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Can we please talk about the faces Keith makes in s1e4 when Lance gets injured?? He arrives behind Allura and is like-

-and then he catches sight of Lance and it’s just-

he is so shocked. He’s reaching out, he wants to do something, he wants to help, but then Shiro is already there so he just-

-he just comes as close as possible and he does that thing where he crunches his right eye up a little-

-and then that Arusian guy comes and complains about the sentries in his village and Keith just-

-he’s looking back at Lance, he really doesn’t want to leave Lance, but he knows he has to and just. Fuck. All the others share these expressions too. But then these frames happen-

-and you know that he is so very upset. So incredibly worried about Lance. You can see him shoving his emotions aside to do what he has to do. I’m a m es s,, ,


Unfinished Business | Thorns FC turn the page on 2016 as they ready for 2017


hi guys! it’s really been while. i was busy to work and..

i don’t know why…recently in my country, tumblr app is so slow. pictures seems never ever come in. all i can see is text and blink. ugh.  so i kinda detached tumblr. 

in computer, tumblr is works nothing wrong. (but mobile app is still won’t work. uaahahahahg!)

anyways, i played DMC again after all my work and busy things are done. and i really sad about why still didn’t come out DMC2.  WHY world?! WHY!?*cry*

so i doodle some DMC stuff. ;)

Jyn had turned to [Cassian] from the control panel looking like the last survivor of a war, and she’d smiled in a way he’d never seen before. It hadn’t been a smile predicated on anticipation or courage, or one touched by sadness or doubt; just a smile so ordinary it seemed to change Jyn from a hero out a myth into a woman he might have known and understood.

He hadn’t known her, didn’t know her, of course. There hadn’t been the time.

—  Rogue One Novelization (P. 311)

For all the amazing quotes the show have given to Amethyst the best gem, this one is my personal favorite