed a day and need the work or notes for the missed day. it truly helps you stay on top of things if you miss class, and it is wonderful to have friends that will support and help you! 

that ends my first studyblr masterpost//long post sort of deal! hope you found it helpful! xoxo- kat