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okay so everyone is theorizing that dark is the reason why the host is well, the host. which makes a lot of sense and i love it but why are we not considering it might not have been dark? i mean after all, we know wilford isnt really the gentleman he pretends to be. (idk just a dumb thought i had)

More like an interesting idea! This probably isn’t what you had in mind but:

Wilford doesn’t really have an agenda, not like Dark does, but he tends to stumble on in on things, some interesting, some not, and in one case, a peculiar manipulator of reality lying in a pool of his own blood and cursing up a storm. And Wilford is a curious being with a penchant for chaos so he leans over him and asks “What’s got you so down?” because maybe something interesting might happen.

And the Author, still humiliated and in pain and so terribly frustrated snarls out “I’m dying dumbass.”

Wilford frowns because geez, he was just trying to be nice. He moves to leave, but there’s a hand grasping weakly at his leg and the Author’s eyes are blown wide with panic.

“Don’t leave me here, please”, he practically begs, his voice raw with fear because if Wilford leaves, what are the chances of someone else finding him?

And Wilford thinks sure, why not, he could use some help around the studio (they keep telling him it would help if he’d stop killing the interns every time they so much as mention death) so why not?

Also, apparently, there’s a way to restore the Author’s depleted power, something about his eyes.


Well no one ever said Wilford was very good at following instructions.

UNDER the cut , you’ll find #072 70 x 70 gif icons of the gorgeous katherine mcnamara. none of the original gifs are mine &  the credit goes to their amazing creators. all i did was crop them , add a texture  a psd. this post will be updated when i make more , which will be soon ! please like or reblog if using. enjoy ! P.S  please don’t use these in smut roleplays.

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hey this might sound dumb but maybe you should tag all your headcanons with the host and dark as abuse tw or something like that cuz i've been emotionally abused as well and even tho these headcanons dont make me uncomfortable i can imagine that someone else might be triggered by it.

Oh shoot, I’ll tag them asap!! Thank you for telling me, it didn’t occur to me to tag them til now.

And ya, go ahead, I’m always here for more angst as long as yall are comfortable with it

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💓 a heated kiss Hermes @ Bee lmaooo

A heated kiss between the two is surely filled with growls and other assorted sounds and hums. I don’t think they’re leaving this one without a few bite marks though.

To every single one of you who follow me.

Thank you. 

To those that have been there for me. Every step of the way. Who has put up with my mood swings and self-doubt, Who has seen me hyper and loud and quiet and withdrawn. To those who pick me up when I reach out and to those that let me feel a slap of reality when I need it. To those who help my imagination run wild and indulged my stories and encouraged and praised me. Who decided that I somehow was good enough to call a friend. 

Thank you.

I love you guys. Truly. I do. Each one of you really. 

You guys are so absolutely wonderful. Not just to me but in general. You are all so very amazing. Each and every one of you are unique whirlwinds of thoughts and emotions and beauty and stardust and I am awed by the times I’ve gotten to speak to some of you. Literally in awe. A lot of you guys don’t realize the potential and talent that you hold. The fact that you can make a difference by just being the most amazing you that you are. 

I am proud that I can be here with you. 

and I know that with my adult responsibilities and the stress over my head I might have a rough month or so coming. I feel bad that I can’t RP. That I won’t be able to participate much in being spoopy. That I’ll have to watch Jack and Mark and others set the fandoms on fire and just be glad to bask in the warmth instead of jumping into the fray. 

Were are like 3 away from 200 followers and I am a bit early but I know I will miss it. So I’m here to offer thanks. 

Thank you so very much.

Your nerd,


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❤ for Bebe and Bee 💞 for Bebe and Taffy ;))

🖤 for a forced/harsh/firm kiss

Bee wraps an arm about Bebe’s shoulders and pulls them close, locking lips with a rumbled sound from her chest. It was almost a growl but was definitely a low purr.


💞 for a awkward kiss

Though Taffy is ever vigilant for dangers and opportunities in his life, he can sometimes be a bit oblivious and stunted to certain gestures. Affection being one of those. Sorry Bebe.


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