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Family photos ft batfam

Oh man this is a wreck

So in the back we have Bruce and then Dick on his right and Jason his left. On Dick’s other side he has Barbara and on Jason’s other side he has Kat Kane.
Kneeling on the floor are Cass, Damian, Tim, and Steph from left to right.

All of them are wearing fancy suits or evening gowns

Tim is enraged he’s lumped with the little kids
Jason lost his fancy dress tie somewhere
Dick is posing over dramatically
Steph spilled something on her dress
Damian won’t smile
Cass is fidgeting
Barbara is pinching Dick’s ass to make him blush
Kat is muttering arrest threats to Jason
Batman is one hundred percent done with Jason and Dick giving him bunny ears

Alfred is ready to kill them all


The Princesses

“Whatever comes,“ she said, "cannot alter one thing. If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside. It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal more of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it.”


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New CW 2015 sizzle reel!! 

                               ─ WHAT DID YOU DO AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? 

           IT’S THE YEAR BETWEEN HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE, most kids just go straight to college. they don’t discover themselves like they should, experience the world and help the less fortunate. or something like that, slap whatever label on it you want but joining the TASHMORE PROGRAM is basically an excuse for eighteen year olds to run wild on their campus in upstate new york.

           there’s a lake and mountain views, it’s a small town but the townies bring by drugs and there’s a liquor store close by.  in between bouts of partying and hormone induced makeouts, there are designated slots where the students are required to take a language class or volunteer at a nearby charity, but those moments are few and far between. the staff is present, but most of them don’t care what the kids do as long as it’s not an inconvenience. hell, some of the college interns or even the  younger teachers will join in the fun. 

               the best part? the first six months are spent in upstate new york, but then the next six months are spent traveling across europe, all different countries - a million experiences. 


  • any muses joining as students should be 18 - 19, it’s a rule of the program all students must be 18. 
  • if you are triggered by drug use, alcohol, sexual situations, or anything else teenagers on their own can get into this isn’t the verse for you. 
  • you do not have to be following me to join.
  • no co-ed dorm rooms, single, double and triple rooms availble. 
  • please submit your applications to me
  • no ooc drama, you will be removed from the group without hesitation
  • please tag all triggering material, ask if you need something specific tagged
  • humans only
  • no duplicated fc’s unless previously discussed 
  • canon and oc muses welcome
  • not activity based but please do try to be active 
  • no limit to amount of muses 
  • volunteer locations - animal shelter, homeless shelter, hospital, nursing home, school, therapeutic horse riding barn ( if you think of another to add let me know! )
  • please track the tags v. the year between for ic interactions and the tag v. tyb for ooc interactions. tag applications with v. tyb and berrygroups


mun name and age :
name :
age :
fc :
student, intern or teacher :
if student, volunteer location ( list above in rules ) and 1-3 classes / if teacher, subject :
short bio :


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Becoming Animals: From Machine to Man

Can you imagine the level of shock the crash survivors must be feeling?

In their society they are safe and protected. Any crime is punishable by a bloodless and simple death. Their population is low so I probably wasn’t till the big rebellion that any of them saw even the first glimmer of real violence. To them dangerous crimes are things like food and resource theft. At worst they maybe see a fist fight in a corridor. 

Bellamy may have shot Jaha, and the guards may have had guns, but they probably rarely would have used them. Compressed explosion of a high velocity bullet in a space ship? Insta-hull breach. 

So to them, real violence was something that seemed to be the realm of the past and of fiction.

And when news broke about the ground, and about the grounders, about the kids dying, It must have been on of those experiences where you know its happening, but at the same time you can sort of imagine to yourself that it isn’t. 

And then they get down to earth, disoriented and banged up from the crash and running on a bit of a mad oxygen high, and the first people they see on the ground look like this.

(gifs not mine. shots taken from later in the episode)

These two ‘kids’ are covered in their own gore. These aren’t marks from a simple fist fight. I mean Finn would look bad enough to them, haunted bloody and exhausted, but Bellamy’s face is practically shredded open. The only bits of un-bloody skin are on his forehead. Can you imagine coming from a world of the occasional broken bone and oxygen deprivation to these two brutalised human beings.

Kane may have said 'we are not animals’ but these kids have been treated like animals. They have had to survive by becoming animalistic. Kane still lives in a world of sleek metal corridors and machines. A world that is inherently void of anything that is not machine or man. A world that lends itself very well to the simplicity of system.

Earth is not void. Earth is populated. With creatures and cultures and monsters far beyond Kane’s limited understanding. It is the chaos of Darwinism.

The fact of the matter is Bellamy and Finn are animals at this point. Its the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest, because earth- even our earth now- is made for animals. Bellamy and Finn (and the rest of the 100) have adapted to survive as part of this ecosystem, but Kane still sees himself, and the rest of the ARK as above it, both literally and metaphorically. He has not yet really accepted the brutal reality of earth. Dealing with grounders and monsters is not going to be as simple as one little headshot. It will be war, the likes of which these 'Kids’ have already seen, and that the adults will be completely unprepared for. And as adults set in their ways, unwilling to accept. 

Kane and the others will have to learn how to adapt to Bellamy’s way of survival

Adapt or die. 

no words could describe the love I feel for kat edison