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hey @orphanblack, me again. clonecest extraordinaire

so tatiana can’t improv with herself right, but do y’all think kathryne alexandre could get a little of the spotlight too?

obviously these “rules videos” are “here’s a scene starter, now roll with it” type of improv. as fun as it’s been to see jordan and kevin and evelyne and kristian improv’ing with each other and with tatiana in a few cases, i for one would love to see kat and tat improv’ing a little clone/clone scene for fun. obviously /tatiana/ plays the clones but for these little snippets it would be so rad to see kat’s take on sarah or on helena or krystal or cosima or MK or alison. just like. any of the clones, it would be fun to see how different kat’s version of a clone is different than tat’s. 

and what better way to do it than have them act opposite each other in one of these little “rules” vids… and /not/ have to keep kat’s back facing the camera?? like how cool would that be. just to see them side by side and acting together. idk if you guys are all done filming the rules videos or whatever else but… if not, and if there’s a slim chance that you see this… please consider… tatiana and kathryne, acting side by side for all of clone club to see.


Fanart for feels-like-fire’s Koujaku/Aoba fic, Gimme Shelter which deserves all the beautiful art in the world.  GO READ IT.

…Though this picture is technically Sly/Beastjaku.

I always like drawing my Beast!Koujaku way more beastly than the game ever let him be.  Whoops?

Its really sad to see S2 of Supergirl squander a lot of good that the show had.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, Sanvers is BRILLIANT, but that’s another case of one step forward two steps back for the show  because while the show gave us the goodness that is that beautiful relationship, everything else is regressing in the show.

  1. The key aspect of the show people were drawn to was the concept of empowerment. The show is called Supergirl for a reason. Its Kara Danvers story. And in S1 the show knew that. The show respected her agency and empowerment as central figure of the show. Now? Now She is reduced to an idiot whose only role is to be Mon-El’s girlfriend  unable to take a single step without his “guidance” or “help” or “tips” or “support”. Mon El is always there, always right, always cracking jokes, always mansplaining to Kara or others what to do or how.  Its stopped being show called Supergirl. It stopped being show that was all about female empowerment. It stopped being the show where Kara’s decisions were her own.
  2. Another key aspect of the show was close sister relationship between Kara and Alex. They were perfect healthy family supporting one another and surviving through all roadblocks that life puts in their way. Well, with S2 not anymore because Kara’s story and character is all about Mon El, Kara and Alex bond literally goes out the window. The bond between sisters is barely there nowadays. The show is far more interested in trying to force the viewer to like Mon El than it is in the core aspects of the show like bond between two women, two sisters who persevere through all.
  3. Disjointed narrative structure. Now, S1 of Supergirl was not strongest in plot structure but it still had it. S2 so far feels really disjointed. Like, some episodes feel good, while other feel, well, for lack of worse comparison, like Arrow episodes. And yet again a lot of it has to do with the writing approach the writers took for the show this season. Its no longer about “what to write to make it work in the show and Kara’s story”. Its now about “how do we add Mon El into this story?” 
  4. And last but not least, the worst change - Lack of respect for women in the show. Let’s be frank. S1 was not a bastion of good writing or consistency, but one aspect was always a constant there - female empowerment. Be it the main character, her sister or Calista Flockhart’s awesome Kat Grant  the show was oozing with competent and interesting and strong female characters who were treated with respect. S2 in that aspect feels like it is written by Trump administration itself. Mansplaining, condescending tone, women being incapable or being tied to male plotlines. Yet again, for lack of better comparison, Arrow level of writing, where women rae more of a window dressing for male focused show. Kat Grant character disappeared, Kara became accessory to a Mon El character and story and every woman became dumber - unable to do things without male characters figuring into the plot.  The less we talk about the fact that the show replaced supportive person of color romance interest with flamboyant misogynistic white(most likely rich) male that appeals to conservative and alt right beliefs, the better. Its such a dissonance between Sanvers actually existing and how misogynistic the rest of the show has become.

At this point, Sanvers relationship, as well as those tiny pockets of scenes without Mon El are pretty much the only reason to watch the show. Well, that and any scene Lena Luthor is in because even if writers will never let her steal Kara’s heart, she sure as hell stole the hearts of viewers.


Wayhaught Panel at Clexacon (Set 1of2). 
They were genuinely shocked by how many people were there, and they were soooo nervous, they hid it well. 
Phone photos. Click on the individual photo for caption. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi Kat, you're absolutely awesome. Thank you for all the great fic. Curse you (not really ;-)) for making me bemoan the lack of more fics to certain pairings. Do you or one of your almost-as-awesome readers know any fics in which Obito takes one look at newly sealed baby!Naruto and goes all gooey-eyed "MINE now! What have I done? Screw Madara! He's not getting HIM!"?


I don’t know of any, sadly, except for the one in my WIP file right now.